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You may have heard of the Periscope but in your grade 8 physics class, isn’t it? However, the Periscope we are talking about here is a mobile app, which is a product of Twitter which you can use to do live broadcasts with the public or your followers. As it is a mobile app, first people thought it can only be used on cell phones however there are ways which you can adopt to use Periscope on your PC and some of these tricks even work on Mac OS.

Periscope on your PC

Before we start the tutorial on Periscope for PC, let’s see what cool tools and features is this app made up of that people run after!

Features of the App Periscope

Features of the App Periscope

With this amazing Periscope app you will be able to stay in touch with various people that too live from all across the globe. The moment you download the Periscope app and access it from your home screen you will be able to register for a new account or you can simply use your already existing Twitter Account.

Then when you are logged the app will let you perform celebrity searches and see the people you follow on Twitter to be able to conduct live broadcasts with them.

1.     Stay in touch with people from anywhere in the world

Group of people interacting

If you are someone who enjoys interacting with different people from diverse cultural backgrounds, then the best tool available for you in periscope is the feature which lets you see all the live users on the world map. You can then interact with people from different counties and see a true picture of a nation and not the one that media highlights!

2.     Increase your followers!


If you are someone who loves blogging or just want to stay in the limelight then one way to get maximum followers is to use the Periscope app.

You can show yourself live from anywhere in the world using Periscope using your cell phone and then various people from across the world will begin following you, those who want to know your personality or your story or simply wish to know more about your country.

For instance, if you are from Turkey and people wish to know about the Turkish culture then you can become an unbiased representative of your country and also get more followers.

3.     Events


Many people like to host their events using Periscope for including people from all across the world and even those who can’t make it to an event live. If this mega event is happening in Japan, you may not be able to go there to attend it live but you can see it all live from Periscope from the people who are hosting it.

How to use Periscope for PC?

There are indeed ways which can be used if you want Periscope for PC to work and we will talk about all of them one by one so keep scrolling and reading and see what works best for you.

How to Use Periscope for PC through the ARC Welder?

If you use Windows or Mac PC and wish to use Android apps on these PC’s then go for ARC Welder which will allow you to use Android apps. All you need is a Chrome Browser and then take help from the steps compiled for you below:

  1. Get the Google Chrome browser downloaded on your PC and open it up.
  2. Then you must download the ARC Welder App for Google Chrome. This app will operate in the Google Chrome and will take an Android APK file to run it on to your PC       .
  3. Then you will require an APK file to run Periscope for PC. However, if the file you find is old and doesn’t run then you should look for the latest version here.
  4. Then open a Google Chrome tab and press the button that reads “Apps” at the top left of the page.
  5. Once the App menu gets displayed, choose the ARC Welder and you will be looking at Windows which should appear as if it your cell phone’s screen.
  6. Choose the folder that has the ARC Welder which will let its current files running. It is advised you choose this folder in your C Drive.
  7. Then you will need to open your APK file of Periscope for PC for it to operate on your computer.  Then hit the Plus sign button and choose the Periscope APK file.
  8. Wait a few moments for your APK file to load and then click “Test”.

Now if all the steps have been followed correctly, the Periscope for PC app will begin and you can easily use it just like you do it on your handheld device start up and now you can use it just like you use it on your phone.

How to use Emulators to run Periscope for PC?

The use of Emulators to operate Periscope for PC is the most secure method and that this will never fail you no matter what. Periscope app for now is available of Android and the iOS. Sadly you will not find any real iOS emulator for Windows that can run independently from your iDevice.

However, the good news is for the Android users because there are many Android emulators out there for both Windows and Mac OS. We advise you to use the BlueStacks emulator.

  1. Of course, the first thing is to get the APK file downloaded to run Periscope for PC in the BlueStacks Emulator.
  2. Then download the BlueStacks emulator which would be free and safe to use of course.
  3. When the BlueStacks emulator has successfully been downloaded, go to the file for installation and get done with the installation by reading the on screen prompts.
  4. When the BlueStacks has been installed, access it and then setup your Google account on to it. This is where you can use any Google account you have. This stage is just like when you get your new phone and follow the set up procedure.
  5. Once you have accessed the BlueStacks emulator, drag and drop the APK file of Periscope that was downloaded earlier in the actual emulator.
  6. The installation for the APK file will then start and when it has finished you can access it and the Periscope for PC will begin running just like it does on your phone.

How to use the Screen mirroring?

Although this is that method which we will recommend the least out of all because this is that procedure in which you are running the Periscope App on your cell phone and then mirroring its screen on your PC.  Hence its only a temporary work around in which you must connect your phone to your PC and make use of tools like SideSync and to take control over the activity of your cell phone through your PC.

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