Things That You Must Know Before Buying Sectional Sofa Covers for Your Patio

Without an accurate cover, your patio furniture will deteriorate in no time. During the summer season, when there is scorching heat outside, or the rainy season when it will be raining cats and dogs, you will likely spend more time inside your home rather than on your patio. So what to do with your sectional patio sofas at that time? Well, keep them covered to protect them from the outside weather. 

In this article, we will discuss some important things that you must know before buying covers for your sectional patio sofas.


You must order a sectional cover that properly fits on your sofa set. Most people do not consider dimensions to be an essential factor while ordering sectional covers as they think covering it is enough no matter how it is done. But you will not commit the same mistake as you are reading this article. Remember, the cover should neither be too tight nor too loose, as too much tight cover will block a steady airflow inside, making the inside atmosphere humid whereas, too much loose cover, will significantly fail to prevent the rain waters from getting in. 

The best you can do is, check the manufacturer’s website as most manufacturers make covers, especially for their pieces. Or else you have to take the measurements of your sectional sofa on your own with the utmost attention and buy it from somewhere else.

Waterproof Covers

There are some covers available that claim to be resistant to heavy rain and snowfall but, at the time of reality check, it is seen that they can withstand only drizzles and fail miserably at the time of heavy downpour. The best material for a waterproof sectional cover is vinyl. Besides protecting your sectional patio sofas from rain, it also proves useful against dirt and debris.  

Breathable Covers

If you reside in a humid area, then breathable or ventilated covers become essential. A ventilated cover will allow air to circulate inside properly, or else a humid environment inside the cover will lead to mold formation. Besides destroying the look of your sofa, molds can also cause health issues. According to WBDG, molds can cause allergies in sensitive people leading to serious respiratory diseases. While buying breathable covers, you need to be careful as some breathable covers are not effective against water. 

Soft Cloth Backing

Some covers are there that tend to scratch against the fabrics of your sectional sofa, destroying its finish. This factor becomes more significant if your sofa is of stained wood. To prevent such mishaps, you must use covers with soft cloth backing.

Tie Downs

You may have noticed how patio covers tend to inflate like balloons at the time of heavy storms which may also make your cover blow away ending up with you chasing the cover all around the yard. This can be prevented by using sectional covers that have string ties around the bottom.


So there they are. These are some important things that you must know before buying a cover for your sectional patio sofa.


Written by Faraz Butt

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