The 2021 Best iOS Apps!             

The Best iOS Apps come packed in all kinds of prices and some even for free such as in the fantastic offers of “free app of this week” or in an advanced premium package that you just cannot resist. However, inevitably the Best iOS Apps generally are then ones which become significant right from the moment you install and use them. This article talks in details about the Top Three 2021 Best iOS Apps that you can instantly download and get addicted to!

1.     The Best iOS App for DJ: Pyro

It is quiet essential to have a professional DJ App installed on your device because life without music is simply unimaginable. Pyro is that app which will allow you to create your own playlists from the music that you have locally downloaded on your device or from your Spotify Premium account.

Now the job of Pyro is to mix and match various songs like a real DJ would- and this is the magic of this app because the artificial intelligence combines all your tunes with one another despite of what the music tempo is. Pyro is not just an app for professional DJs, in fact it is a revolutionized way to listen to music on your iDevices.


  • The app integrates all Spotify music in a simple manner and operates smoothly.
  • The matching of the beats makes sure that there a smooth transition in between songs.


  • Huge playlists can appear cluttered on small screen displays.

2.     The Best iOS App for VPN: Tunnel Bear

Virtual Private Network which is abbreviated as VPN lets you get connected privately onto the internet and allows you to stay anonymous in your browsing. Out of the many VPN Apps available on the play store, the Tunnel Bear has so far managed to stay in the list of the Best iOS Apps. The app offers a free 500 MB of data but you can buy more if the need be. It is a highly user friendly VPN app.


  • You can instantly get connected to the internet anonymously.
  • Their pricing spans out over the year or in annual terms.
  • Tunnel Bear will not log in your IP address.


  • VPNs will slow your connection speeds overall and same is the case with Tunnel Bear.
  • It can run extremely slow when you change network connections on your device.

3.     The Best iOS App for Artistic Photo Editing: Enlight Photofox: Photo Editor

Enlight Photofox is an amazing photo editing app that is absolutely free of cost. It is available in the section for in-app purchases to be used in multiple advanced functions however it can easily be used even without them. You will be able to alter color, saturation, exposure, light etc either manually or you can simply apply configured presets to make your images professionally edited.

Enlight Photofox is highly convenient to use in terms of combining multiple layers of images which lets you compose professional artistic skills on your images. The Photofox also offers incredible tutorial videos and has a wide user community that you can turn to for queries and help.


  • There are many cool editing tools that this app has to offer ranging from basic to professional.
  • Video and audio tutorials make sure you get well acquainted with the app and its features.
  • The free version of the app has a lot to offer!


  • $70 for a premium upgrade sounds a hefty amount of money even if you opt for the monthly subscription.

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