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There are more messaging apps apart from Kik, find out about some here!

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If we go back a few years you might remember the time when Kik was the most popular messaging application around because of the convenience it provided users with. However, now there are so many kik alternatives in the market that anyone even really uses Kik. There are several reasons behind this. Kik just basically required nothing for you to be able to sign up to Kik. Anyone could make a user account on Kik and this was why initially the application was heavily criticized for being unsafe especially if children under 18 were using it since there were no safety mechanisms to stop this from happening.

But because there is a rise in the trend of messenger apps, since the rise of Instant Messaging, there have been tons of introductions of new applications and what not to the market. So with all these new applications which have more functionality and safety, a lot of people have left Kik behind. So let us start with giving you some Kik alternatives so you really know what you have been missing out on. While Kik is not that bad either there are so many other applications which are better at what Kik is supposed to do; send and receive messages. So why not explore your options instead of just blindly sticking to one application because you have been using it for a while.

But the downside of Kik is that anyone can message you if they add you and start a conversation with you. While this is annoying you have the option to block this person but they can just go ahead and make a new account and then contact you once again.

Other than that Kik is not linked to your number or email address so people can easily set up accounts which might even be dangerous since none of the people using this application are really verified and almost anyone can use Kik and there would be no way to know who is whom. Thus it makes using Kik quite dangerous since someone might gain your trust and then con you but when they do you will have no way to find out their real identity! How scary is that though! And not to mention Kik is not that safe to use either; your messages are not protected by encryption so essentially anyone with the skills to hack can hack your Kik account and access your messages and conversations. Now nobody wants that!

Keeping this in mind we have compiled this list on Kik alternatives that are safer for you to use. So keep reading our article for our list of Kik alternatives that will make you thank modern times for making communication so much more easier.

  1. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. There are several reasons why people love WhatsApp and most of them have to do with the amazing features and functionality WhatsApp provides to users.

The safety on using WhatsApp is much more than Kik. With WhatsApp, you need to register by entering a verified number and then and only then you can set up your WhatsApp account. Other than that WhatsApp also has end to end encryption which means even if someone hacks into your WhatsApp messages they will not be able to read the information you have sent to someone or received because the messages are encrypted.

You can only talk to people who have registered their official numbers on WhatsApp, thus it is better to use WhatsApp since you can have the person tracked down through their number if they pull something shady.

Other than that you can use WhatsApp to make voice and video calls. You can send pictures, videos, audios, files, locations and so much more. This is one of the reasons why people love WhatsApp, you can use it to send tons of things to people no matter what the file type is.

As far as Kik alternatives go, WhatsApp is a pretty great one and should be your number one choice for a messaging application.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Even if you do not have a Facebook account you can download Facebook Messenger on your phone and activate it with your phone number. How convenient is that? And if you do have a Facebook account you can link your account with the application so that your Facebook friends are in your Facebook Messenger contacts.

Other than that since this is an application by Facebook you can be sure that there are a lot of fun features and functionalities in Facebook Messenger that you might not find on any other application. You can edit the screen name of the person you are talking to, you can send GIFs, like individual messages, send tons of emojis and stickers, and even play a game with the person if they are online and willing.

You can send voice notes, make voice calls or video calls and what not. The fact is that Facebook Messenger has a lot of features and when you use it you will find out while as a messaging application it is great there are so many other functions which you get to know only when you start using the application which is why we have included this app in our list of kik alternatives.

  1. WeChat

WeChat is one of the most popular messaging applications in the Asian region. It is used mostly in China because a lot of other applications are banned in China and then cannot be accessed but the application is now working on accessing other markets and getting users from all over the world on their application. This application already has about 1 billion active users but with time they are getting even more people.

On WeChat you can do much more than just send messages. You can send pictures, videos, audios and much more. You can even voice or video call the other person and add multiple people to one call so it one of the few applications which lets you make group calls. So you can call all your best friends at the same time and catch up together! How amazing is that! While you can talk to people you know on WeChat you even have the option to meet people you do not know already and befriend them on the application. This is a very popular option and I used by a lot of people to meet friends and even possible romantic interests!

  1. Line

Again, Line is a very popular messaging application in Asian countries and has about 500 million downloads already and the number continues to grow every day. It is also very popular in China but has a bigger coverage of other Asian countries as well as some South Asian countries.

Line also offers messaging services like all the other application we have on our Kik alternatives list but there are a few other features which make it so exciting. On Line you can make video call and voice calls. And Line’s group chats are what make it stand out since you can have up to 200 people in one group! This is a great feature if you want to make a group for your entire batch at college or something!

So other than that Line also lets users use emojis and stickers which are specific to the application and usually enjoyed by users. And the other enticing part of Line is that it also has a Desktop application so you can talk to your friends while you are using your laptop by signing in to your Line account through your computer. Other than that Line has recently added a feature which lets you follow other people and even make polls to ask people questions you are confused about.

  1. Signal

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So you might have heard of Signal but if you have not then you need to know about it right now because people who use Signal absolutely love it. This is because Signal is a very safe and reliable application and most people who use it do it because of the fact so many security experts recommend it because of the amazing end to end chat encryption it offers to users. Not a lot of applications offer this and it is very important unless you want a random stranger to have access to your data and every message you send and receive.

Even Edward Snowden recommended this application so you can be sure that it is extremely safe and sound to use. Especially if you are transferring sensitive data at all. While Signal does not let you befriend people or work on the basis of you making new connections through the application, you can still talk to people you already know and be ensured that your security will never be compromised thus you never have to worry about it!

We hope our list of kik alternatives helps you out and leads you to your new go-to messaging application.

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  1. Another usefull Kik alternative that you can add to this list is Utopia p2p. This app is only available in the desktop version. It guarantees privacy to users and ensures the security of personal data. As far as I know, this is a self-funded and non-profit project.

    • About a month ago I learned about this utopia application, I can say that at the moment I almost always use this application if I work from a PC. If the developers still release a mobile version, the need for other applications will disappear for me.

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