Are You In Trouble? Let Us Guide You on How to Fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain

Often times we do not have the privilege to use our own devices. Many houses include children and teenagers below 18 to use devices under supervision. We know this must have changed over the years, but it still remains to be one of the very common parental supervision techniques. But, we have all broken rules in our time. Imagine if your parents were not at home. You were supposed to finish your homework which included some research work. Now that you are done, you are distracted by this recurring thought in your head. You wish to play your favorite video game before your bedtime. Once you finish your dinner then, you begin to sit on the desk and type the usual URL that you use to play your games. Now that it has opened, you begin to log in to your account. However, your browser begins to refresh and suddenly your page goes white with only a few words on it. These words just tell you that the page you are looking for is unavailable. Underneath it you notice a DNS Probe Finished NxDomain error. You suddenly begin to think the consequences of what will happen when your parents find out you were using the computer after hours. Well, before they come back you can just fix this error and make it go away. Even if your situation is completely different than this, you can still follow your guidance and help yourself. This article will first tell you what DNS Probe Finished NxDomain means. Once that is established we will move on to the causes of this error so that we can begin with how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain. So, have a little faith in yourself and begin reading!

In order to understand what DNS Probe Finished NxDomain means, you should first notice that this is a DNS based error. DNS stands for Domain Name System which is responsible for loading your webpages from the server that you have reached out for. DNS includes a set of cache which has all the webpages that you have tried to visit or have already visited. Why? Because this way your browser can load the same pages faster when you visit them again. In other words, then, DNS acts like the cloud or human brain perhaps. DNS can begin to experience errors at times which results in your browser showing DNS based errors. However, you should not frustrate yourself when you see a DNS error on your screen. Because, in most cases it is easy to fix. Are you wondering how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain then? Well first you will have to understand the causes of this error!

So what has suddenly happened out of the blue that has unwelcomely interfered with your task? There are numerous reasons that have the probability of causing a DNS Probe Finished NxDomain error. Here is a list of interruptions that could have triggered this specific DNS error:

  1. First of all, it is probably your DNS itself. While the cache stored in DNS can help make life easier, faster and accessible, it can also have some sort of hidden downfalls. In this case, the stored cache over time can become corrupted. And, if your cache has degraded it can interfere with the functions of your DNS.
  2. Other times, it’s not your DNS at fault. If you have installed Anti-virus program in your device and your Firewall has strong settings it can most probably begin to misbehave. When such settings misbehave, they can block pages and IP addresses that do not contain any sort of virus or harmful content.
  3. You might also be experiencing a connectivity issue. If so, make sure that you have a network that is up and running. If your network is updated, then it’s your router that must be causing DNS Probe Finished NxDomain error. At times, routers can be overpowered by heavy traffic if a lot of users are filtered through the same network and the same router.
  4. We believe that if you have been experiencing this DNS error, it is likely that your IP address or your DNS server has been blocked. If that happens, the webpage you are trying to reach does not send and answer back to your request. If it does send data back, your DNS server might have blocked it. Hence, you cannot load it even after refreshing the web page numerous times.

We know the causes now, but we still do not know how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain Error!

Now that the causes are established, we are sure about how to fix this problem. There are various techniques that you can apply that help you take care of specific causes of the same error. If one of these listed solutions begin to work for you, then you do not have to move down the line. Because, if you will be able to load the same page or other pages after applying a fix you probably have taken care of the cause.

  1. There’s a chance your browser is not set as the default browser; you can change that setting.
  2. Firstly, you can try to reset or renew your IP address
  3. You can reset your DNS server address to take care of DNS Probe Finished NxDomain.
  4. If your Firewall or Anti-virus settings are at fault, fix them.
  5. If your router is at fault, fix this error through Power Cycling.
  6. Clear out your cache from your browser.
  7. Attempt at flushing your DNS

Repair A for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

In order to set Google Chrome as your default browser, you can attempt this easy fix by typing chrome://flags/ in the URL bar of Chrome. Then hit the Enter key. From the window, just click on “Reset all to default” and restart Chrome. Reload the URL to see if this fix has helped you.

Repair B for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

To reset or renew your Catalog and IP address, you will have to send commands to your device. To do that, type “cmd” in your Start Menu’s search bar. When you locate the Command Prompt, right click on it to select “Run as Administrator”. When the black box opens just type:

  • Netsh winsock reset

This command will help you attempt this fix. When you are done typing, hit the Enter key so your command is accepted. Restart your device for your device to process the command. Reload the same URL to check if this fix has worked for you.

Repair C for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

Changing your DNS server address to the Google DNS is known to be one of the most effective solution. To attempt this and get rid of the error you will follow this:

  1. Right click your network’s icon and from the list of options, click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click on Local Area Connection and then on Properties.
  3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then Properties again.
  4. When you select Use the following DNS server addresses, you will type the following server addresses:

  • (Preferred DNS)
  • (Alternate DNS)
  1. From the same box, select Validate Settings Upon exist and hit on OK.

Repair D for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

Your Anti-virus might not be suitable for your device. Open the program and disable it for sometime. Once you do that, try loading a safe and secure page in your browser. If it works, you need to replace your Anti-virus. Do the same with your firewall settings from your Control Panel. This technique, however, should not be made a temporary fix since you can allow spywares and viruses to attack your device if it is left unprotected.

Repair E for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

In order to power cycle your router, you have to do the least amount of work yourself, except some waiting around. You will disconnect your router or shut it down. Let it stay without any power supply for at least a recommended time of 5 minutes. Then, switch it back on and try loading the URL to see if the fix has helped you out.

Repair F for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

If you are a Google Chrome user, you will probably know how to clear out your cache. In case you do not know, all you have to do is go to your Chrome settings and open the Clear Browsing data window. In the window you will only check the Cookies and then Cache options and click on Clear Browsing data. Once it cleans out everything, re-launch chrome and check if the error has gone away.

Repair G for how to fix DNS Probe Finished NxDomain!

Flushing your DNS will help get rid of any corrupted caches. In order to do that, you will need to open your Command prompt again to send this command. When you open it, all you have to do is type the following command and hit Enter:

  • ipconfig/ flushdns

Restart your device now to let the device work on your command. Hopefully, your error will be fixed.

We believe the above listed fixes will serve their purposes and you will be able to fix this minor error in no time. Now that you have learned how to fix DNS probe finished NxDomain error with our tutorial, if it happens again you will know how to fight it! Stay tough.

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