21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and How can You Achieve Them

It’s basically a mystery as to when shopping started becoming a mainstream thing. Was it in the something (insert an actual specific date) century? Shopping has always been something that was much more of a stress reliever than actually needing to get that for necessity purposes and more. So, why is it that people talk about it in a joking and funny manner? in this article, you will be educated by being explained 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and how you can receive them.

Well, to put it simply over the many years the world has always remained patriarchal and no matter what you or anyone try to deny it true. Patriarchy is a part of this world and you need to accept it. So, what you need to do is realize that men started associating women with shopping. Shopping then became known as a leisure activity and a waste of time. Now that just makes you mad, doesn’t it? Because no, shopping isn’t a waste of time or money or space because you shop not only for yourself but also for your friends and your family and loved ones.

We live in a world now where you can get anything and absolutely everything online with just a click and a button press away. All you need to do is first know the 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and then have a link to a website or a page and you can go there, see the items presented by the franchise, choose and then place it in your cart. Once that is done you can then very easily just go about and send it to the franchise and it can be delivered to you within a couple of days or simply on that day.

What is Online Shopping?

Let’s try and make you understand this phenomenon. Online shopping is a great new way of buying and selling new and old stuff that will benefit you and some other person immensely. By that other person actually meant someone who can produce products that the mass public and local people want and then proceed to sell them to consumer markets and customers online. You’re probably wondering how that is done and how you can make sure that the products you are seeing online and how you can get them. It’s simple really. first, follow the 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and then all you need to do is make sure that the following steps are followed through:

  • Open your computer or laptop and get it connected to the internet.
  • Open a browser and search the designated website that you have found out sells online products.
  • Go through those products and choose the one you like and the one you may be able to get.
  • Follow your budget as you will be given the choice of choosing and availing deals and value packs.
  • Once you choose your products you will need to add them to the cart and then proceed to provide your information.
  • The information needed is probably something like your name, address and your phone number and maybe your id card for confirmation if it is out of country shipping.
  • Once all that is done just make sure that the information is legit and that the information provided will fall through.
  • Proceed to then wait for the package

Now when you are done with this just know that now you will be explained 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping. with the help of a visual aid.

21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Now, while it is perfectly acceptable to actually get and do online shopping there are certain things that you should and need to look after. Just like every new idea has a pro and a con side there are many sides to this too. Since you are doing online shopping many things can go right and some can go wrong. Below are 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping that you can see and avail that information. They are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you should and need to make sure that the website that you are following is trusted and that you got it from a trusted source. If not, it can take you to a corrupt page which can then get you a virus in your gadget.

  • Also, make sure that you follow trusted brands and brands that are well known. The problem with shopping online is that there are all kinds of brands out there. Good and bad and so it can be difficult for you to decipher which one won’t steal money from you. Just follow the well-known brands.

  • Make sure that in any case your computer and your system is secure and updated with the latest security system that will help keep your system safe and away from viruses.

  • Then, make sure that the website that you are on is a professional you need to see its language. Most well organized online retail websites hire professional writers who do great work with perfect grammar and written English. If the language seems broken to you then please don’t trust the place and try and find a better one.

  • Always use a credit card that is not directly connected to your private account. This means that in the horrible and sad case that there is a scam and you are stolen from then they will not be able to get to your account and take all the money you own. Let’s save that, shall we?

  • When giving your information please make sure that the information that you provide to the online source strictly names and address related. Do not give them your social security number as if they as then it is possible it is a scam.

  • Once you do make the payment you can monitor your credit card through a third-party account. This way you will be able to get information about the online payment and the product and when the shipment will come. This will help identify a scam.

  • Try and opt for using your mobile rather than your laptop and it is better that you use the mobile data for the online shopping rather than the Wi-Fi as its easier to steal from Wi-Fi.

  • Make sure that your passwords are secure and kept secure through the password manager app.

  • Make sure that all the passwords that you keep are hard and long but also easy for you to remember. Don’t make it so that you forget and make it so hard that you can’t remember.

  • Make sure and remember to not click n links that show adverts and other information. just remember to not click on any weird link.

  • If you are doing this on your phone then make sure that you download the apps and certain pages from either Google Play or Apple Store as the apps on these places are reliable.

  • If any online shopping site offers information about your messages or text and wants to know information about personal details then please do not enter that website.

  • Keep a record of all your transactions. This means that information swap or conversation with the person on the other side, just keep all that information secured in case of misfortune. this is a part of the 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping.
  • Hold on to your receipts and then proceed to destroy them once all transactions and receiving of packages is done and finished. This is for the guaranteeing purpose that you have yet to receive your package.
  • Also, use common sense, if a deal seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t true. Do some research before anything else.

  • Don’t keep much information on your phone. Now, this literally means that you cannot and should not have a plethora of information about yourself on your phone because that will only cause you problems in the misfortunate future.

  • Again, make sure and it is advised that you should do and commit to online shopping through the mobile phone and not the computer as it is and can stand as a risk for viruses.

  • Also, though you were told you should use credit cards, most people ask, can they use a debit card? And the answer is simply no. why? Because if you use the debit card then you will be opening your personal account to hackers who are just waiting with their mouths wide open.

  • Be aware of good deals. If an online ad is offering you a chance to get a really good discount on three items then there is a high chance that the items are not original or they may be stealing from you.

  • Lastly, just use your common-sense and be aware of all that you do online. You are watched and you are susceptible to many problems but it is in your best interest if you stay vigilant and a top of it all.



I conclusion to this very long and quite frankly informative article is that you need to be careful. if you have followed this article then you now know the 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and how to achieve them.No matter what you do you are a weak point for the hackers so you need to protect yourself from online scams and deceit and as long as you can go through with all that you will be able to get. So please read this article with attention and understanding because the main aim is to educate you on the many “what-if” scenarios and all the ways you can avoid those scenarios. Hopefully, this article has helped you in more ways than one and helped you understand the 21 Tips for Safe Online Shopping.

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