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While you might log in to your social media account to entertain yourself with recent posts, videos, drama between people in your friend list and so on. Others who made accounts on social media to earn through their posts and gain popularity log in to their accounts with one crucial task in their mind: Making sure their posts have been received by their followers. Say you were always intrigued by accounts you followed on your social media accounts and then you decided to make your own brand using this stage. When you were a viewer and an audience member it seemed easy to like, comment or criticize the posts you saw. However, now that you are on the other side, you know all the hard work that goes in to making sure your posts receive comments, likes, shares and so on. If they do not, you will not be remembered on social media. It takes time to increase your popularity from a community level to a global level. You make sure your posts are creative, fun to read and view, intelligent, entertaining and so on. But since there are a lot of individuals out there as the same goal as you, your posts just might get lost in the background. In order to make sure they are received as they are posted by your followers and those who you are following on Twitter, you can read out guide about how to pin a tweet on Twitter. Reach your motives with this article without spending any of your credit now!

Now we know that a lot of first time users look around for tips and tricks on how to make sure their social media account reaches its maximum potential. So, before we begin to the main purpose of this article, we will introduce Twitter briefly. Twitter first started back in 2006. Believe it or not, Twitter has been around for quite a while. Back then, Twitter was not globally popular however as all applications have become popular among every corner of the world Twitter has become immensely popular among many countries and their nationals. Twitter includes typing tweets which you might find similar to Facebook statuses. However what’s unique here is that these 140 characters are much more than just words to read. These tweets are shared on different social media accounts, re-tweeted, liked and so on. If your tweets are interesting they will gain your followers and increase visitors on your Twitter profiles. Yes, Twitter does not have the option of adding friends. Instead you have followers and following options. Followers stands for people who like your profile and would appreciate receiving content from you. Following is the accounts on Twitter that you would like to keep in touch with. Twitter allows people to run their business, market their products, organizations, talents and so on. Twitter has now become one of those platforms that allow any Twitter account holder to reach fame. Still, it requires the use of various strategies.

You must know that Twitter users have doubled and tripled over the years. Since people share memes and pictures of Tweets on their other social media platforms, the audience at almost every website and application has become attracted to using Twitter for themselves as well. While these audience members might first make their accounts just to low key access tweets from their following accounts, they do get inspired to test this out for themselves as well. Although the downside of this is obvious. When more and more accounts are online and tweeting at the same time, there is a higher chance that your tweet will be lost in the updated news feed of your followers. How will that even happen? If you do not already know, Twitter updates its users’ news feed every hour to make sure they receive tweets from other Twitter users as they are posted. Since tweets follow this pattern and if everyone from your followers’ list of following is tweeting at the same time, your tweet will be lost in the sea. What are the underlying consequences of this problem then?

If you are someone who absolutely requires their tweets to be read, liked, re-tweeted and talked about you will be devastated if the above mentioned problem occurs. If this turns into a pattern you will likely be effected in the following ways:

  1. If your tweet is lost under a mountain, you will be unable to gain the appreciation you aim on receiving. This means that your followers will be unable to understand your brand simply because they will think you do not tweet often.
  2. You will begin to lose followers as a side effect of the above mentioned consequence. Because on Twitter if you begin to follow an account that you think is empty, you just mind begin to think of it with suspicion and immediately block it. After all, everyone wishes to be safe on cyber world.
  3. Your tweets will not gain likes or re-tweets which means that if you are for example, selling a product on your Twitter account or advertising something you will not receive any or very less response. This will then defeat your purpose.
  4. If you wish to become famous with your well-worded tweets, you might not be able to gain any followers because your tweets will not receive any response. This is what happens when you do not pin a tweet on Twitter.

The above mentioned consequences are of course major for those who are trying to make it big on Twitter. The consequences although are not limited to these four. There are many other personal ways you might be getting affected by losing your tweets in the Twitter sea. If you have noticed, we mentioned something about dodging these effects if you pin a tweet on Twitter. Are you wondering what this is and how can you pin a tweet on Twitter? Well when you pin a tweet on Twitter, that means that your tweet will appear on your Twitter profile. Once that happens, those who are following you can simply read, like, appreciate, re-tweet or even critique your tweet because it will always be present on your account. Your Twitter followers will then believe that your profile is legitimate and not a spam. Your tweets will then gain you more followers and they just might get shared on other social media applications as well. Without any delay then, let’s begin with learning how to pin a tweet on Twitter.

I wish to be noticed on Twitter. What’s this business about pin a tweet on Twitter then?

In order to begin following our step by step help, you must first get ready with the material you wish to post. Now that you know what you wish to tweet out, you can log in to your account.

Step 1 will include just typing what you wish to tweet out for your followers to read and notice. In order to do that, on your Twitter home page, you will notice a bar on the top saying “What is happening?”. Just begin typing your tweet over there. You must have sure your tweet is not more than 140 characters. If it is, you will have to post your tweet in parts.

Step 2 will then include publishing this tweet. For that you just have to double check your tweet and then you can click on the “Tweet” button under the Tweet bar. Doing this will release this tweet live. That means your twitter followers will be able to read the content.

Step 3 is crucial because here is how you will pin a tweet on Twitter. In order to do that, you will click on the three dots that appear under the tweet you published. Once you click on them, you will open a list of options. From that option just click that states “pin to your profile page”. This will lead you to another window.

Step 4 will just involve confirming the option you just selected. Twitter will ask you if you are sure about pinning your Tweet. Just click on “Pin” and you will successfully pin a tweet on Twitter.

Lastly, you must always check that your settings have worked for you. Because at times due to network issues, your settings do not take place. For this, you simply have to open your profile and see if the tweet is appearing over there. If it is, that means you have successfully pinned the tweet.

We hope that now you have learned how to pin a tweet on Twitter. You can use this setting for future tweets and reach your goals without anything coming your way. Of course when a lot Twitter accounts tweet at the same time, someone will manage to steal your thunder. This way you can make sure you get the amount of attention that is required. After all, on Twitter it’s not just words that you share, it’s a chunk of your talent, technique, strategy and so on. Good luck in the future then!


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