The Best Free P2P File Sharing Programs!

Millions of users out there make use of the peer to peer file sharing system for free which in its short form is referred to as P2P File Sharing. The Free P2P File Sharing Software Programs and networks are used extensively each day to share video files, music and other documents across the internet. Even though there are many Free P2P File Sharing Software Programs that have been discontinued but other programs have effectively taken their place and this article will discuss some of the top of these software programs.

1.      BitTorrent


The basic and real BitTorrent client was first found back in 2001 and it almost instantly pooled loyal customers from all across the world who had eagerly been waiting for P2P File Sharing Software Programs to be able to share video, movies and TV shows in form of torrent files. BitTorrent is that one of the P2P File Sharing Software Programs which are extensively used all across the world however other alternatives for this such as BitTornado and BitComet also were launched but didn’t get as much of fame as BitTorrent did.

2.      Ares Galaxy

ares galaxy

Ares Galaxy was launched back in the year 2002 which initially was compatible with the Gnutella network and then it supported the Ares P2P network. Ares Galaxy was created to provide a platform for sharing decentralized music and other supporting software for file swapping with the option for a chat room within the software. There is another spin off software called Warez by Ares which is equally famous.

3.      eMule


The eMule P2P File Sharing Software was developed with the aim of constructing an efficient client of eDonkey for free. It instantly gained a huge user pool because it allowed the eDonkey P2P file sharing network connection with others, even though many of their users dropped out when other P2P File Sharing Software Programs were closed. However, in today’s era eMule is compatible with the BitTorrent network.

4.      Shareaza


The famous Shareaza client is essentially a search engines that gets various P2P File Sharing Software Programs and networks connected like BitTorrent and Gnutella. They launched an update for their version back in 2017 however it was disappointing to see that a lot of their client services looked obsolete back from 2002.

5.     All the Rest (No Longer Offered)

The BearShare P2P file sharing program was essentially the Gnutella P2P network’s client. The EDonkey/Overnet was essentially P2P File Sharing Software Programs which were extremely famous all across Europe and the eDonkey P2P client established successful connections with the eDonkey and Overnet networks, which worked together to provide services to a great user demand. A separate Overnet client was also launched a few years ago but its merger was done with the eDonkey, which was then compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

The next is the Kazaa software family which comprises of the series of Kazaa Lite software programs for supporting the FastTrack P2P network which has been the most famous out of all the P2P File Sharing Software Programs ever since 2000s.

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