Ultimate Guide To Set Up An Instagram Shop

For all the e-commerce businesses out there, Instagram marketing is really very important. In case you have made up your mind to promote new items or the services your company launched, then Instagram is the vital platform to get help from. Mainly if you consider that over 500 million users are actively participating over here and 50% of them will follow a minimum of one business, you will understand the beauty Instagram holds right now. 

On the other hand, Instagram is all set to expand its business score and move deeper into the world of e-commerce with passing time. Whether it is the constant updates on Instagram Shop or even introducing the present checkout button, it is really clear that these eCommerce stores might risk being left behind or just keep up with the trends Instagram offers. But, before you move forward with it, it is mandatory to know what Instagram Shop exactly is. You need to know how this service is able to help your business grow and how you can set one up.

Learn what Instagram Shop actually is:

Instagram Shop will help you to integrate the product catalog with the profile. This step will allow you to start promoting your services or brand name to Instagram users directly through Stories, post, and even with the help of Explore page. There will be a special shop tab once you start using Instagram Shop.

For example, you will find so many watches and other accessory companies already using the Instagram Shop version. It will show that the Instagram Shop tab will be in action. It will allow the users to visit their profile to see all the items without leaving the Instagram app. Furthermore, if you want, you can use the Instagram Shop tag within your posts in the same way that you might tag a friend. This will add a little shopping bag icon to the given image.

After that, when the users will tap right on the product, they get the chance to view prices of the products, which have been featured over there. They can tap on the labels of the items too to view product pages. You have the right to tag around five items for every image or 20 for the carousel. 

Whenever you tag any image with the products, the content will appear on an exclusive shopping feed located on the business profile. If you want, you can further promote items in Instagram Stories as well. 

More on the product stickers:

You might get product stickers for your businesses, but it is available only in few countries. In case you are based on any of such markets, you are more than welcome to use these stickers with videos, images, highlights, and even some swipe-ups. The Instagram Shop page will feature all that a user needs to know before making a purchase. Those options are:

  • Images of the product and name of it
  • A proper product description to let people know more about it
  • The actual price of the item
  • Link for viewing the product on its original website and some of the related products

Make sure to grab as much knowledge as possible about the Instagram Shop before you start using it. You have to be sure of the company before you buy likes for Instagram. In the same way, learning all the tricks and tactics associated with Instagram Shop will help you to utilize this service to its fullest.

Ways to open up a shop on Instagram:

This might be the very first time when you are planning to set up Instagram shopping. For that, following some major steps are really important, and it is time that you start learning about it.

Confirm the eligibility:

In case the business sticks all the relevant boxes, then you are eligible and can set up Instagram Shopping. So, what are the eligibility criteria, you may ask? Those points are listed below for your reference.

  • The business must be located in a supported market and should work with the eligible item.
  • The business further should comply with commerce policies and merchant agreements.
  • It should own a proper website domain where you intend to sell the item from.

Convert to creator or business account:

There are some steps applicable to convert your basic account to a business one. Once you have done that, you can add all information related to your business, like address, opening hours, link to website, and even phone number.

Connect to the Facebook page:

It is important for you to link up the Instagram business page to that of the Facebook page. There are some steps involved for the same as listed below.

  • Visit Instagram business profile. Select edit profile option, and under “Public business information,” select Page.
  • Then you can choose a Facebook page from the pages that you might want to connect to.
  • In case you don’t have any, select “create a new Facebook page.”

You won’t need any Facebook Page shop, but only a Facebook page for this portion of the Instagram Shopping.

Upload the product catalog:

The product catalog is one major part of Instagram Shopping. There are two different ways to do that, and make sure to learn about both.

  • Catalog manager: It is the DIY method found within the Facebook Business Manager.
  • E-commerce platform partner: It is integration through one certified e-commerce platform partner from Instagram like BigCommerce or Shopify.

Review the account:

After connecting the product catalog, it is time to submit your business account for review by following some steps. This review might take few days to a long time as well. 

Turn on shopping:

After waiting for some time and after getting the account approved, you can turn the shopping feature on. In case you don’t see this Instagram Shopping option, then your account is still under review or didn’t get approval.

Once these steps are done, you can start tagging. There are so many product tags used for highlighting products in videos and photos across stories and feeds. In no time, you will start earning and gain a better customer base through Instagram Shop.


Written by Faraz Butt

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