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Instagram Online

We’re more used to of accessing our social media through our cell phones than our desktops in today’s advanced time. We’d go crazy if we get to live one day without any access to our collection of applications on our phones. But in that moment of anxiety, we’re forgetting something, something that could save us that little panic attack. Well, if you have not been able to put your finger on it still, don’t worry. Look at the picture above. You see someone using their Instagram account on their portable computer. Yes, that’s the most literal clue! You can also use your applications on your portable and non-portable computers through their webpages. We say, you can even sign up and log in from these webpages!

Before we get into more details, We’ll disclose what Instagram is!


Instagram was launched back in 2010 and is now owned by popular social media platform, Facebook Inc. of Mark Zuckerberg.  Instagram was developed by  Kevin Systrom and  Mike Krieger. Notice that in their description, Instagram is a photo-sharing application and service which can be accessed not just on your mobiles but on other devices such as your desktop as well.

On Instagram, it’s not just about sharing your photos. You must be noticing that each Instagram has a unique set of “ambiance”. What we mean by that is, that each account has a story to tell. The pictures they share could be their very own Instagram online food blog, Instagram online travel blog, Instagram online beauty blog and so on. The application allows individuals to blog their daily lives through photos, and describe their experiences through these photos. If you’re a sociology nerd like me, you could say that Instagram is the new world’s pictorial Ethnography technique.

You must be wondering how Instagram works!

We know the world of technology might come off as something very complex and intimidating, especially for someone who is not quite used to it. But when we say that Instagram is for anyone from anywhere in the world, we mean it. With increasing popularity applications, those specifically designed for the purpose of entertainment, have become easier to comprehend and use by lay people. If you’re hesitating about signing up on Instagram, don’t. Because when you open Instagram, the webpage clearly defines what is needed in order to sign up.

We’ll give you a quick guide as well, later on. For now let’s focus on how Instagram functions. On Instagram, when you make a profile, you have the option of uploading your pictures directly from your gallery or taking snaps from your camera and uploading them. You also have the option of changing your profile settings to either private or public- this helps limit who can view and cannot view your posts. You can also follow your friends, favorite celebrities and brands on their Instagram pages. You follow request however, at times, might need pre-approval from whom you wish to follow. The same applies to your own Instagram Profile. Instagram now has the option that allows its users to chat and send private messages to other Instagram users. In addition to all these features, you can like posts on Instagram and comment on these posts too! These are of course,  all the basic features on an Instagram account.

You don’t just have the option of accessing your Instagram profile but you can also sign up using Instagram online on your desktop!

We know mobile devices are thought to be the most convenient but depending on them completely might just put you in loss in some situations. For example, what if you cannot access internet on your mobile phone? You would still want to access your Instagram account to say, cure your boredom, pass time, or you just might actually need to access your Instagram account to keep up with your blogs and work related tasks.

What do you do in such a scenario when you cannot access your Instagram account on your mobile device? We’re sure you’ve been used to it since the day you created your Instagram profile on your page. But, life can get better. You can simply access your Instagram profile on your portable or non-portable desktop.

Instagram Online

You might not be used to accessing your social media profiles through web browsers and we know that often for people, accessing social media through their webpages just does not feel the same as accessing it easily on mobile phone devices. But, it’s not like solving a really hard puzzle! You can simply type Instagram in you search engine, and then open the Instagram webpage. Once you’re done with that, you can easily locate the login box on the webpage. You will simply have to enter your username which could be your email address, actual Insta username or phone number. Then you can end your log in procedure by typing your password. Viola, you’re logged in and can access Instagram online on your desktop.

Signing up for your Instagram account through your desktop is just as easy. Simply visit the Instagram webpage, to enable all the above mentioned fun if you wish to have your very own Instagram page/profile. You will then:

Instagram account login - sign up

  • Locate Sign up box.
  • You can either sign up with your Facebook account or simply type in the required information in the mentioned boxes.
  • At the most basic level, you will need to type in your Mobile number/Email, Full name, Create your own username and then type suitable password.
  • And then, you simply click on “Sign up”.
  • After that you will be given additional security-based tasks to create your Instagram profile.

Notice that once you follow this step to step guide, you will not end up in any hassles while signing up or even logging in to your Instagram account through your desktop. You will simply edit all information about you to make your public or private profile more “crafty” and “attractive”.  Once done, you can simply enjoy the perks described under how Instagram application works- follow your favorite people, blog, view your posts, like other posts, keep an eye out for the most popular posts through the “explore page” and also view “stories” of the people you follow on Instagram. These stories are basically a timed blog that can include videos and pictures taken by individuals at one or multiple moments of their day. These are of course, apart from their usual picture and video posts.

Of course, there’s always a downfall of something and here’s what restricts Instagram access through desktop

There is of course a difference between the perks and advantages of using Instagram on your desktop and using Instagram on your mobile phone. With your mobile phone Instagram application, you can simply upload new posts and make new posts on your profile. However, on a desktop, Instagram does not allow you to access this feature. On your mobile phone you can also chat with your followers and the people you are following whenever you wish to or see them online. However, when you access Instagram online through your desktop you do not have the option to see any of them online, view their messages and/or chat with them there. While you have the option of viewing posts and comments on these posts through your desktop, with that, so far Instagram has not enabled its users to comment through their desktops. This feature however, is readily available via mobile phone application of Instagram.

Instagram access through desktop

We know that these features might just discourage you to access your Instagram from your desktop from time to time. And, you might just think of your desktop as a back up plan. A plan that will allow you to use your Instagram account only when there is some sort of trouble with your Instagram mobile application or your mobile device itself. Still, note that we are not always posting. At times, we just view our old posts, delete them or keep them depending on what you think of them over time. Instagram users are also constantly scrolling through their Instagram applications, to keep an eye on posts published by the individuals they are following. In such cases, you can simply enjoy the same task(s) on a larger, brighter and wider screen!

The wide and bright screen of your desktop allows you to access your posts and other posts at a larger visual scale. Because, let’s be honest, the small screens of your laptops just might not be enough to experience each Instagram post in high definition and high dimensions.

Instagram Online

Of course, at the end of the day, it is your choice to access your Instagram online through your desktop’s web browser or to simply access it whenever you wish to from your cell phones. However, with time we are restricting our technological advantages that come with many new technology devices to only one device. When, we can enjoy the perks on all these other devices as well. Sure, the disadvantages of some of the limited features of the application might just make you think “no, I’m good”. But, let’s face it. You do not always have access to your mobile device. What if you need to recover your Instagram account and your mobile phone is away or no help at all? What if your mobile phone is not charged and you need to access your Insta profile or what if your mobile device is not accessing the internet that is required by the application for recent updates on posts and so on?

All these above scenarios and just part of a huge list and experiences that might make you think “maybe, it’s not such a bad idea!” and you just might end up using Instagram online on your desktop as well. Either way, you still get to experience what you love!

Instagram Online Profile - Status

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