Social Media 101: What does TBH, Rate and Date mean?


In everyday conversations you must have heard many words that you can not comprehend at all. Well, do not be embarrassed by that because that is everyone at many moments of their life. Of course you should not have to feel old and “out of trend”. These words might sound alien but they are actually very easy to understand. And once you get to know what they really mean and how to use them, you will become a regular. Before that, you do have to give it to the cyber world for being innovative. Trends grow and spread faster than news. And if news becomes old, the trends remain. You can bring back anything in style with the power of social media and cyber support. And so, one of the most used acronyms and slang words that you will notice, especially on Instagram, are TBH, Rate and Date. These are often combined together but we will make an attempt at explaining them separately. Once we inform you what TBH, Rate and Date mean, we will move towards exploring how these three slang words go together!


TBH, Rate and Date are not a new phenomenon, especially when it comes to TBH. TBH actually is an abbreviation which stands for “To Be Honest”. If you have not heard or read TBH somewhere, you just might have heard of the following few of many acronyms that are synonymous to TBH:

2BH (to be honest…); IHDK (I honestly don’t know!); IMAHO (In my absolutely honest opinion!); JBH (Just being honest!); TBBH (To be brutally honest…); TBPH (To be completely honest!); TBQH (To be quite honest…); LBH (Let’s be honest and loser back home); MHO (My honest opinion); TBTH (To be totally honest); FWIW (For What It’s Worth!); OTHO (On the Other Hand); JMHO (Just My Humble Opinion).

TBH has an olden and a modern version. Getting into the former, TBH was most frequently used to express sarcasm, point out your most brutal opinion regarding something and just speaking your heart and mind out without being mindful of anything else. A good example of this type of TBH then can be; Imagine you were on Facebook and you notice someone share a positive opinion regarding an e-commerce shop that provides bad customer services to their clients and plagiarizes their products. Of course your recent experience with their customer services did not play out as it should. Reading that cheerful and celebratory status about that e-commerce brand then takes you to a savage state. You obviously wish to share your opinion. And since it’s going to come from your heart in its absolute form, you can begin your comment with “TBH…” or any of the above mentioned TBH forms. While we have established the first and traditional form of TBH, we should move on to the more modern version of TBH. This version can be very popularly located on Instagram.

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Say you were on Instagram and you begin to notice picture posts. The difference and the common thread among all these posts are that they do not include any inspirational quotes or snaps of self, food, nature and so on. What they do include is an acronym; TBH. You may begin to wonder what is going on. Well, you may also confuse this for a popular Instagram campaign if you are completely new to the world of Instagram and its slang words. Well, you can of course spend more time pondering over it. But, we can just break the ice for you. You must remember that on Instagram, TBH has a different meaning. Even on Facebook, if you notice a status that says “Like for a TBH”, that does not involve any amount of sarcasm. On Instagram if you note posts that state “like, comment or follow for TBH” that simply means that if you indulge in that stated condition, you will receive a like or comment on your most recent Instagram post. Whereas, if someone really likes your Instagram profile, they may just begin to follow you back. However, if you do not notice any reaction in return, know that it’s not going to happen. Yes, the brutality of TBH sticks with it! On the other hand, on Facebook, TBH posts will result in getting compliments in return. When you like or comment on a TBH status on Facebook, be ready to receive a plethora of “honest” compliments in return.


Out of TBH, Rate and Date, we are going to focus on Rate now. Rate is actually a term that you can find in many dictionaries and use it in your normal conversations. Rate basically means to give a score to something. However, for social media, Rate is similar to its proper definition but the context remains different. Here, when you see a post on social media that states “Like, Comment or Follow for Rate”, you will receive a number in return. A person who is unaware of what Rate stands for, might just end up getting utterly confused. The number that you receive in return is not a code, a secret activation password, or a puzzle to solve. This number comes from between 0 to 10. The number you receive in return is actually a score based on your most recent Instagram or any other social media post. It can also be a rating for your profile combined as a whole. Know that if it is closer to 10 it means that your rating is high; that automatically stands on the positive side as compared to a close in the middle or near 0. See, social media can really either build up your self-esteem or completely shatter it subtly. Now that we have established what Rate means, Rate also goes with TBH. “Like for a TBH and RATE” just means that you will receive an honest rating. See, there’s no puzzle to solve here.


Now that we have explained what TBH and Rate are out of TBH, Rate and Date; we will focus on Date. What do you think of when you read the word Date on Instagram specifically? Well, surely you might confuse it for getting involved in a romantic and intimate relationship with the person who has posted the picture. But, no! The other person is not offering themselves up for a date. The term Date in this context has a similar meaning but in a hypothetical manner. Say, someone has a post that states “Like, follow or comment for a Date”. Liking this post is not getting you an actual date. But, if the other person wishes to reply to your like, comment or follow they will allow you to know whether or not they would be interested in knowing you or whether they would consider dating you. And that will be it. Of course, there is no hard-sketched boundaries and things can go lucky for you. Now, you will also notice a combination of TBH, Rate and Date. Now what do you think the combination of these three would mean? If you have been paying attention this far you can easily tell. And, do not be nervous even if you get it wrong, we cannot hear you! Coming back to the point then, a combination of TBH, Rate and Date means that if you like, comment or follow a person according to the instructions, if they wish in return they will “honestly” rate your Instagram or any other social media account that you both are using. Once that happens they will also “honestly” let you know whether or not they would be interested in dating you. Now, you can go a for a little experiment and make the best out of an opportunity like this. Say, you have a typical crush on one of the Instagram profiles you follow and they have recently posted a picture that gives you the option of liking for receiving a TBH, Rate and Date. With your heart beating fast, you can take the chance of exploring whether they would consider you back. And if not, well then its time to move on with your life. But who knows, maybe your wishes might come true. Either way, you can participate or begin your own TBH, Rate and Date thread on social media and experience wonders happening!


Yes, the combination of TBH, Rate and Date can be a lot on the heart. But, that is what social media is all about. If you participate, you get the best and the worst out of it. Still, social media never fails at entertaining you. And it times, it never fails at surprising you. For some, it never fails at frustrating them and for other it never fails at confusing them. If you are one of the confused ones, we hope this article has helped you in making sense out of internet gibberish! Well, it’s not really gibberish once you begin using it yourself. Before we end this article, you should know that you can use TBH, Rate and Date anywhere you want to; whether together or apart. The essence of these three will remain the same in the context of social media.

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