The Top Three Network Diagram Software!

Network Diagram Software usage is crucial to ensure that you have a full comprehension of how a particular network topology is related and can provide a brief overview of what is happening on a particular network. At times, this software will also aid you in visualizing where the network infrastructure has its drawbacks and what essentially needs an upgrade on the network.

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Furthermore, a systematically constructed scheme of a particular network and its connections can prove to be a huge asset when it comes to instant troubleshooting of issues that suddenly erupt on a network. Many of the Network Diagram Software Suites auto update the network topology on fresh devices which are added or deleted from a particular network which reduces down the resources especially compared to when you have manually add and delete devices by your hands.

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In this blog you will find details on Top Three Network Diagram Software packages which are out there in the market for installation with their trial versions as well. So keep reading below and figure out the best of these three for your network.

1.     Lucidchart

Lucidchart has this amazing software offer and recently has been on the top of the list for Network Diagram Software that can instantly make and construct topology diagrams of any network infrastructure. Their software suite comprises of a huge variety of constricted templates that are just readily laid out for users to connect their data to and customize it according to one’s requirements.


In this Network Diagram Software you can simple select an already present diagram so that you will not have to waste time in configuration or constructing one from the get go which will take ages to do so. In addition to this Lucidchart Network Diagram Software has an easily affordable pricing proposal with tons of flexibility in terms of usage and lets you scale multiple users if required.

If you want to read in detail on the Lucidchart Network Diagram Software, then you can access the link given below:

For pricing of the Lucidchart Network Diagram Software, visit the link mentioned beneath:

The software even comes in a trial version period so that you can test it out and  figure out if it sits well with your network and its requirements.

2.     Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper

Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper can serve as a Network Diagram Software which was previously recognized by the name of LAN Surveyor, is in the top running in the market among all other Network Diagram Software present in the market particularly in the terms of its costs. It comprises of a constructed Wizard for Scanning and the diagramming tool lets you begin your network topology drawings ahead of time and then auto scan the newly connected devices with the modifications that a tool makes on a network particularly the compatibility for advanced discoveries on procedures and protocols including the CDP, ICMP, WMI and SNMP in addition to a lot more.

Solarwinds Network Topology Mapper

Costs: It has a FREE Trial period for 2 weeks and then the subsequent price is $1495 from there on.

3.     Intermapper

Intermapper is a Network Diagram Software equipped for network topology mapping and as an excellent monitoring tool that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux giving an in detail view of network set up and its overall performance. Intermapper also has the ability for auto network discovery of devices and then generates diagrams using the live network maps which can be customized to access the IT infrastructure with multiple registered devices, layout choices and the overall background.

Costs: Intermapper’s costs are placed according the amount of devices you wish to keep tabs on. It can monitor almost 10 devices free of cost and the subscription then begins on $303 catering to 25 devices. The device licenses begin at $765 for almost 25 devices.

You can access Intermapper Network Diagram Software official website using the following link :

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