The Top 5 of the Best Web Browsers!        

Are you an Apple user and Safari default browser is something you cannot wrap your head around? Even though Apple by default sets all its browsers on their iPad to operate on WebKit still many browsers are accessible that come up to Safari standards and hence will make effective alternate browsers for Apple devices. This article provides a list of Best Web Browsers that will give you a profound and effective browsing experience like Safari and will even let you enjoy Flash supported games and videos online.

1.      Chrome

The most renowned alternative for the Safari web browser definitely has to be the Google’s Chrome browser which is that versatile platform which provides all the users one of a kind browsing experience. This is an extremely fast browser and easy to get acquainted with. The best thing about this is that you will be able to sync the browser with your PC or laptop. Another great tool is that it has the ability to access web pages that you have opened on other devices on your iPad.

Cost: Free

2.       iCab

The iCab browser is created for those users who want enhanced productivity with their web browsing experience. The great prominent tool of iCab is its feature which can upload documents which is a tool that is not available on Safari or other web browsers that can be used on iPad. This essentially signifies the fact that with iCab you will easily be able to upload pictures on your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter without having to download a particular app.

This browser is also useful for professional bloggers who have to frequently upload pictures on their blogs. Moreover, the iCab comes equipped with a download manager with its capability of storing and restoring forms.

Cost: $1.99

3.       Photon

The Photon web browser is a great platform for those users who wish to access the Flash video or want to enjoy games which are supported by Flash on their iPad devices. Even though not ever Flash application will run on the Photon web browser however majority of the famous Flash based app do run on Photon. However all in all, Photon is an incredible web browser and you will not have to go back and forth in between Safari and Photon to enjoy a complete browsing experience.

Cost: $4.99

4.     Atomic

Atomic is another famous name in the list of the Best Web Browsers which comprises of a wide variety of tools and features with an interface that is tabbed, an option for a privacy mode or a full screen option and is also compatible with Dropbox. Atomic can also share iTunes document, block unnecessary advertisements and can save pages so that you can access them even offline. It also has a lock for rotation which is highly useful for when you wish to hold your iPad at an uncommon angle.

You will also be given the opportunity to sync with your own search engine and add your various social media accounts as well. You can access the free version of this browser, try it out for a few days and then can make a decision to purchase it.

Cost: $0.99

5.       Mobicip Safe

If you are in search for a safe web browser which your kids can safely use then the Mobicip Safe Browser should be your choice which works like the Safari browser but here you will be able to put a filter to the websites that must be restricted by age.

This web browser can also safely access YouTube which means you can allow your children to browse across the millions of YouTube videos without having to remain concerned about the content that your kids are watching. The browser also allows you to configure your own filters and keep tabs on the online activity so that you can monitor what your kids are viewing online.

Cost: $4.99

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