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Identifying identity theft is the key to ultimate online fraud protection

Identity theft has become one of the significant problems in this day and age. Before we get down to the details, it is vital to understand what exactly it is. Identity theft constitutes the stealing of personal detail, including social security numbers, names, birthdays, and other essential information. They do it to impersonate you and, more commonly, for financial gains.

Here is an editors review about signs that will help you recognize identity theft or that you are susceptible to online fraudsters. 

Losing your wallet

Are you in the habit of carrying many personal details like credit cards, social security cards, or other information in your wallet? If yes, keep in mind that you might face identity theft in the near future if your wallet gets stolen. In case you have lost your wallet, it is vital to lock the cards and suspend the accounts as soon as possible. Also, make sure that you have photocopies of all the vital documents in case they are lost.

Theft from mailbox

Most of us don’t take much care about the safety and security of the mailbox. But, keep in mind that several vital personal details and documents come through the mail. Sign up for a secure delivery service and make sure that you keep your mailbox locked at all times.

About public Wi-Fis

We are also guilty of often utilizing public access Wi-Fi services in government installations, cafeterias, and the office. But it is vital to remember that these public access ports are vulnerable to malware and hack attacks to access personal information. If you have to use a public network, make sure to hide your network ISP with a reputable VPN service.

Data breaches

Hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in systems of both government and private organizations. Keep in mind that according to experts, you need to assume all your details are already out there and act accordingly. It is a great habit to keep tabs on your personal credit score per quarter. It allows you to notice frauds, if any. In case you see something irregular, make sure to raise the dispute with the lender and the credit bureau.

Sim swap

Sim card theft and swapping is a significant problem as well, but you can get around the issue by setting up the PIN or a password for your cellular account. Also, consider using authentication apps before performing online transactions.

Phishing and other scams

Fraudsters and scammers will also try to make you disclose personal details. Phishing tactics work simply because the fraud mail or link is sent through an official-looking site. That is why it is vital to verify the “HTTPS” link for any site before clicking on the link. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should never provide any banking or personal detail over the phone or e-mail.

These are some of the common ways you can face identity theft. Take the steps necessary to guard against online fraud today. All the best! 

Written by Faraz Butt

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