What to do when unfortunately email has stopped?

Every Android device by default comes equipped with a common email program in form of an app which can allow you to sign into all your email accounts. This email app will let the user access, view and check their email accounts from any of the email programs that they use out there.

This universal email app is indeed highly useful which is what makes this app prone to crash and close just like the other apps on Android. When this email app crashes it shows the following message error saying “Unfortunately Email has stopped unexpectedly” which is extremely annoying because then you are practically handicapped in terms of answering any urgent emails or accessing your inbox for updates.

If you do end up seeing this “Unfortunately Email has Stopped” error message then use some of the fixes described below to help the issue at hand.

Cure 1: Try Turning Off and Restarting your Android Device

If you do ever restart your Android device then remember that it can solve a lot of issues at hand such the fact that it can arrange your overall Operating System in order and in other cases can also eliminate annoying errors like “Unfortunately Email has stopped unexpectedly”. Here is how you can apply this fix:

  1. Simply press and keep holding the Power button of the device showing the Unfortunately Email has stopped unexpectedly” error till the menu for switching off the phone pops open.
  2. In this menu that appears, simply click on the button which says Restart.
  3. Give the confirmation for your phone to restart and then give your device some time to finish the process.

Cure 2: Keep the RAM of your device clear

To get rid of the “Unfortunately Email has stopped unexpectedly” error on your email application, you can also try clearing up the RAM of your Android device in two easy steps:

  1. On your Android device, find and launch the app for the RAM Manager 
  2. Now when you have access the RAM Manager then click on the option for Clear Memoryor anything similar to it to finish up clearing your device’s RAM.

Cure 3: Clear the data and cache in the Email app

If you clear the data and cache of any app on your phone it also deletes any corrupted files that the app may contain which lets the app run smoothly without any error message popping open. Here is how you can clear the cache and data on your Android device to get rid of the Unfortunately Email has stopped unexpectedly error message:

  1. Access the section for Settings on your Android device.
  2. In the Settings section, go to the Application Manager of the device in concern.
  3. In this case the Email app is preinstalled on your device’s system so simply swipe to the button that says All
  4. Now search and click for the app that says Email.
  5. Here you need to click on Force stopand give the confirmation for the action to happen for the email app.
  6. Now keep scrolling down and here you must tap on the button for Clear cache.
  7. Then click on the button for Clear dataand once again give the confirmation for the action to happen.
  8. Now go back and launch the Email app and all odds in favor, it should be able to run smoothly now without any hiccups.

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