What is Bot Net?

There are times when you suddenly feel that your computer has gotten slower than its usual processing capabilities? It’s getting stuck for now reason at all? If yes then I might be able to tell you what is happening to your computer.

We might think that the computer is getting worked up because of excessive usage or to may tabs being opened at the same time. This may be the reason in some cases but usually, the main reason behind all this is Bot Net.

Bot Net is basically a tool that the hackers use to get into our computer systems and get control of what’s happening. Now you will be thinking that I am wrong as you have an antivirus installed, right? But I would like to inform you that I am still right!

Bot net is a secret software that is fraudulently installed in a computer but fooling the user in to opening a certain page or a document that leads to it being downloaded in to your computer!

This fraudulent software may act as if it is some useful and a legal software that may help the user or is there for the protection of the computer device. In reality this software is only there to take control of the user’s personal files, data, and personal information.

This downloaded software pretending to be legal ad original will provide easy access to the hackers and malware developers. These people will the remotely and quietly install Bot Net Enabling Softwares.

This article will guide you all on what Bot Net is and how you can avoid it from infecting your computer or your PC.

Let’s look into what Bot Net is

The Bot Net is basically an intrusion software that after being downloaded systematically configures your PC in such a way that it is set to get instructions from any hacker or Malware developer. This gives this person a complete control of the device.

This process may start from the time you purchase your PC as the person who sold you the device may be a part of this whole scheme.

You read that absolutely right! There are some electronic sellers who not only infect your PC but then earn money by simply selling off your device. The rights and control of your device can also get compromised to any hacker who has enabled Bot net software in your device.

Now the hacker or the cybercriminal can use your device to plan out attacks on other devices in the nearest vicinity and also do the same to them

This can be puzzling to the brain. This situation is identical to someone getting the ownership of something that you know without you knowing it. Someone getting the ownership of your possession without your consent.

The best example of this in normal terms can be of someone selling your vehicle without your knowledge while you just parked it somewhere! The worst part about all this is that the real owner won’t know what is happening until its too late.

A normal Bot Net software and system works on multiple Bot new devices that are connected together or are in the same vicinity. These are controlled by a central command unit or one hacker that controls these devices.

These devices then work together and attack a single target to also be controlled by a particular Bot Net. Such attacks are knows as the distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

These Bot net Cyber Criminals have access to all the documents and files of those users. They are often found blackmailing the users who are attacked in order to extract money from them. The poor people who are attacked have no choice other than to come to terms with what the black mailer wants.

How can we stop these hackers from victimizing our Computers?

Following are some of the common prevention strategies that you can use to prevent these hackers from infiltrating your computer.

  1. Invest in a Malware-Specific Scanner

There are plenty of Antivirus programs that are present in the markets. These programs target small viruses like Trojan and are not specific to locating Bot Net. Bot Net is difficult to locate and find as the hacker that is controlling it is also working of hiding it from these softwares.

Many of these virus scanners are not for locating Scareware and such types of malware software. The free anti-virus programs also do not offer protection from Bot Nets. One should be wise enough to invest in these softwares that enable bot net protection.

  1. Try using a “Second Opinion” Scanner

Bot Nets are rather difficult to find as they are being constantly being relocated by the main person. The people should be aware of the harms of the Bot Net and put in extra effort to protect themselves from the harms of Bot net. They can do this by taking another step towards protection and installing another scanner. What this will do is that it will improve the chances of it being located.

  1. You must always beware of the Fake Anti-Virus Software that you may install

When you are trying to install an anti-virus software of an anti-malware software be aware of the fake softwares because the main way for the Bot Net cyber criminals to get their selves installed in a user’s device.

When you are searching or such a software you are more likely to stumble upon a software that isn’t real! They are focusing on this strategy so intensely that they have created the company site just as same as the company and there will only be a slight difference of a dot maybe to confuse the user to download their software. Confusing them to think that it is a real one.

From this it is pretty evident that the user should first do an extensive research about the software they are intending to download on their devices. This will minimize the risk of Bot Net enabled softwares to make their way into the users softwares.

Written by Hina Akram

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