Know Your Slang: What is TBH and Rates?

TBH Rates

Abbreviations or acronyms were used to help shorten larger words in order to quicken a conversation. They helped in writing in order to save time and effort as well as space. For example, WHO is an acronym for World Health Organization. Similarly, NATO is another acronym that stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. While that is the basic use of various acronyms that you can find in a dictionary, the internet has begun a certain twist on the use of acronyms. On the internet the meaning of acronyms and abbreviations remain the same however, they have turned into trends. These trends and new acronyms are rarely found in formal dictionaries, but they are global. Did you know that the longest slang acronym is ” LMAOROTFBTCSTCNDBFOOTWIFOAGWLLBGWTHROOTSAIAKBAYB”. Yes, it does exist! This acronym stands for “Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor, Biting The Carpet, Scaring The Cat, Nearly Dying By Falling Out Of The Window In Front Of A Guy Who Looks Like Bill Gates, Who Then Horrified, Runs Out On The Street And Is Accidentally Killed By A Yellow Bulldozer!”. Boy, that was a lot! but you do not need to worry about this. Because in this article we will be focusing on the more common acronyms in slang language that you can find all over the internet; these two slang abbreviations are TBH and Rates. So, what is TBH and Rates? Well, for that you will need to read ahead!

TBH Rates

Back in the day, slang words and acronyms were something that you made up with your group of friends. We’re sure you used some sort of symbolic term or abbreviation for talking about something or someone openly without revealing anything in your days. Well, we certainly have! However, these days are the days of social media and internet. And, the internet holds the largest number of teens as well as “tweens” which basically is a slang for individuals in their 20’s. Among this age group, acronyms and slang words are the most popular and from that list we have TBH and then we have Rates. We will first begin talking about TBH and move on to Rates. There is of course, a connection between TBH and Rates which is a must to know if you wish to learn what is TBH and Rates!


TBH is an abbreviation that stands for “…to be honest”. TBH has now transformed into something that is used positively or get closer to someone you know or wish to know. When answering what TBH stands for then, we need to look in both directions. In that case then, previously TBH was used to express a sarcastic opinion, comment or observation. For example, if on social media you see a picture of a person who recently burnt their hair while treating them with an iron, you might wish to reply with something sarcastic. In order to do that then you may begin your comment with “TBH It’d be really nice if you stop posting everything you do on the internet”. While we’re on this subject then, we should begin with a brief list of different versions of this type of TBH. The abbreviations are different but the meaning remains the same. Although, TBH is the most popular and used abbreviation over the internet:

  • JMHO (Just My Humble Opinion)
  • FWIW (For What It’s Worth)
  • OTHO (On The Other Hand)
  • JBH (Just Being Honest)
  • TBPH (To Be Completely Honest) and so on…

While sarcasm is one shade of TBH, TBH is now being used for other reasons and the intensity has toned down along with it. You must be seeing a lot of TBH picture posts on Instagram and TBH statuses on Facebook. Well, the common thread behind these two platforms is that TBH here stands for complimenting someone you are following or are friends with. For example, if you are on Facebook you might see various Facebook profiles uploading  a status that states “Comment below to receive a TBH in your inbox or Facebook wall”. Once you comment, you may receive a post on your wall that positively compliments you such as ” You seem fun and confident and I love your dressing style!”. Well, on Instagram TBH is a little different. Many users would post the following TBH posts:

  • Like for a TBH
  • Comment for a TBH
  • Follow for a TBH


Basically, on Instagram when you like on a TBH post from your feed, you receive a like back on your most recent or any other selective post. Similarly, if you leave a comment on a TBH Instagram picture, you receive a positive comment on your recent post. Lastly, if you may like the post or simply follow the profile in order to receive a follow back. In this manner then, TBH on Instagram helps in increasing your activity and popularity.  It is important to note here that if you do not receive a like, comment or a follow in return that means that is a subtle way of the Instagram post holder for not returning the appreciation simply because they do not wish to or cannot find something good to say in return. Well yes, while its nice out there on social media, it is also harsh and you do not need words for that. We have answered the first half of your “what is TBH and Rates?” query. Now it’s time to move on to understanding what Rates is.

Rates is another trend set my social media users and it is fairly recent. Here is a scenario that can help you grasp on Rates quicker:


“You see a post on Instagram that says “Like to receive Rates in your inbox or comments”. You wonder what it is and in hopes of finding that out, you do as told; You like the post. Then you move on with scrolling your Instagram feed in order to find anything interesting. In the back of your mind still, you wonder what Rates is and why so many of your followers and following are posting pictures with “Rates” typed on them. Right in that moment then you hear a ting. You check your inbox to see who sent you a message. There it is, the message in your inbox by your follower/following. And, it says “Your TBH rates is 7!”. You sit back thinking hey, what is this 7 for? Well in this moment now, you are utterly confused and you wish to leave your embarrassment behind and straightforwardly ask the person what it means!” Well, to answer that then, you must know that mostly Rates goes with TBH. Rates simply means that if you like or comment on a post that says “TBH and Rates” or just “Rates” you will receive a subjective rating in your comments or inbox. This rating stands in between 0 till 10; the closer it is to 10 the better it is. And, if the closer you are to 0, well then that is going to leave you with some shattered confidence. But what does this rating really mean? These Rates basically are the “honest” opinion of the other person regarding your Instagram profile’s recent post. Then, if the post is received well, you will get a rating in return that is higher in numbers. Say you recently posted a picture on your Instagram regarding your misspelled name on your Starbucks order. The post is suppose to be hilarious with comical caption. After posting you move on to viewing what other people on Instagram are up to. When you see an Instagram post that says “TBH and Rates” you immediately like that post and after some time, you receive a good rating on your recent funny post. Whatever your post is going to be about, this is what is TBH and Rates!

Instagram and any other social media application is all about boosting your likes, comments, followers and friends. While TBH and Rates might have stood for something else, they now have a  different purpose. When answering what is TBH and Rates for someone else now, you should always remember to mention that TBH and Rates are basically the internet’s strategies for becoming popular on social media. While these can be brutal, they do work for many individuals. We hope we we have helped you in understanding what is TBH and Rates by the end of this article. Now, you do not need to feel like an outsider when you see everyone in your list posting pictures or statuses with TBH and Rates. If you ever become part of a group where individuals post their pictures to get a rating from other members on Facebook or any other social media network, you should know that that is another version of Rates and TBH.

TBH Rates

Well now that you are aware of what is TBH and Rates, use these wisely. And, if you wish to stay clear of TBH and Rates and the drama it can bring in your life, you’re allowed to! After all, knowing what something means is just enough to get by!

Written by Clarice

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