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Learn How to Easily Reset Snapchat Password

Don’t panic; read our article to find out how to recover your Snapchat account in no time!


Remember when Snapchat came out and it was all the rage? You and your friends could not stop talking about the new application and everyone wanted to see who was whose best friend on the application and who had the most followers and so many other things. And everyone hailed the man behind Snapchat, who was Evan Spiegel as a hero. But little do you know the actual story behind Snapchat and what actually happened.

While Evan is definitely the front man for Snapchat and shows himself as the genius behind the application there is a lot of history there. Back when Evan was in college at Stanford, he had a friend names Reggie Brown who came to him with the idea of developing an application were people send images that disappeared after a little while. Evan Spiegel apparently loved the idea and the two went about trying to make it into a reality. And to do this, they would need someone with the tech expertise and knowledge of coding which is required to develop applications. For this purpose they hired Bobby Murphy and the three of them set to making and launching an app they initially called Picaboo. The application was launched on the app store and was supposed to be a big success. But due to some issues the trio pulled the application; maybe to work on it and make it better. However, they soon realized that the potential for an application like Snapchat to be a success was very great. During this period Bobby and Evan decided to work on the venture alone and push Reggie out of the picture. At the time Reggie was not aware of this and emailed Evan to know about a renegotiation regarding his involvement with Snapchat. They did not entertain Reggie and soon released Snapchat using the icon of the ghost that Reggie had originally designed.

Thinking they had successfully rid themselves of Reggie; the duo were very happy. However, Reggie filed a law suit and the three settled out of court by paying Reggie a huge sum and adding his name to the list of original creators of Snapchat. This apparently sufficed and made Reggie happy. And the company chalked this down to an experience of the past and set on to working and making Snapchat one of the greatest applications possible.

And this worked. If you were to ask your group of friends or really any random group of people at any highschool or college if they had Snapchat on their phone; a majority of them would say yes. This is because Snapchat is incredibly popular amongst the millennial generation. People enjoy the various features and functionalities the application provides. The good people at Snapchat have ensured they keep on innovating and introducing new items to entice and excite their users constantly and to also get new users.

The application currently has 166 million daily active users. This is a huge number and by any measures Snapchat has proven to be very successful. While Snapchat is younger than other social media applications like Instagram and Facebook; it has still held its own and made a huge dent in the social media market. Snapchat was the first to introduce the concept of stories; which are posting pictures and videos on your profile which disappear after 24 hours elapse. However this concept was copied by Instagram in a move which was highly criticized.

A lot of people argued that this would take away users from Snapchat but it ended with the fact that one should not have ever worried since Snapchat held its own and users who used Snapchat did not move on to Instagram stories; no matter how hard to company tried to take Snapchat’s market away.

According to Evan Spiegel, the reason for Snapchat’s success is fairly simple. These days everyone knows that whatever they post on the internet is permanent so there is a need to ensure whatever they post is good; their profile photos, their images on Instagram and much more. But with Snapchat you can throw caution to the wind and enjoy the freedom to post even badly taken pictures and videos because you know they will disappear after 24 hours and you can get away with it.

In this day and age everyone is living the fast life and hence while technology has made it easier for us to talk to our loved ones all over the world we seldom get the chance to do it. And with an application like Snapchat you at least get to see a glimpse into their lives through what they are doing on the regular. And if you are able, to send them a picture or video of what you are up to as well so that everyone is caught up with what the other is doing.

Apart from this we cannot miss the fact that over the years Snapchat has done a lot to keep users interested. If you compare the first version of Snapchat that came out in 2011 to the version we know and love today you will see what a stark different there is. Initially you could only send and post pictures but now you can send and post videos, edit these, add filters, geo-filters, stickers, draw on them, change voices and more. And the most popular feature Snapchat has is definitely the filters. Everyone adores Snapchat filters; both the facial filters and the world filters. These are great for entertainment and the best part is they are always changing since Snapchat is introducing new filters all the time.

Snapchat has become a multimillion dollar company over a matter of a few years and clearly this is because of the hard work that they have been doing as well as their dedication to make their platform something users can not only enjoy but make use of as well; and all of this makes Snapchat a great social media application.

Losing your Snapchat Account

Losing your Snapchat Account

It is clear that Snapchat is a great application and people enjoy it; imagine being locked out of your Snapchat account because you cannot remember your Snapchat password. What a total nightmare must that be! All the snap streaks you have with your friends, the updates, the stories and what not; you would totally be missing out but do not worry we have the perfect solution for you; we can tell you how to reset Snapchat password.

If you have just forgotten your Snapchat password or something then there is no need to worry. Just keep on reading to learn how to reset Snapchat password.

Reset Snapchat Password

The first thing you need to do is go to the Snapchat application. Now if you have been logged out of your account, the login screen will display. To begin the process to reset Snapchat password you need to click on ‘Log In’. Now when you have typed in your Snapchat username, click on the option below the login details which says ‘Forgot your Password?’, once you have selected this you can begin the process to reset Snapchat password. Now your Snapchat application will ask you if you would rather reset your Snapchat password through your phone number or your email address. Remember these are the email addresses and phone numbers you have registered with your Snapchat account.

Reset Snapchat Password with Email

So first let us talk about how to go about to reset Snapchat password with your phone. Choose the option on the screen where it says reset Snapchat password through email. Type in your email address; the email address associated with your Snapchat account to be able to reset Snapchat password.

Once you do this you will receive an email from Snapchat with a link that will enable you to reset Snapchat password easily. Once you have done this you will have successfully reset Snapchat password and can now login to your Snapchat account with your new password!

Reset Snapchat Password with Phone Number

Reset Snapchat Password

When you choose the option to reset Snapchat password with your phone number, the first thing Snapchat will ask you to do is a little task which proves you are not a robot; this is that they will ask you to pick out a few photos from the given ones. Once you have successfully completed this task, the next screen to be displayed with ask you about your phone number which you registered your Snapchat account with.

Once you have provided Snapchat with the correct number, they will send you a text message and then you can use the code provided within the text message to Snapchat in order to reset Snapchat password. If you want, you can even choose to have Snapchat call you to provide you with a password.

Once you have done this, you will be able to reset Snapchat password on your application and then later on use your new password to be able to login to your Snapchat account.

So if you are going through the process of having to reset Snapchat password, do not worry. Take a deep breath and follow these instructions and know that you can do it and recover your Snapchat account.

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