Need to Download Facebook Videos on Android Urgently?

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Social media began as a way for people to connect. Social media and social networking sites enabled people to open a doorway to knowing each other, getting personal, making new connections, working from home, getting into romantic relationships and what not. Social media allow allows people from one community to step into and enter the global community. With the possibility of sharing videos and pictures, individuals like you and I are able to find out what is going on at the other end of the world. Whether its the new products that are being launched, new discoveries, new travel destinies and attractions, new trends and so on; you will be the first of many to know. Is that not exciting? The global experience is not just limited to products and platforms; you get to experience the culture of others by interacting with new people everyday. Other than that, social media platforms like Facebook allow users to upload their daily videos; whether amateur or clearly directed. With that, it allows the creators to receive an audience. While YouTube is exclusive for this purpose, you can get to watch many fun and informative videos on Facebook as well. We know you have the Facebook Scroll Syndrome just like us! Because like you, we cannot get enough of pages and people uploading or re-sharing home videos from around the world! And just like that, the 7.5 hours of our day go by without us noticing. Would you not like to know how to download Facebook videos on your Android and save them for later then? Because there is a lot of gold out there on Facebook every single day!

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Facebook, with a number of 23,165 employees as of 2017, is one of the most popular and frequently used social media platform. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook is an American based social media application readily available on PC and devices supported with Android, Windows and/or iOS! Facebook first began as an exclusive application for Harvard students. This application was meant to help them connect with their fellow Harvard acquaintances and friends. Soon, the access of this application was opened to other prestigious university students as well. Still, due to rising demand, Facebook was launched for everyone around the world. This application has managed to hold its ground since the beginning of its time till today. The users increase day by day and the updates keep coming along. The whole Facebook team has devoted itself to keep the content interesting and meet the users’ needs simultaneously! On Facebook then, you can add people you know and even people you are not similar with. You can like various pages and make your own pages free of cost as well! These pages mainly include a theme and sharing videos and posts that receives incredible viewership. The pages also support private online businesses! Along these pages, you can create or become part of many Facebook groups, share your status, location, stories and so on. Facebook simply allows you to broadcast your personal life and meet similar people from around the world!

When we mentioned pages and groups and private accounts as well; these three features of Facebook include sharing vidoes. If you have been using Facebook since your High School days, you must have liked infinite Facebook pages and become part of numerous groups by now. These pages need to be active in order to increase their likes and popularity on Facebook. And, since there are so many of them on Facebook, your news feed on Facebook includes fresh content every minute of the day. You might be in the middle of one video when other pages you have liked already posted a million more! And just like this, you can lose track of your time. It can be hard to remember each and every video you have watched per day. Still, some videos just stick in your head. For example, you are a cat-lover since day one of your life. You cannot get enough of all the cat videos out there on the internet. Each day at work, during your break, you would rather scroll through your Facebook account and like cat videos. While you love each cat equally, some are just able to charm you with their cuteness in seconds. From time to time then, you wish to visit the same video and adore a cat being mean to their “Human”. Facebook does allow you to make a “Save List”. All you need to do is click on “Save this video for later” and you will be able to visit the same video whenever you wish to. But, many times during the day you will be unable to catch internet connection. Imagine, you were on the subway and your train got stuck due to technical malfunction. You sit inside alone and you have nothing to do. You wish to escape the hard situation with some cat Facebook videos on Android. However, since you are underground and your phone is unable to catch any signals, you cannot access any of your saved videos. In such cases, downloading Facebook videos on Android will keep you away from saddening yourself!

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Facebook does not give you the option of downloading a video; you can only save them in your Facebook list, sadly. In that case, you can download Facebook vidoes on your Android device with an application known as “MyVideoDownloader”. From this moment onwards, we will walk you through the whole process!

First thing’s first, you need to download MyVideoDownloader on your Android device. Once it is downloaded from the Play Store or your Android’s Web Browser, you will be required to open it. When you launch this application on your Android device, you will have to log in to your Facebook account through this application. Otherwise, sadly you will be unable to download Facebook videos on Android!

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So, simply select the Log in option and enter your Facebook account details. With one click then, you will be able to visit your Facebook account’s Newsfeed through this application’s feature known as the “Explorer”. But hold on, you are still a few steps away from downloading Facebook videos on Android! You can simply begin scrolling through your Newsfeed until you like any videos you find. If the videos hit you right and you wish to download them on your Android device, you will hold on to it for a few seconds. Touching it will open a list of options for you. These options will include; Play, Download, Share, Save, and Copy Link.

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Yes, that is right. You will need to select the download option. This way the video will simply be downloaded and saved in your collection of Facebook videos for Android! However, there is a chance that you are looking to download videos that you have previously liked. Nevertheless, you are unable to locate these videos. There could be various reasons as to why you cannot find them; You might have forgotten to hit the like button when you watch them, add them in your Saved Videos list, share them on your timeline or your friend’s timeline, or you were simply not tagged in those videos by your friends. In order to find these videos, you can make use of the application’s Explorer option. This however, will work quite slowly for you. You can search for the videos stuck in your head through your friends’ accounts, pages you have liked, groups you are part of or simply search for them and see if they pop up! Although, unfortunately we cannot guarantee if you will ever find them!

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If you do have a way of finding the video easily and it was saved, liked or shared by you at some point of your life, you can go to “My Videos” from the sidebar options of this application and download the videos easily. When you select “My Videos” you will receive a list of options to find the video from. These options will include Liked Videos, on your timeline, tagged videos, saved videos and Shared by You! Select any of the appropriate category. You will then find a list of all the videos you have in each of the category. If you wish to download any or all of these videos, located an arrow sign along them. Clicking on the sign will further open a grid of options. But since you want to download the video, only click on “download” and you will be good to go!

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If you are using a mobile Android device, you can still use this application to download Facebook videos on Android! All you have to do is make sure you are not using the official Facebook application to use this application’s downloading function. To create your collection of Facebook videos on Android phones, open the Facebook mobile website from your Chrome browser. The chrome browser is compatible with MyVideoDownloader and allows you to download any video from your Facebook News feed.

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Be patient, however! The downloading time will depend on the size and resolution of your Facebook videos on Android devices. Good luck then!

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