The Laptop buying guide

The technology has changed over the past decade or so, with the invention of the smart phone and the smart watch, but there’s one thing that has remained a constant for some time is the computer and specifically the laptop. But Buying laptop is not an easy task as it comes with a mighty price tag.

There are number of things to be taken into option before buying a laptop. There are different types of laptop for different kind of work for example a gaming laptop has different specification as compare to the normal working laptop. This article intends to talk about some of the most useful laptops hence you must consider this as a Laptop Buying Guide.


A basic laptop has basic features which are according to the daily requirement and it’s designed for daily use and students.


The new slim and portable laptops are perfectly design and it is easy to carry. They’re usually slim, portable, and lightweight and have powerful machinery to work with.


Gaming laptops are for performance; it doesn’t have a stylish design and is thick in nature but comes with some extra parts like more ram and powerful CPU and other parts.

Business Laptops: Striking the Balance between Performance & Portability

Business laptops are a balance between performance and portability. It is easier to carry between meetings and come with a lot of space to store office files. It is durable and lifelong machine

Operating Systems: Windows, Macbook

There are two types of operating system exist today which is Microsoft windows and Apple IOS. Windows is easier in use and less in cost while IOS is difficult to use and has a price tag over the par.

Laptop Specifications: Processors, RAM, Storage and Graphics Card

While form factor and operating system are very important factors to consider, specifications under the hood also have a huge impact on overall performance. When a laptop has better specs, it will likely perform faster, and for longer. But those better specs, of course, cost more money. Here’s a rundown of the main laptop specifications to consider.

Batter life and Weight Factor

The laptops with a powerful battery make your life easier and less weight laptop is easier to carry around your daily routine. So go for laptop which has a combination of both

Other Features and Considerations

The main features to consider when buying a new laptop is outlined above, but there are a few other things that some might want to keep in mind. We’ll go over them below.

There are number of factors to be considered before buying a laptop. The most important feature is operating system. The better the operating system better the laptop works. Go for laptop which fills your wants and need. The Windows is more easy to use as compare to IOS. We comes to spec there are three types of processor like i3,i5 and i7 with 8gb ram and minimum of 256 GB hard drive. New-found knowledge of laptop features, you’re now better equipped to find that perfect device.

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