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Car dashboard with apple map.
Car dashboard with apple map. (Free Image on Unsplash)

The era of atlaces and big printed maps for each country has already passed when during the journey you often had to ask the locals for the right direction. Today, any map of a city or even a country is replaced by smartphone apps. To find a necessary map, you just need to find a navigation program and install it. Now, developers offer their users dozens of navigation apps, but the question is how to choose exactly the one that will be most convenient and useful for you. We offer a list of top 5 navigation app that we consider the best and now we will tell you why.

1. Google Maps

When it comes to mobile navigation apps, most people immediately think of the well-known and beloved Google Maps. We must assure you that its popularity is absolutely justified, since the app could make up a desired route in a matter of seconds. The constant updating of maps shows the situation on the roads in real time which is a definite advantage over other map apps. Voice navigation makes it easier for car drivers to find the way in a new area. This feature is especially useful when traveling abroad, as it allows drivers to be focused on the road while driving.

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This is considered to be one of the best apps, because it doesn’t require an Internet connection, which means that you can freely use the app even in places where there is no Internet connection at all. Users can download only those maps that they will use during the particular trip, so as not to overload the device’s memory. Maps and all information can be updated when there is internet access. In addition, this app helps to find hotels, banks, public transport and much more in almost any city in the world.

3. Waze

One of the main advantages of the app in comparison with others is an opportunity to unite with the drivers in their region to share information about the dangerous situation on the roads or traffic jams. The app also informs you about a gas station near you with the lowest fuel prices. Developers are constantly updating maps and introducing new progressive features.

4. OsmAnd

The app determines the user’s location with high accuracy, at the same time it plots routes for motorists, pedestrians, as well as for public transport users. The main feature of the app is its ability to work offline. There is also a function to search for addresses and necessary objects, and for this you also don’t need the Internet as well. While driving, the user receives warnings about exceeding the permissible speed if there is any. This app is definitely a must have to help you out in cse a lack of Internet connection.

5. Here WeGo

This particular app has gained its popularity due to the high quality of 3D maps that are displayed in real time by using their satellite. Here WeGo map also has a public transport timetable and shows the entire list of the routes that pass nearby. The most frequently visited places such as shops, parks and cafes can be added to the user’s bookmarks to have quick access to them. Also the app could search for carsharing and taxi services that operate in a specific area and the voice guidance helps to contact them in the fastest way. When choosing a navigation app for your device, focus on your preferences, where you will use it more frequently. Don’t forget to pay attention to additional functions, such as offline mode or voice guidance, they may be very necessary during the trip.

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