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We love talking with our favorite people. Whether the conversation is about these new kicks we bought, whether it includes ridiculing our bosses together. You can even spend hours talking about fruit flies and count them together. Because the point is, you just need to talk to them to fulfill your day’s ritual. Then, many of us even like beginning conversations with strangers we meet on our way. These conversations, whether you have them with people you know or with completely unknown people, conversations are part of your daily activity. When we say conversations, however, it does not include just include words. It can include any mode of communication that allows two or more people to connect. And so, in the era of social media we have become familiar with new ways of communication. One such way includes communicating without words; quite less for that matter. It includes sharing your experiences through pictures and videos. And while we have mentioned this, you can take a guess about which application we are talking about. If you thought Snapchat, that is fantastic. If not, we can still continue and you can find out what Snapchat is all about. However, the focus of this article is the new Snapchat update and how it can really make your Snapchat experience worth your while!

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Snapchat is a mobile application that was released back in 2011. As soon as it was released, Snapchat became immensely popular among people. This application was the creation of Stanford university students; Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy. Together these three founders of Snapchat were able to come up with a concoction that was different and unusual but very technologically forward. Snapchat now has millions of users who are active each day. Many of these users are your own favorite celebrities and stars as well. If you have not been able to follow them, all you need to do is google their Snapchat official usernames and you will get endless supply of the inside of a super star through your phone. Let’s talk about why exactly Snapchat became popular. The popularity mainly stems from its features. This application helps people communicate using image messaging and sharing other type of media files. One of the things that stands out about Snapchat is the way it handles the files you share. For example, you are chatting with your friends by sending them random snaps of you or things around you. Once they receive your file and view it, they will be unable to open or view it again. Because, on Snapchat everything stands for a little while. After this it is deleted. So, this application is especially great for those of us who love their privacy and they do not have to worry about the consequences that can occur with being silly and whimsical with your friends! Another stand out feature about Snapchat is its feature that allows you to upload stories. Now this feature is not a latest update but it exists to identify what Snapchat really is. Stories are basically a collection of pictures or videos that you can share with all your friends at once and publicly as well if you have changed its settings as such. Basically, these stories that you upload can last for a time frame of twenty four hours altogether. After this time limit however, these stories are deleted. But do not worry, you can still keep your memories by downloading everything before uploading it.

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Now some of the old features of Snapchat includes being able to type a caption, use filters on your snaps, making videos that last for a maximum time of ten seconds. You can still set the time for your snaps as well. This time is the maximum length of time that a person can view your image or video for when they open it. You can also doodle on your snaps and then add emojis or stickers along with it. While all of this is still around, what really is the new Snapchat update? In the following section now we are going to be reviewing that.

The new Snapchat update was announced in the January of 2016 and up till now it has become one of the most major update that Snapchat has come up with. It includes a lot of handy features that aim at making it easier to navigate the application and take advantage of its services to a whole new level. This new Snapchat update is known as Snapchat 10 which was unveiled gradually to all Snapchat users between the period of January and February. By this year however, you must be able to see the new version on your mobile phone no matter which software it supports.

So what makes this Snapchat update so special? Snapchat 10 includes the following list of changes with suggestions of how and why you need to use them to upgrade your Snapchat experience. Because this update is only meant for facilitating Snapchat users to the fullest:

  • The first new Snapchat update we are going to talk about is related to the search bar. Now, the search bar will appear everywhere on the application. Snapchat has made is very easy and convenient for its users to find what they want and get what they desire or where they wish to go on the application by allowing them to use the available search bar everywhere. You can find the search bar at the top part of your main camera screen, you can also find it on the chat screen and the story screen as well. All you need to do is tap on it and then begin searching for whatever you wish to access and whoever you wish to find!
  • The second new Snapchat update that we want to mention is its ability to give you quick access to your friends. Now all you need to do is search for your beloved from in the search bar that you can locate anywhere. This makes it easy for you to interact with them on Snapchat. There are a few ways that you can use to interact with them on Snapcaht. This includes tapping on your friend’s card on Snapchat to open a chat box with them. You can also tap on the story thumbnail on Snapchat and then view your Snapchat friend’s story screen easily. Also, if you tap and hold on your friend’s card on Snapchat it allows you to view a mini version of their profile!
  • With the new Snapchat update, you can use the search bar and find publisher stories. Before Snapchat had Discover which allowed you to follow and find publishers on Snapchat. Now you have another way to access the same thing and this right here is a short cut instead. In the search bar, you just have to type their name for example, National Georgraphic and then you will be able to follow stories from them directly. Publisher stories are basically stories for advertisements by major companies, magazines and so on to promote themselves using Snapchat as their go to platform. snapchat logo
  • Other than that, you have the option of using the profile icon to gain yourself quick access. Snapchat 10 makes it easier for you to search other but it also makes it easier for you to access your own profile and the information on it. You can find this profile icon on the top left of your main screen and from there onward you can see what you have on your Snapchat profile.
  • With Snapchat 10, every user can also chat with each other using the instant messaging service. You can also make calls; voice or video. With that you can send voice notes and so on. The rule is the same; all your messages get deleted once they are viewed!
  • On new Snapchat update, you can add a Bitmoji. A Bitmoji is a separate application which allows you to create your own animated avatar that you can save and use on any messaging application. These avatars simply stand out. And they can be a reflection of yourself. Your friends must have already begun using a Bitmoji on Snapchat by now. These Bitmoji’s also take you to your friend’s profile by a tap only. If you already knew about Bitmoji, you should be happy to know that this application is completely incorporated with Snapchat now.
  • Lastly, you no longer have to be physically close or present at a location to access Snapchat’s story community. They are available to everyone from everywhere. And with that, you can also use new Snapchat filters that animate your experience and adds more fun to it! If you do not know what our story on Snapchat is, it is basically an opportunity for Snapchat users who are at an event and they can share similar experience with everyone!

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We hope you will update your Snapchat application if you have not done so already. This will allow you to access the true essence of Snapchat and just take your experience up a lot of notches!

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