Cyber ​​security tips to protect yourself online

There is no doubt that security is essential for Internet users. There are many problems you may encounter when browsing webpages, logging into services or platforms. In this article, 10 keys to improve cybersecurity. We must avoid any problems that may affect us.

The key to improving cybersecurity

Use a good password

One of the basic principles of protecting yourself in a network to avoid danger is a strong and complex password. It must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. If you are unable to follow the first step to protect your self online from using secure password then its better to delete yourself from the Internet.

Also, these keys must be unique, arbitrary, and have an appropriate length. If possible, you should compensate for this by enabling two-factor authentication.

Be careful not to click on attachments.

Various malware infiltrates. Contact us by email with attachments. Be careful not to click. It’s a problem that affects many users when they accidentally click on a file they’ve received, and it’s really a threat.

Always have security tools

We should always have a good antivirus installation. There are many tools we can use every day to protect ourselves. It is free and paid, and can be used with all types of operating systems and devices.

Create frequent backups

Another tip to avoid problems is making backups often. We already know that some threats like ransomware can prevent them from getting into your device and files.

You can avoid these problems by creating a backup copy and back up all your information if necessary.

Download from official site only

Another tip for avoiding cybersecurity issues is the official site. To install the program, you need to make sure you are dealing with legitimate sites that do not offer malware instead of safe software.

Use a secure network

A similar thing is the wireless network we connect to. You need to use a secure network. For example, if you connect to the public Wi-Fi in an airport or shopping center, we don’t know who could be behind it and whether it could collect information from us.

Manage what’s shared on the Internet.

This is especially social media. We must take care of all the information we share. We shouldn’t make mistakes or use it to impersonate our identity that could lead to data loss.

Update everything

Our system is vulnerable several times. It is the developer himself releasing a security patch to fix these errors. We should always apply it.

Link only what you need for your account

If you have an account on the social networks, mails or services we use, we may occasionally link other platforms, other pages to our account. However, this can cause security and privacy issues for us. We always have to deal with these details.

The last and most important thing is common sense. Many types of attacks come from mistakes we make on our network. It is important to manage your browsing, such as not clicking malicious links and not downloading dangerous files.

Written by Casim Khalid

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