Free Public DNS Servers to Help Never Get Any Free Connectivity Ever Again

So, let’s begin with the simple and understands fact that when you start working on your computer and/or laptop the first thing you do is connect it to the internet and the server that is already inbuilt. Now the reason for that simple task is that when you work from any place every it helps you with making your connections stronger and more powerful. To increase that you require DNS that will help increase the productivity. In order to get that you need to know about the Free Public DNS Servers that will help you get just that.

Now, now that it has been mentioned it is a common factor in the world we live in today that whatever you do can be traced back to your server because every place has a unique server that it uses. Your network is registered on that and you have no worries working on it too but sometimes what you need is a little boost and a little up your game style enhancement that will help give you a better result than you were expecting to get. So here goes. Then you go out and search for public DNS that will help you get that. Now there are some very reliable DNS Servers and it is advised that you actually follow them and not the unpopular ones because then you could be at risk of being exposed.

As a millennial, you must be appreciating the DNS and IPS deal where due to these servers you can either get into a blocked site that is blocked in your geographical location or you can just get a little access to it. See the thing is it is easy to hate the internet and the world and the computer for taking away communication from our children but the fact of the matter and the cold hard bitter truth and reality is that connections are better now a day and the one thing is that now the knowledge that you seek is on the screen and a click away from you. All you need to do is just know where to look and see because at the same time there is also a lot of garbage on the internet that could literally fry your brain.

What is a DNS Server and How Does It Help to Get Free Public DNS Servers?

Now, this is a part of the article where you will be explained what a DNS Server is and how does it help to get Free Public DNS servers. To start with all you need to do is read this article and you will be able to get the answer to that question. All you need to do is make sure that you are not distracted when reading about this.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and the fact is that this server provides people with a global domain name that helps them boost up their security and understanding of many other other factors. What most people don’t know when they start a business and/or start a company that their work can be slowed down or not given enough boost through the IP address that they have and due to that they might be suffering. What they also don’t know is that if they change their IP address to a global DNS then they will be able to get better connectivity and better service which in return helps them actually get that connection. The best thing about is that it is completely free and public property so anyone can take it and make it their own. The fact is that when you take a free public Domain Name System you are boosting up your availability to your client or potential customer and they will then want to connect to your website and page more which will inevitably help you so much more.

How Can You Get Free Public DNS Servers and What Are They?

Now, this is the part of the article that helps you actually get access to your connection and helps you understand how to get those domain servers. Now it is a known fact that some domain names are expensive and you need to pay money for them but then there are some DNS servers that are free to the public and all you need to do is make sure you get it and then connect it to the internet. Once that is done you will be having a great connection and it won’t cost you anything. They are as follows:

  • Google Public DNS is a great server to start with. Now the reason you can start looking with this is that it is provided by Google themselves to help you make your website stronger with better communication and a better understanding of the website. It is the best because it makes the users feel safe and it has been made accessible to the public since 2009. You can start enjoying your google DNS by changing your IP address to and So, enjoy!

  • If you’re not looking for just a replacement but a DNS that can enhance control then go for OpenDNS. The reason why you can go for this is that it had better security and better protection. All you need to do and make sure is that you can actually get to it. There are two factors of OpenDNS and they are personal and business. The home version comes with parental control and the business version comes with a full-fledged security system. You can turn your IP to or

  • DNS.WATCH, now this is a server that most teenagers and millennials will prefer. This is a minimalistic server that offers to open any censored website and you will be able to view it. It offers fast and uncensored internet connection with no buffering and no waiting. Also, this server believes it net neutrality to all the questions you ask will be sent directly with interference what so ever. You can change your IP address to and

  • Now, if you are searching online and you open a website and it turns out to be a virus then it is better to have Norton ConnectSafe DNS Server on your computer. The main purpose of this server is to help you in any way that it can and protect you and your computer form any future hacking or leaking of information. all you need to do is make sure that your computer has it as its IP address. It protects your computer from and against malware and then it also protects you from pornography and provides security.

  • Level3 DNS is a server that provides you with a high-performance server and gives you the ability to get a great connection. Though it isn’t as big as the Google server it still has a pretty great infrastructure. As it focuses on providing the best performance then that means it provides the greatest internet connection. You can change your IP address to or or,,,

  • If you need great performance, high speed and a great deal of security then Comodo Secure DNS is the perfect choice for you. Comodo takes security and reliability very seriously and thus have a powerful network system that holds all the servers together and provides to keep the customers, you, safe and sound in any case what so ever. There is a block list that can be created and has been created that stops certain sites from opening in a certain geographical location and all you need to do is follow it properly. The IP address is and

  • OpenNIC DNS is a server that provides solution depending on the level of freedom you want and are looking for. When you implement this server, you will be able to go to the censored website that your government has censored and you will be able to hijack the website and see what on there. You know, if you’re a conspiracy theorist or whatever.

So, these are some of the best Free Public DNS Servers that will be able to provide you with great connection and security. You will need to search online to see which one is closest to where you live and then implement it as it is a little-known fact but fact none the least that you need to be close to your DNS server to get a great and proper connection so choose wisely before you engage into it.


Thus far in this article, you have been informed of the many amazing Free Public DNS Servers that are going to provide you with the best form of assistance you require and need. All you need to do is do a little research beforehand and you are set. The hope is that this article managed to help you in a way that it was meant to and you get to find your perfect free DNS from here. That’s the dream!

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