Your Pocket Guide to a New Laptop Purchase

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It is inevitable that the technological advancements have been rampant in the passing decades of this century especially with the invention of latest smart phones and smart wrist watches towards which now people are leaning however one invention has always remained constant and in use by the general masses all across the globe and that is a computer or a laptop.

Laptop is that one device which is a need for every worker, student, manager, businessman and in fact every common individual aspiring to survive in the modern day world. However purchasing a laptop or changing to a new one is a daunting task because the extravagant price tag is always a perspective that needs to be put forth along with other things that need to be accounted for while making a final decision for the laptop.

However it is imperative to mention here that laptop must be purchased according to the purpose that it is serving for instance a gamer must go for a laptop with gaming specifications instead of a normal purposed laptop for day to day use so that the specific gaming demands can be met. This is just one example using which the specifications of other laptops can be gauged and keeping this in view this article has been composed in form of a comprehensive Laptop Buying Guide so that every user can reap benefits off of it.

What are some of the types of Laptop that a student or other laptop users should consider?

A smart basic purposed laptop has certain simple features which make it ideal for a student and a day to day user to carry and use with convenience and these are those top features which must always be kept in perspective before purchasing a laptop according to the needs of the user.

i.                    The laptop must be portable, slim and lightweight

The latest trends in laptops these days are the slim, smart and notebook style laptops which are accurately designed to be carried easily in handbags or slim laptop bags because realistically speaking huge heavy weight laptops with big screen may provide an avid cinematic experience while watching movies or TV shows but are a menace when it comes to practicality and day to day use.

ii.                  Stylish, Unique Designs and Performance Based Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are selected by classic and passionate gamers who are searching for smooth performance but stylish, extravagant and popping designs are also a trend that is loved by gamers because it adds to their personalized identity. However these are thicker laptops and have additional parts hanging around such as a powered CPU and additional RAMs which makes it stylish designing a hard task.

iii.               Optimal Performance and Advanced Portability based Laptops for Businessmen

The laptops that business men opt for must have enhanced performance and suitable portability as well because business men tend to travel a lot and without their laptops they are handicapped hence they need laptops which are comfortable in carrying around while traveling. Furthermore laptops used in business must have smooth performance as well that they can assist the worker during meetings rather than crash down upon them during crunch time hour. Furthermore it goes without any saying that these laptops need to have ample space to store files because long gone are the days when physical files were kept in office spaces.

iv.                Laptops with compatible and desired Operating Systems

Majorly in today’s world there are two operating systems existing for the laptops one is Microsoft windows and the other is Apple IOS both catering to a different user approach. In general Windows is considered easier to use and is affordable while IOS comes with a hefty price tag and it takes time to get acquainted with it.

Let’s now dig into the Laptop Specifications in terms of Storage, RAM, SD Card and Processor Speed

The form of the laptop and the choice of operating system are indeed important factors to keep in mind while buying the laptop but particular specifications of the laptop are equally important as well which will influence the main performance of the machinery at the end of the day.

If a laptop outstanding specifications that stand out then it is the wiser choice on a long term basis however these kinds of specifications will require you to invest more money.  So it is a thin line between spending more at one time and using the product in the long run or going the other way round.

  • Always first give weightage to the Battery Life Scope and the Portability Factor

Laptops that come with a longer and stable battery life will eliminate half of your problems to say the least and of course lighter, easier to carry laptops have no replacement whatsoever. Hence it was important for us to emphasize that these two factors must never be neglected while buying your laptop.

  • Other Highlighted Features to be taken into Consideration

This entire article has summed up as simply as possible all the other characteristics and specifications to be taken into account when purchasing a new laptop but it is prudent to summarize these factors once again so nobody misses out on anything.

One of the crux specification features is the operating system which should be as latest and better as possible and one must always go for a laptop that caters to their needs and always remember if you are not a techno friendly person then you must opt for Windows instead of IOS because it is easier to use. There are three types of processors available: i3, i5 and i7 which you can choose from.

We hope that this quick guide has made you aware enough to make a sane decision for yourself while buying a laptop.

Written by Hina Akram

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