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An Introduction to Amazon Echo


World is progressing at a very fast pace, a lot of technology has come in to existence. People are shifting to newer technologies that make their lives easier. Technology has brought ease into people’s lives. Take a look around, what do you see? Most of the things we see are automated now.

The use of human resources are lowered by technology. Machines are replacing humans very fast pace. From computers to machines, these things have lowered the need of humans.

Just like this, the newest form of technology is virtual intelligence. Virtual intelligence is computer intelligence that responds to humans and interacts with them. These are programmed and designed in such a way that they respond to human interaction.

Amazon is a very big corporation that deal with different kinds of stuff on the E-commerce market. Amazon is a technology company that is based in Seattle.

Amazon has come up with different products that are an innovation in technology and the people are using the new technology to the fullest. The advanced technology products by Amazon are very famous among people as they are trendy and useful.

Just like their other products, Amazon has come up with a new, advance and a products that creates ease for the user in their daily life! The product is called Amazon Echo. This became famous among users as it was one of a kind. The Siri by Apple was a new invention and it was loved by people all across. It was kind of a virtual app in the mobile devices that used to help the user operating the device. The user just had to tell the Siri what to do and the work was done.

Just like Siri, Amazon Echo is also a virtual intelligence but is more advance and can do a lot more than just the things that Siri used to do. Amazon Echo is basically a Virtual assistant. That does a lot for its owner. Amazon has put in a lot of research to develop this device.

Amazon echo looks more like a Speaker. This device that is developed by amazon responds to echo, Alexa. These smart features are very responsive and highly equipped. They act like a real life assistant that responds to your voice ad does what is told.

Alexa can also indulge in random conversations with the user. The Amazon echo was first available in 2015. This version was only available to the people who were invited by Amazon.

What actually is Amazon echo?

Amazon echo is initially a speaker that is also a virtual assistant to the owner. The owner can indulge in conversations with amazon echo and ad assign tasks.

The device is very efficient I doing tasks that are told to it, which is unlike of a real life assistant. The owner can tell Alexa, to make notes, play certain music, set up reminders, and call someone. The second edition of the device was more user friendly.

The device was now compatible with other hinges to ad could perform functions such as control of the house if the house is smart home enabled. Alexa, which is another name for Amazon Echo can switch off lights of rooms, turn on or off television of the rooms. Control all the electronics of the room even when the peers is not at home.

The device can also order food when asked to do s such as a pizza. The device also be asked to call a number. More and more features are added to it daily to make the customer experience a unique and an amazing one.

How to use it?

Amazon Echo or widely known as Alexa needs a working internet connection to work properly and efficiently.

The device stores information, controls the home remotely ad also reminds the person if they have certain pending tasks. Alexa is also known for giving Random advices to the owner if they ask for it.

Alexa can be a companion to the owner too. The owner can talk to the device. When the device is listening to the user, a light blinks on the top of the speakers.

To initiate the device the user needs to call out the name that is saved in the device. That usually is Echo or Alexa.

The user can make calls to other users of Alexa by telling their Alexa to call them. These calls don’t need anything but a working internet connection. The Amazon echo can also send text messages and type text messages for the user that they can send to whom so ever they want.


Amazon Echo just like other devices that are I use today also needs software updating. The new software updates are provided by the Amazon so their device functions at its best performance ad is compatible with all the new technologies and we trends.

These updates also remove any bug fixes that the device has.

Privacy concerns

Some of the users of amazon echo are concerned about their privacy as they know that the device can sense that who this by their voice is at home, The company addressed the concerns of the users by clarifying them that the device is only active ad uses all its features when the person says the wake word! The word then wakes the device up and only then it starts recording the voices and sounds to function.

Written by Hina Akram

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