Funny Instagram Bios Might Just Be The Key You Need For More Followers

Because funny Instagram bios are what make people follow you!


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media network which allows users to upload photos or videos to the internet. Instagram is solely for people to share their visuals in terms of pictures or videos with the world. On Instagram you can follow people and look at what they post as well. Instagram allows users to not only like but to also comment on the pictures that other people they follow post. This makes Instagram a great way to show the world what you see. Instagram is a great way to spend a few minutes, scrolling through the dozens of pictures people post daily. From pictures of ones breakfast, to a selfie on vacation to memes; people post all kinds of things on this website. It is a great application which helps you keep up with everyone with minimum effort. You can find out who is on vacation, who has had a new addition to the family and who got married; all by looking at posts made by the people you follow.

Other than that, Instagram has recently added the stories options. You can post pictures on your Instagram story and it will disappear after 24 hours. However, with a new feature, you have the option to save the story and archive it to your profile so people can see them any time they want and they never disappear from your profile. This is a pretty neat feature especially if you love your Instagram story for the day and want it up on your profile forever. Hence, Instagram is not only fast changing but also adapting and making for new features to retain and entertain their user base.

Significance of an Instagram Bio

Funny Instagram Bios

One of the most important things on Instagram is how many followers you have. The number of followers you have is directly proportional to how successful your Instagram profile is. Thus everyone on Instagram is always trying to increase the number of followers they have. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a lot of followers is by working on your profile overview. The most important aspect of your profile overview is the bio you have.

Your bio will help a lot of people decide whether or not they want to follow you. Thus it is very important to have a good bio. Statistics show that people love to follow those with funny Instagram bios. Hence having one of those funny Instagram bios might actually pay off and help you gain a ton of followers!

Thus writing down one the few very great funny Instagram bios found on the website, you might find that you will get a lot of followers. Now there are multiple ways you can go about writing one of those funny Instagram bios; we will provide you both with tips and sample funny Instagram bios you can use for yourself. Read on to find out what we have in store for you!

Write Funny Instagram Bios for Yourself

One of the first things you need to be wary of is the fact that even if you choose on of these funny Instagram bios or write one yourself, it must be true to your brand. There are people with funny Instagram bios who are not at all like that in real life and chose the bio to get more followers. Moreover their content is completely different from the tone of their bio hence it makes it very confusing for those who follow them based on their bio.

Hence you need to make sure that the funny Instagram bio you consider are true to your brand. This means they should not be overly ridiculous just because your wanted the funniest bio you could think of, they should be reflective of the humor you already have. If you favor dry wit then go with a bio that has the same tone, if you are more goofy then you should choose a bio which reflects this. Everyone has a different sense of humor hence the funny Instagram bios you look at and choose should all be the kind of humor you like and regularly use.

The first thing you need to figure out is what type of account you want to have since having funny Instagram bios is a better idea for those who will not have serious or somber accounts. Once you have figured out the kind of content you will post on your Instagram account, you will slowly start to get ideas about what kind of bio you want to have. If you posts will largely be of your pet cat, then maybe a funny quip about your feline friend or if you want to dedicate your Instagram to your meals then a good joke about a healthy appetite might be needed. Thus figuring out your Instagram ambitions and future is what will help you decide one of the funny Instagram bios everyone seems to love.

The next thing you need to consider is what kind of followers you want. If you want people of all ages to follow you, including young children make sure the humor you use for the funny Instagram bios is not vulgar or in any way inappropriate for  a child. However, if you want to make sure your account is limited to only adults then you can definitely use profanities and dark humor; whatever floats your boat and is true to your brand.

Self deprecating humor is an incredibly popular form of funny Instagram bios and is a recurring theme in a lot of funny Instagram bios. But again, there is a line between self deprecating humor and flat out insulting yourself; make sure you tread this line with care and do not cross it at any cost. No one wants to follow someone who lacks self confidence and actively ridicules themselves harshly. Make sure your humor for your funny Instagram bios is light and funny not dark and gloomy.

However, if you still find yourself confused by all of these instructions and still find that you cannot write a good Instagram bio with the tools provided to you on your own, you can read on and find some pre-written funny Instagram bios which you can use for your own Instagram profile.

Funny Instagram Bios

Funny Instagram Bios

Now that we have covered all the bases and given you the tools to write great funny Instagram bios for yourself, you can do so as you please. However, if you still require a little bit of help then that is what we are here for! In this portion we will provide you with some great funny Instagram bios which you can use for your Instagram profile and then watch as your follower count steadily increases!

Here are some funny Instagram bios you can use:

  1. I don’t know what I am doing.
  2. Following the yellow brick road is overrated, follow me instead!
  3. Click the follow button and it will magically turn blue!
  4. Brace yourself for awesomeness!
  5. I have an Instagram now.
  6. Bio? No thanks I like Chemistry better.
  7. *mic check 1..2..3..*
  8. Hello Instaworld!
  9. Follow for pictures of my food and stuff.
  10. We both know you want to follow me.
  11. Oh hi stranger!
  12. Will you just keep stalking me or follow me already?
  13. Will I destroy my life and ruin it completely? Stay tuned to find out.
  14. Food and felines.
  15. Following the norms is overrated, follow me instead!
  16. What do I write here?
  17. I don’t want to impress you but if that happens, well great!
  18. I post for validation
  19. If you like my oldest post, I will only take it as a compliment
  20. You can live vicariously through me
  21. Living my best life
  22. Hannah Montana conspiracy theorist
  23. Some days my selfies are a 10 other days there a 1
  24. I know I post a lot of selfies but I am not a narcissist
  25. My selfie game is strooong
  26. Like my bio is the thing which will make you follow me
  27. Pretending I know something
  28. What is the word limit to this thing? Can I just keep on writing about myself and go on and on till my heart is conten….
  29. My mom says you should follow me
  30. My dentist loves my posts
  31. Person who finds the hidden messages in my picture wins a prize!
  32. Gosh darnit! I don’t want to be in the internet.
  33. This is a plea for help.
  34. Look at me pretending to enjoy my life!
  35. My Instagram is better than my sisters
  36. Thank God you can’t smell pictures
  37. I work hard on my Instagram aesthetic
  38. Please ignore the rubbish
  39. Idk man, I’d follow me
  40. God bless the Instagram filters!
  41. Caution! Images may make your hungry!
  42. Try not to fall in love!
  43. My mom’s Instagram is better than mine

With these amazing funny Instagram bios and tips on how to write them, you can gain a lot of followers. If not that, you can surely make people who come across your profile smile with your wit. If you use Instagram wisely, you can surely make your Instagram profile a hit amongst many people.

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