How to Zoom With One Hand on Snapchat?


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We all have a collection of social media applications that we like. But how do we get to know that we like them? The first thing that most of us is, we make accounts. We end up making so many accounts on these social networking sites that it gets hard to keep track of your usernames and passwords. But, we make these accounts to test out what we can and what we do not like. This is especially applied in terms of features that you can access on social media. In the beginning we had applications that allowed us to get in touch with people we liked, people we were friends with, people from our classes and/or work, people who lived far away from us and so on. But now it is different, we are not just concerned about finding an area where we can stay connected without draining our accounts. Instead we are concerned with so much more that includes entertainment and fun with your friends. Because, in the past it was hard to have devices, internet and applications that made is easy for you to know how someone is doing, where they are and what they are doing. But now, it is readily available so we do not care about that information. Which is why other applications that allow you to have fun with your friends have become more popular because they really cater to your new set of needs and along with that, they allow you to get rid of your stress on the weekend. One such application that is very entertaining for its users is Snapchat. Now you must have made an account on Snapchat and you must have had the chance to play around till you decide if it is made for you. So, if Snapchat is something that suits your taste and you have come to terms with its wide set of features, it is time to learn the tricks and one such trick involves learning how to zoom with one hand on Snapchat. By the end of this article then, you will be able to zoom with one hand on Snapchat and you will probably become a pro at Snapchat and leave all your friends behind!

Before we move on however, we should probably give Snapchat application some attention and review its brief biography and along with that we should learn its other features as well so that we can learn how to zoom with one hand on Snapchat. Now Snapchat is an application that was launched in 2011 and its one of the recent applications that has taken the internet by the storm. You will notice almost everyone walking around and taking pictures of themselves or their food to share with their friends on Snapchat. This application was created by Stanford students by the name of Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Billy Murphy. These three founders of Snapchat really worked wonders to produce for you something that you have never experienced before. Now Snapchat has a lot of features that we can talk about but what is Snapchat used for? Snapchat is an application that is used for image messaging and sending other multi-media messages to your friends on Snapchat and allow them to reply you with similarly amusing image messages that do not have to make any sense at all.

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So, you can zoom with one hand on Snapchat but what are its key features? Snapchat is different and unique because one of important algorithm that is set by its founders. Now whatever you send to others on Snapchat, they will view it by tapping on the message. But right as they are done viewing these image messages, they will immediately close them and after that they will be unable to view the images or videos again. This is because nothing stays permanent on Snapchat and this reduces the risk of privacy among other things. Your friends will be unable to save anything in their mobile phone and if in case they take a screen shot of what you have sent them, Snapchat’s algorithm will notify you right away and you can confront them. You are also in charge of setting the time that people can view your snaps for. The time ranges from one second to ten seconds. The videos that you record on Snapchat are only for ten seconds maximum. If you wish to record a video, you will go to the main screen and tap the middle button to hold on to it and Snapchat will begin recording it. You can switch between front and rear cameras as well in between the video! You can add your friends on Snapchat using their usernames but you can also connect with strangers but chances are they might not connect with you because then you will be able to view their Snapchat stories. These stories last for twenty-four hours and they include a combination of both pictures and videos as well. All your friends can view them and after that, they are deleted. You can however, save things on Snapchat before sending them out and keep them in your gallery or upload them in Snapchat Memories so you can post them again later. You also have the option of following your favorite celebrities on Snapchat and see what they are going with their life. And with the latest updates, you have the option of sending instant messages to your friends as well. These instant messages delete themselves right after they have been read because that is the pattern Snapchat has to follow. Along with that then, you can also make calls, use filters, send stickers, type captions, use animated filters, location based filters and so on. Because Snapchat is such a diverse application with innovative features, it has become immensely popular and after reviewing these features, if you have not signed up for Snapchat, you just might be tempted to. Indulge in practicing and becoming a pro with these features first so we can move on and learn how to zoom with one hand on Snapchat!

Snapchat has to be your favourite social media application by now. You can use this to connect with your friends and people around the world, you can post silly snaps for others to view and you can make video calls as well. This makes snapchat a lot of fun and it is a very versatile application. Snapchat’s team is always updating the application for you. The team keeps on adding more and more features to it and you just cannot get bored on Snapchat because it just refuses to get old. Whether Snapchat’s team has new filters to add such as location based or animated filters, you can also use new lenses, and then you can have more trophies. All these features that we talked about can be very easily used using one hand. If you are someone who is busy at work and you are browsing through your emails with one hand and your phone rings to alert you about this snap that your received by your friends. Now you also want to check this snap but you do not want to stop browsing. So, what do you do? You can simply use and function Snapchat with one hand. Snapchat has a zoom feature similarly, that you can use to view snaps and other things. Till now you just might be doing everything on Snapchat using both of your hands without the knowledge that there is another way as well. You must have used both your hands to send a snap. And you might have used both your hands to hold the record button with one hand while you used the other hand to pinch the screen so you could zoom it in and out to have a dramatic effect in your Snapchat videos. It’s time to look at how you can zoom with one hand on Snapchat then.

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Now you do not need to find out how to zoom with one hand on Snapchat if you are taking a picture. But, if you are making a video, this pro technique is the most useful one for you. In order to record a video on Snapchat you have to hold on to the center button to record a video and then you use the other hand to zoom in and out if you wish to add that affect to your video. In order to do these both tasks with one hand, you must follow these steps:

  • You are going to launch your application on your smartphone. It will take you to the main camera screen. From this screen, you can switch your camera to front selfie mode or the rear camera to capture the world around you.
  • After this you are going to hold the button down in the middle part of your main screen to begin your video recording.

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  • While you will be holding the button, you can move the finger of the same hand to zoom in and if you wish to zoom out you are going to move your figure down while you will be holding the record mode.

And that is how you zoom with one hand on Snapchat like a pro!

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