The Top 14 Valentine’s Day E-Card Sites!

Love, is one of the most pure and genuine emotion which has had all of us to our knees at least once and what better way to express it then on Valentine’s Day.

If you have your significant other at a distance then e-cards are the best and one of the most exciting ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and this article will cover the Top 14 Valentine’s Day E-Card Sites that you can access for the best e-card collection.

  1. Ojolie

Out of the many delightful ways to express love, one of the most famous one definitely has to be the “Japanese red-crowned cranes’ dance” with their one of a kind swan like gliding movements; it is simply sensational. Ojolie is that website where you will find Valentine’s Day E-Card inspired by the Japanese dance, filled with romance and love and simply a delight to watch and send.


Even though you will have to pay to become a member of American Greetings but take our word that it will be worth paying for as the site contains the best collection of Valentine’s Day E-Cards.

  1. Jacquie Lawson

Access the most special collection of Valentine’s Day E-Cards at Jacquie Lawson inspired by chocolate made Labrador made further special with romantic music and flowers of course!

  1. Katie’s Cards

One of the best and most interactive collection of animated Valentine’s Day E-Cards can be accessed on Katie’s Valentine’s website- a platform all about spreading love, affection and intimacy!

  1. Punchbowl

A card built on impeccable imagery and graphics can simply add the cherry on top of the cake in terms of celebrating Valentine’s Day via E-Cards. Punchbowl is that website where you can find all such E-Cards and will give your loved ones one of a kind of a memorable experience without  paper.


Sarcasm and humor are what make our lives wonderful and fun filled and if you access the platform of you will be able to access the most sarcastic Valentine’s Day E-Cards just amped up with romance and nothing less!

  1. Paperless Post

Simplicity and sophistication can just make your Valentine’s Day extra special just like your significant other and Paperless Post is that exclusive platform where you will be able to personalize your E-Cards including their envelopes which can then be sent via email or by post even!

  1. Leanin’ Tree

Leanin’ Tree is definitely that E-Card site which you can fully lean on to find the best Valentine’s Day E-cards for your significant other.


Out of all the languages, graphics, images, poetry, the most intricately designed E-Cards for Valentine’s Day can be found at

  1. Hallmark

Hallmark is that name which needs no introduction definitely and once again the best quality Valentine’s Day E-Cards can be easily accessed here.


If you have time and wish to comb through an endless collection of vintage style Valentine’s Day E-Cards then you have to stop over at the platform of

  1. JibJab – Valentine’s Day E-Cards

JibJab is the site where all the fun is along with the sweetest form of love expression where you can create your own JibJab Valentine’s Day E-Card for your significant other. This is that platform which lets you pay attention to those tiny details that can make thing just a tad special.

  1. Awkward Valentines

As the name suggests, Awkward Valentines E-Cards are not awkward at all in fact are quite daring and can be easily sent via email.

  1. JustWink Cards

Whether are an anti-Valentine’s Day person or someone who loves Valentine’s Day, you definitely need a card. Don’t worry not every card on Just Wink is sarcastic but all are designed with care to express love in the most purest of forms.

Written by Cybil

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