Challenges with Friends to Keep You Entertained

Challenges with Friends

How do you spend quality time with your friends? Do you go hiking and swimming? Do you go down to the beach or have a nice picnic? How about a nice game of football or volleyball? What do all these activities have in common? They’re outdoor activities. And for outdoor activities, you need the weather to be on your side. But, what about the days when the weather is not favorable for such activities? For instance, during the winters. What do you do then? Well, you look for alternatives; activities you can do anywhere, regardless of how the day is. Need some ideas on what to do? Look through the list of challenges with friends we have compiled for you. Some of them will excite you, other will amuse you, and some may even disgust you; but, they are all sure to lead to a lot of fun.

Banana Sprite Challenge


image for Banana Sprite Challenge

We begin our list of challenges with friends with one that comes in the gross category. How does the challenge work? Well, you first need to eat two bananas, which is then followed by drinking a liter of Sprite quickly. The idea behind this challenge is that the two foods don’t mix well together and will make you throw up. Whether that’s because of some chemical reaction or the combination is just plain gross is up to you and your friends to find out. Either way, this will be a fun challenge.

Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Who doesn’t like getting makeovers with their friends? If you haven’t bonded over makeup with your friends yet, you’re missing out. However, worry not, because we have something to make the bonding experience unique and really fun; the blindfold makeup challenge. It is exactly as it sounds. You blindfold yourself and attempt to apply makeup to a brave volunteer from your friends. Multiple people can do the challenge and then judge each other’s work of arts according to creativity, accuracy and whether it can be considered a masterpiece worthy of being compared to a Picasso painting.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

One of the oldest and most widely played challenges with friends is the chubby bunny challenge. If you don’t already know what it entails, allow us to explain it. You simply need a couple of bags of marshmallows, pop one open and put a marshmallow in your mouth. Then, say “chubby bunny” with the marshmallow still in your mouth. Now, keep on adding marshmallows into your mouth and repeating “chubby bunny” until you are no longer able to. Challenge your friends and see who can hold the largest number of marshmallows in their mouth and still be able to say “chubby bunny”.

Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

We have all heard about the diet Coke and Mentos experiment; you add a Mentos in a bottle of diet Coke and watch it shower everywhere. Well, this challenge is a little more extreme. You start by putting a whole lot of Mentos in your mouth. Then, as you may have guessed, you drink some diet Coke. When the minty freshness meets the gaseous goodness of diet Coke, what results will remind you of your middle school experiments with volcanoes.

Gallon Milk Challenge

Do you like milk? Well, if you do, you’re probably going to steer clear of it for a while after this challenge. As the name suggests, this challenge requires you to get a gallon of milk. Now, there are two versions of the challenge. If you want to take it easy, you can try the one in which you have to drink the gallon of milk in under one hour without throwing up. If you think you have a strong stomach, and a good stamina, you can try the extreme version where you must finish the gallon of milk in under a minute. However, we would recommend that you stick with the easier version to stay on the safe side of things.

Ghost Pepper Challenge


image for pepper challenge

Love spicy food? Well, you may change your mind after trying out the Ghost Pepper challenge. You simply have to challenge your friends to eat a whole Ghost Pepper. Think Wasabi is spicy? Wait till you’ve tried a Ghost Pepper. Now, although it’s not the spiciest pepper, which is actually Carolina Reaper, the Ghost Pepper can bring anyone to tears.

Mouthful of Water Challenge

Perhaps the most fun challenge of all challenges with friends you can undertake, the mouthful of water focuses on one thing; laughter. You start off with filling your mouth with water. Then, your friends try to make you laugh. They can use any method they want, but cannot do anything that requires physical contact, such as tickling, or jumping out at you to scare you. However, jokes, anecdotes, YouTube videos, and all other ways to make someone laugh are on the table. Challenge your friends to do it and see which of your friends can keep their water in the longest.

No Thumbs Challenge

Let’s take a break from all the food challenges with friends you can do. This one is all about making your thumb completely inaccessible for the whole day. You simply have to challenge your friends to not use their thumb for anything the whole day. You can make sure they don’t use it accidentally by taping their thumbs to the palm of their hands. Make sure you don’t plan on doing any cooking or anything that involves machinery.

Oreo Face Challenge


Oreo Face Challenge

Now, back to some more food challenges with friends. This one involves everyone’s favorite cookie; Oreo. All you have to do is eat a single Oreo. But, there’s a catch; you cannot use your hands. You have to turn your face up to the ceiling so the Oreo can be placed on your forehead. You then proceed to eating the Oreo without using your hands. Challenge your friends and see who can do it in the fastest time.

Popsicle Stick and Cup Tower Challenge

Time for a challenge that makes you use your brain and your creativity. Get some popsicle sticks and cups. Now, challenge your friends to make a tower using only the sticks and cups. The person who makes the tallest tower, that stands up freely, is declared the winner. You can get more creative and think of other things to build the tower with as well.

Powdered Donut Challenge

Back to some more eating. All you have to do is eat five powdered donuts as quickly as possible, without taking a sip of water. Think it’s easy? Well, try it and see how hard it gets when your mouth dries up. If you think the donuts are too much for your diet, you can switch them out for saltines. See which of your friends completes the challenge in the fastest time.

Raw Onion Challenge

Well, this challenge may sound easy compared to the ones above, like the Ghost Pepper one. You may think it’s easy because you like onions, but you’ll change your mind when you have to eat a whole one raw. Again, the friend to eat it in the fastest time is the winner.

Say Anything Challenge

Perhaps one of the easiest challenges is the Say Anything one, since you don’t need any material for it. All you and your friends need to do is say out a random word. The next person says a word that starts with the last letter of that word. Anyone who hesitates too long, repeats a word that has already been said or says the wrong word is eliminated. Last person standing is declared the winner.

Shabby – Chic Food Challenge

A fun food challenge, that isn’t gross or makes you throw up, is the Shabby-Chic food challenge. You buy a variety of food items, in two versions; one is the cheap kind while the other is the gourmet kind. Then, your blindfolded friend tries them both and has to guess which is which.

Silence Challenge

Thought not using your thumb for the whole day was difficult? Well, try going the whole day without saying a single word. Challenge your friends and make sure they go in public at least once during the challenge. The person who holds out the longest wins.

Smoothie Challenge

Back to another gross food challenge; the mystery smoothie. Write down a few common smoothie ingredients on slips of papers and put them in a bowl. Then, write down some disgusting ingredients that should never be in a smoothie and add them in. Each of your friend has to pick out 4-5 ingredients that they will use to make their smoothie, the more disgusting the better. Winner has to finish their smoothie completely, every last drop.

Wasabi Challenge


Wasabi Challenge image

Tried the Ghost Pepper challenge and want something similar for your next adventure? Or something easier? Then, try the Wasabi challenge. Simply, eat a whole spoonful of Wasabi in under a minute.

Watermelon Challenge

Time for some messy fun that involves eating a watermelon. What makes it a challenge? Well, you have to do it in under two minutes, with your hands tied behind your back.

Wendy’s Challenge

Bored with all the basic food challenges? Want to try something new? Then, order everything on the 99 cent menu of Wendy’s and eat it all! The person to eat it in the fastest time wins. Also, anyone who throws up is disqualified.

There you have it, a whole lot of challenges to keep your and your friends entertained. Have some of your own challenges with friend you think people can have fun with? Go ahead and share them!

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