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We are pretty sure if you have lived and breathed on the surface of this earth, you would know what leather jackets are. In a rare case where you are not well aware of it. It is a jacket made of processed / tanned animal skins. This is to be worn on top of your regular clothes for saving you from extreme weather conditions. Let us look at the history of leather jackets, where were the jackets that we wear today originated. Leather jacket in the form that we wear today were first created for US air force pilots to save them from severe temperature drop in cockpits while flying high altitudes. This was in first world war era. Those jackets used to be called bomber jackets for obvious reasons. The name got so popular that you can easily search, find and buy bomber jackets today as well. Fighter jets and more so fighter pilots have always been a symbol of style and when those guys wore leather jackets it was destined become a popular fashion wear.

While the idea of fighter pilots wearing leather jackets made it popular, these jackets were yet to see their bigger jump in popularity. Back in the second half of 20th century, when heroes like Harrison Ford (in Indiana Jones), Tom Cruise (in Top Gun and many other movies), people went gaga on leather jackets. Those leather jacket designs still sell like crazy after decades of when those were first worn. In 1950s when Marlin Brando wore a leather jacket specially for motor bike in The Wild One, it gave way to specialized biker leather jackets. Honor Blackman wore it on various occasions including The Avengers and made women’s leather jackets more famous then it already was.

In modern day, leather jackets are worn both for fashion and protection besides obviously saving from extreme weather conditions. Initially stylish leather jackets used to be a completely different category from the protective leather jackets. However, the difference has diminished over time and jacket manufacturer has responded to this trend. Previously biker leather jackets were very thick and rough looking, but over time bike leather jackets manufacturers such as wearostrich have made biker jackets a lot cooler and betters.

Leather jackets add fascinating diversity to any person’s wardrobe. If you are fashion conscious then you can never have enough of wearing your leather jackets. You just need to pair those leather jackets with your outfit and need some hacks to look cool. Normal Leather jackets can be used as top and you can pair it with a simple T shirt along with a nice pair of jeans. You can pick up a popular design or something you remember from long time ago and get your own custom leather jacket designed with changes to the design you have in your mind, WearOstrich is expert in fulfilling such requirements of customized jackets.

Another excellent feature of leather jacket is that it will never look old or go out of fashion. So you spend a little more compared to normal / other types of jackets, but you get to make a style state for year and years.

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