How to Access Facebook Homepage Full Site from Mobile Phone

Life is full of amazing yet awe-inspiring stuff. What makes this article say that? Well, my love, you are clearly looking through rose-colored glasses if you are seeing the world as a bad place where everything is wrong. Life is wonderful if you just decide to see the positive over the negative and you make sure that the version of the world you want to see involves a lot of small gestures and kindnesses. One of those kindnesses is the simple fact that someone decided that you could access Facebook through your phone. But the question remains How to Access Facebook Homepage Full Site from Mobile Phone?

The question that you so desperately want to know and I’m assuming you want to know about it desperately because it helps boost my confidence and write good material, is explained in great detail in this article. You are told about the many, different feature that you can and will be getting through this additional feature that is helping you become so apt with technology.

See the thing about technology is that it keeps getting advanced and we know you probably already know how to do this stuff but it is my sworn duty to actually help you get the basic understanding so that, you know, when you have to explain it to your parents you can take help or reference your material from this article. That’s it.

How to Access Facebook Homepage Full Site From Mobile Phone

Now, this is the part of the article that you most need to know because this is the one that will help you get through the whole process of going on your phone and getting the app. Now this is not a long procedure and what you need to do is follow this article and you will be using Facebook Homepage Full Site on your mobile in no time.

You are being provided imagery and pictures which will help you get access to the important information and will help with your memory of the procedure. Let’s see the step-by-step instructions below shall we:

  • Open your mobile and connect it to the nearest Wi-Fi or internet services.

  • Once that is done then proceed to go to Google Play store in an Android phone and the Apple Store in an iPhone.

  • Once you are there proceed to search for the Facebook app.

  • Just proceed to click on install and it will automatically install an update on your phone.
  • Once you have done that then proceed to sign in with your username and password.

  • Click on remember me to save yourself a continuity of trying to put your password in every time.
  • Once that is done you can no freely use your Facebook app on your mobile phone.
  • Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

So, the above-mentioned title and paragraph gave you an overview of what you should do and can do to get access to your Facebook account on your mobile phone. But the real question is being all the features still available and if so, what more features can you get. The time is increasing and the more you use social media you realize that Facebook is the first social media ever introduced and it will always be the prime connection between two people now.

What Other Features Are available on Facebook On Mobile Phone

Now, the major question that everyone seems to wonder and tries to wonder is how and how me how to use the features. It’s quite simple really. All you need to do is either go on the internet and find out all the salient features of Facebook on mobile or you could read this article stating How to Access Facebook Full Site on Mobile Phone.

So, what could possibly be some of the many features that might also be present in the mobile phone version? Well to put it simply there are many and this article will be helping you understand some more:

  • You will have complete authority, as the same one n computer, to add a friend or block them or report them if they are harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Facebook prides itself on supporting people from different communities and from different backgrounds. Diversity and acceptance is a motto that now Facebook tries to live by.

  • You also have the feature to go through someone’s profile and one feature that you may get more in the mobile phone app is that you will have the simple idea to not be able to set your picture or see someone’s profile with the “Set as” or “See as” menu.

These among the much more are some of the very few features that have been explained to you. Trust the article as there are more features that might just get you addicted to Facebook.

What Is Facebook?

Now, of course, you are aware of what Facebook is and what it is meant for but really. What is the purpose of this amazing social media website that revolutionized connection to people all over the world? So, what is the origin of this amazing website? So, the simple history of this website is quite interesting and it would do you great and the most amazing thing you can do is to search for it but don’t worry, you will be told and explained all of this in this paragraph.

So, this is a non-profit American company introduced by and started by a young entrepreneur called Mark Zuckerberg. Launched in Feb 2004 this social media website took the world by storm. It revolutionized the way people talked to each other. This became a platform for connecting to old loved ones and old class fellows. Facebook slowly became the best thing that ever happened to the millennials and from there on every social media development ha Facebook to thank because it paved the way for them to gain popularity.

Here are some of the many great things that Facebook offers to young, old and children:

  • Facebook is the first social media site that gained so much popularity that it made the creator Mark Zuckerberg the Richest man in the world after Bill Gates.
  • Through this website and late app, it made connecting to loved ones easier even if they were hundreds and thousands of miles away.
  • Facebook gave the people the opportunity to own accounts. Now, this was a big thing a sit gave people a sense of running something on their own. A bit of confidence never hurt anyone so this is something that has managed to help many.
  • Facebook opened doors for social media phenomenon such Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, and sort of paved the way for them to become a part of an exclusive club that offered nothing more than a social media platform where they could share their lives and their words.
  • Facebook also became a huge platform for discussion and advertisement because from a marketing point of view almost all of the population is somehow connected to the internet and the one thing that they do have is Facebook.
  • Major advert companies use Facebook to promote their product because they are aware that the audience that they are targeting is available on Facebook and you will have to worry about nothing more than just seeing great adverts that you may one day want to buy.
  • Facebook also does this thing where they offer the user the adverts of things that they have searched online. The reason for that is that your Facebook login requires a login email and if it is your Gmail then everything that you search will be recorded and you will get to see adverts according to your search history. Interesting no?
  • ­lastly, Facebook also offers the great new feature that keeps getting updated and upgraded so that the Facebook users don’t get bored and there is always a new feature to play with. Recently they have introduced Facebook stories like Instagram stories and many other features that always help.


In the end of this article, it is to be said that Facebook is a legend of its own. The creator thought of an idea that seemed like something that wasn’t possible but he stuck to his plan and went about it. He strived hard and committed more to the plan than anyone else and in the end, all his hard work and love paid off.

Basically, what this article is trying to prove to you is that you need to and can work hard and just be strongly independent and don’t let anyone tell you different. If you’re the scrawny kid in school everyone picks on then you could one day be the boss of all those bullies because you stuck to what you believed in. Just know that the underdog is always someone no one expects to bite back, and so they let their guards down, but when they do bite, it’s a bite to remember.

Be strong and be confident and know that this article has tried to provide you with every information possible but you still need more to go on the internet and search.


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