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The Ten 10 Free TFTP Servers for Windows!

Searching for the Free TFTP Server for Windows to cater to your IT requirements shouldn’t be as hard as it may seem but trust us many times it is in fact an ordeal. In this article we are bringing you the in detail analysis of the Top 10 TFTP Servers for Windows for personal and professional use.

Free TFTP Server for Windows


You can even download and test run some of Free Trials beneath to get a gist of how a software works and details of its configuration. When you will go through the list, we assure you that you will be able to find the best software that caters to your needs while our list below will talk about every software in details in terms of its manufacturer and product so that nothing is left out when you plan on using the software for long term basis.

Trivial File Transfer Options

The Softwares listed below will let you access other protocols for instance the SFTP (SSH (or Secure) File Transfer Protocol) and the SCP (Session Control Protocol) servers in case you need to have more choices in terms of identifying the best fix when it comes to your systems Security and Storage.

1.     SolarWinds TFTP Server (Free Download)

SolarWinds can rightly be called as the Standard go to tool for management of IT Software and has now launched the latest version for their version that is highly powerful and speed when it comes to uploading and downloading files or when establishing connections with its “multi-threaded” support. It also has the capability of transferring up to huge 4 GB files and can also upload files side by side and hence it definitely tops the list for TFTP Servers for Windows.

list for TFTP Servers


In addition to its multi-threaded support, the software also has IP Address filters and restrictions that can be set to send or receive files for an added layer of security. The tool also gives you a huge SFTP/SCP Server for free which is combined with the Trivial File transfer protocol technology to provide you with strictest of security measures for the components of your network.

2.     WhatsUp Gold



WhatsUp Gold Server is an amazing alternate to TFTP Servers for Windows as they can support huge file transfer protocols up to 4 GB including the associated IP address and the well placed client Restrictions. The server configuration of the tool goes even a further step ahead than the other tools letting you connect to one IP address on a given server or on all of them at the same time providing you an exaggerated control to operate this on any Virtual Machine.

3.     TFTPD32 Server


TFTPD32 Server

TFTPD32 is sort of an old version of the real trivial file transfer protocol server which was manufactured by Cisco however now no more works as it isn’t supported by Cisco anymore. The tool is basically an open source platform that comprises of a huge range of features that are saved inside a single software which includes the following SYSLOG, DHCP, DNS and SNTP, in addition to being compatible with 32bit/64bit devices. TFTPD32 is indeed multi-threaded, and is compatible with tsize, the block size and the time out feature with an amazing compatibility for the latest servers of Windows 2008/2012 and can further run on IPv6.

4.     SpiceWorks



SpiceWorks has launched their own server in recent times and is a great addition to the management tools which run on browsers. This server provides you the chance to make a back up of important files and restore them later in case your configurations go haywire or are removed. They also provide you a comparison of older and newly configured files while it can also push the updates for firmware on all devices which are supported.

5.     Discontinued Cisco TFTP Servers for Windows

This version of Cisco’s software has been discontinued but we are including it in the list in case you wish to see the previous versions of TFTP Servers for Windows. We don’t advise you to use this software because of course it no longer works but it deserves a tribute because it has been an amazing tool of its time. Cisco launched its first ever server back in 1995 which was one of its times along with a trivial file transfer protocol freeware servers that immediately spiked up in the IT Market. It has a highly user friendly user interface giving you choices to access Interfaces, DHCP services, routing protocols and other administrative tools.



However Cisco discontinued this software because it had various vulnerabilities which were easily exploited such as the unauthenticated access to various sensitive files and other sensitive data stored on the servers.

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