Why Wedding-Hashtags for Instagram and Facebook are all the Rage!

You Need These Wedding Hashtags to Make Your Photos Popular

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks available today. The unique part about Facebook is that it is used by people of all age groups. A lot of other social media networks are mostly used by young people but on Facebook there are a lot of people of all ages using the website including the middle aged and elderly demographic. Doing this is incredibly tough but somehow Facebook has managed to do it.

Over the years Facebook has gone through a lot of changes. The website as we know and love it today was very different when it launched in 2004 by a few college students from their dorm room. Now it is a multibillion dollar company with huge operations based in big offices. With determination and hard work the people behind Facebook have made it into the huge success it is today.

With the passage of time Facebook’s functionality has improved and there are more features on the website for people to use. One of the seemingly small features Facebook introduced was the use of hashtags on the website. Hashtags were made popular by Twitter and then Instagram. Hashtags basically allow for different people posting about the same thing to have their posts synthesized into one place so when the hashtag is searched, all the posts which have the hashtag are displayed.

Hashtags work the same way on Instagram. Instagram was founded much later than Facebook (in 2010) but since then have wasted on time in growing and becoming a contender for the most popular social media network and giving fierce competition to Facebook. The performance by Instagram was so amazing and appreciated by the people at Facebook, that they decided to purchase Instagram in 2012 and are now it’s parent company.Thus these two heavy weights are working with one another. In fact if you post on Instagram, you can choose if you want your Instagram posts to be posted on Facebook and if you choose to do so, you can. You just need to enable your Instagram to post on your Facebook for your behalf.

Instagram and Facebook thus are together constantly striving to be better so that the user experience from both these social media websites is amazing and people are more likely to use these social media networks. This is why both Facebook and Instagram are always making changes and introducing features which will make their user experience even better.

What is the Point of Hashtags

A lot of people still do not understand the point of hashtags. They think it is just a fun way to write something in a post which might be an afterthought or in the case of Twitter, people use to consume less characters since in hashtags they can avoid spaces. But hashtags, like we mentioned earlier have a very important function other than saving space.

With a hashtag every single post made about a particular event or person is synthesized into one place. You do not have to scour the web for posts about that event hoping to luck out and finding something; you can do this easily by merely clicking on the hashtag and looking at all the posts which have been made.

But of course this usually works when there is one hashtag for the event and not multiple ones and the hashtag is official; which means the organizers of the event have come up with it and have told people about it.

If these requisites are not met, people will usually come up with their own hashtags or not include any hashtags at all and when they post about your event, you will have a very hard time tracking down posts on both Facebook and Instagram which people made about your event.

So when we talk about your wedding, you definitely need to think about getting wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook so that your guests can include them in the pictures they post online and then you can subsequently look them up afterwards easily by looking through the wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook you decided on for your wedding.

However there are a few things one must keep in mind when coming up with your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook. So keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts which need to be abided by when you are brainstorm ideas for wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Keep It Simple

A lot of times people tend to go overboard and make elaborate wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook. If you do this your guests will be less likely to use these hashtags. Keep them as short and simple as you can so that your guests can easily include them in posts. There is no need to include the entire name of the bride and groom in the wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook since people attending which find it tedious and might be reluctant to use the hashtag at all.

  1. Make it Funny

A lot of times there are some great puns you can come up with when thinking of your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook for the big day. The funnier the better since this way it will become easier for your guests to remember and when it becomes easier for your guests to remember it becomes easier for them to use in their posts.

  1. Unique

You want to ensure that no one before you has had the same wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook since if someone had the same hashtag before this means that your posts will be mixed up with theirs and no one wants that. Make sure you come up with some very unique and never been used before wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Proofread

Make sure you scrutinize your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook so that there are no spelling mistakes in them. One letter out of place could ruin the entire thing since everyone would then be using multiple spellings for the hashtag and it would just be a complete mess. And when you go through the process of looking for these posts on social media by following the hashtag, you will find that only a few of the actual posts made will be available. So carefully proofread the hashtag to make sure there are no mistakes whatsoever.

  1. Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word

One of the things people do with hashtags is that use lower case letters for the entire hashtag. What this does is makes it easier for people to read the hashtag since with the first letter of each word capitalized they can read each of the words individually. A hashtag which is completely in lowercase or uppercase is very hard to read since people cannot easily tell where one words ends and the other begins.

  1. Use Nicknames

A great way to make sure that you are making a hashtag which is totally unique in terms of wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook is to use nicknames in the hashtag itself. This will also make it easy for your guests to use since they will know your nicknames and hence will easily be able to use the hashtags on social media.

  1. Other Personal Details

Like we have mentioned again and again; make sure the wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook you choose are personal to you and hence unique. Include the song you two have chosen as a couple in the hashtags, or the date of your engagement or where your fiancé proposed. Anything of this sort will make a great hashtag which is also incredibly unique.

Tell Your Guests about your Wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook

Okay so you have the perfect wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook but now what? Will you and your beloved be the only two people using them with your posts? No! You need to tell people about it again and again so that they remember your have wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook and use them in their posts. There are a few ways you can remind people about your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Save the Date Card

When you announce your wedding date and send your save the date cards, make sure that you mention your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook somewhere in the card. You could even mention how you want people to use these wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook whenever they post about your event on these two social media platforms.

  1. Wedding Invite

You could mention the same thing as you did in your save the date card on your actual wedding invitation as well.

  1. Wedding Program

You could mention your wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook on your wedding program and ask people to use them when they are posting about the event on social media.

  1. Reception Table Cards

You could have a message written on the reception table cards which asks guests to use the specified wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook for your wedding when they post about your big day on social media.

  1. DJ Announcement

Just to drill the point home as the wedding DJ to make an announcement reminding people to use the official wedding-hashtags for Instagram and Facebook when they post about the event on their social media profiles.

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