The most expensive garages in the world

most expensive garages
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While you park your car in a small garage or even leave it out in the open, others use garages worth several hundred thousand, if not millions, of dollars to store their cars. Let’s see what they are – the most expensive garages in the world and who can boast of having luxury apartments for their car.


One of those lucky ones is comedian Jerry Seinfeld. His $ 500,000 garage is in Manhattan. The living area of the three-story underground garage is 80 square meters. Basically, what else is needed for life – 46 Porsches, a bathroom, an office, a small kitchen, and a hall with a billiards table. It’s hard to say why Jerry needs a garage that looks like a house because he lives three blocks from his garage and is computerized to monitor his safety and temperature in the room.


Another garage that comes second on our list at $ 850,000 is in the UK. It is not big at all, do not think, only 6.4 * 4.75 m. Its price is so high because it is located next to the well-known British store Harrods. It’s not easy even to park here.

Most expensive garage

And another garage is already worth a million dollars. It is located in New York in a fairly old building that was previously used as a parking lot but has now been converted into a residential one. Only those who live in the building have the right to purchase a garage, and after completing the purchase, the buyer will have to pay separately for his garage. Of the advantages of this room, it can be noted that the garage door overlooks the roadway, and in the room itself, there is a high ceiling, which theoretically makes it possible to place several cars on special lifts.

Francis Wisniewski Garage

Now let’s go to Chicago, to a garage that will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Las Vegas. The sign on the garage reads: “Welcome to Las Vegas.” Its price is also $ 1,000,000. Francis Wisniewski, the owner of the garage, lived in Las Vegas for a long time, so he dreamed of a place that would remind him of him. And the garage really resembles Las Vegas – there is a street with red columns, a basketball court, and a small casino, and a collection of sports achievements is also kept here. The lighting in the garage is similar to the lighting in a car dealership, a first-class ventilation system was installed, which, together with an electrician, cost the owner $ 400,000. The work from the beginning of the design to the completion of the final finishing took a year and a half.

expensive garage

But Craig Jackson’s garage is already worth 2,000,000 dollars, and this is not counting the collection of cars among which the Bugatti Veyron stands out. This garage is special, it has the shape of a wheel, and all because it is surrounded by a mountain. The garage area is 335 square meters. The lighting is controlled by a computer, the walls are upholstered in leather for better sound insulation.

Tom Gonzalez's garage

Tom Gonzalez, a former software engineer, decided to build a $ 6,000,000 garage for his cars and motorcycles in Nevada. The garage area is 560 m 2. It is equipped with climate control and a super large lift, which is a must since most of the collection is stored in the underground part of the garage. It is noteworthy that, despite the large size, there are no columns or supports in the room.

Ralph Lauren garage

And Ralph Lauren, which is in the modeling business, has a collection of more than 60 cars. It was only natural that he decided to collect them all in one place. Now he is the owner of the two-story D.A.D Museum, where he exhibits his own cars. The cars there are located on steel pedestals, the lighting is halogen, the garage itself is decorated in black and white so as not to distract attention from the exhibits themselves. It must be said that there is also a workshop, a drawing-room, an office, and a library.

John Travolta's Garage

John Travolta’s garage also seems to qualify for a spot on this list. All that can be said about it is that it may well house a Boeing 707 with everything necessary for service. From the garage, there is a strip 2.2 km long.

John Leno's garage

No pricing data is available for John Leno’s garage in Southern California. Although this is not even one garage, two since it is located in two buildings. We only know that the solar panels alone cost John $ 450,000. There is a kitchen and workshops. The total area is 1600 square meters. John once even took a tour of his garage.

Hamad bin Hamdan al-Nahyan's garage

And the most expensive garage can rightfully be considered the garage of Hamad bin Hamdan al-Nahyan. In fact, this is the UAE National Automobile Museum, although the crowned persons use cars to get around. Even the exterior of the garage itself is grandiose. It is built in the shape of a pyramid and is literally in the middle of the desert 45 km from Abu Dhabi and about 160 km from Dubai (if you use, for example, Lamborghini rental in Dubai, the trip will take about an hour or less).

Inside, the garage is like a city: there are lanterns, benches, gardens. The collection of cars of the royal family has 200 copies, including a Rolls-Royce, a copy of a Mercedes of 1886, a tank of the USSR, and a huge Jeep Dodge. 

Emirates National Auto Museum Tour

Each owner strives to make his garage one and only, to the envy of neighbors and other motorists. It’s also important to make the garage a comfortable place, but the people on this list have spent millions of dollars making the garage truly impressive. There is no need to spend that kind of money on your garage, but we are pleased that some people do this.

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