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Instagram Blog

We often hear the word “Blog” around us. You might have friends or family members who talk about starting a blog, maintaining a blog, earning from their blog and so on. In part of your regular conversations with your friends, you might hear them mention they follow a certain blog religiously or criticize certain blogs. But what exactly is that? Here in this piece of literature, you will find out what a blog is, What an Instagram Blog is, How to set up your own blog, Types of blogs and How can you promote your own blog. So stick around to learn!

Instagram Blog

Primarily, a blog is a webpage or a website that is discretely published at certain time periods of days, months and so on. These webpages consist of conversational, casual and informal style of discourses that consist of a main major theme. Some of these blogs might even consist of more than one theme. These entries are often called “posts”. Blogs began appearing back in 1990’s and today have become an important part of social media. These blogs can be written by an individual or a group of authors. Certain companies are solely made for the purpose of maintaining a blog and earning from it. These days many schools, universities, businesses, firms, banks and so on have their own blogs.


Now, you do not have to make certain sum of payments to get your own blog started. You also do not have to stick to one single and specific website to begin a blog. You can turn your own social networking accounts in your blogs. They’re free and once you get them popular, you can begin to earn from something you like doing!

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Social media platforms include a plethora of social networking sites. So many that once you begin to count them, you’d need a million more finger tips to do that. But, the most popular of these sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Keeping up with the theme of discussion, Instagram is a photo and video sharing application which began functioning back in 2010. In seven years, Instagram has gained a mass of accounts and users. To stay updated, they have added the features of chats and sharing your daily story on your profile.


Surely, you have an Instagram account. If you don’t, you can simply create one in less than 4 minutes! And once you do, you should know that your own Instagram personal profile can turn into your blog! When you decide to make an start using Instagram, our advice is to begin with an Instagram account instead of an Instagram blog. The reason is that beginning with an account, you will gain experience. You will have the chance to refine your skills, find a common theme of what you would like to post, gain followers and popularity. Once you are there in the middle of the process and have the confidence, you can turn your account into an Instagram blog. Doing this, you will start a blog that has already gained a lot of attention! The blog world is tough. If you are not original, you don’t have a story to tell, your posts do not show off your skills, you are basically running into a disaster.

You might think- “Hey, if I am going to turn my regular Instagram account into an Instagram blog I might have to pay an amount for the converting process.” The reality is much more easier. You do not have to give up a single penny! Instagram is not just a platform where you share photos from your gallery and gain likes. You can use it to be a blogger, build your brand, get people to know you and you do not need an official website to sell your theme.

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We’re hoping that we have cleared out all your Instagram blog misconceptions. So, here’s how you can turn your Instagram account into your own blog. It’s not a very technical procedure. You will simply change the name of your account to your new blog’s name. But, make sure the name is not already taken or plagiarized from someone else’s blog. Then, you can change the category of your account. After that you will introduce your blog in the biography section of your page to viewers. Once done, you can begin to change the content of your profile. Start sharing posts from your blog and you’re good to go!

You might wonder if you really need to change your regular Instagram account into an Instagram blog. Because you can simply do this with your Instagram profile. But turning it into an Instagram blog with get you access to a lot of Instagram perks. You can own your page and get an earning out of it. Once your blog is successful you can buy features at very low rates. These features will show your viewers which posts are purchasable. They can also pin these products. That means that they can share your posts on Pinterest and that will help you gain even more followers. Of course, these are very few perks out a whole never-ending list. But investing into your own Instagram blog will take you a long way.

So now that you have decided to switch to Instagram blog or are interested in the idea, what are some types of Instagram blogs? Well we can talk about the themes forever but we’ll mention a few for you. Your Instagram blog can be about food, photography, visual art, beauty products, marketing, crafts, clothing, personal shopping, home decoration ideas and so on.

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A food blog will basically consist a whole ton of picture of your food. When you post your food pictures, make sure they are eye catching, crisp and well lit. This way you will be able to gain attention of your viewers. Photography blog will mainly consist of photos that you will take and show your skills. These photographs, if done right, can be sold to your viewers. Visual art will basically include posts about your graphic designs. Whereas, a blog specifically made to share beauty products can promote certain make up lines, include picture tutorials, recommendations, daily health routine and so on. Your viewers will be happy to follow your advice!

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A marketing blog mainly includes posts that promote the products you like and stick by. It will also include critique based posts about bad experiences with certain products. Once you get a follower base, you might get contacted by various products and receive them in order to promote them! A Craft blog will include posts about the DIY products you make and you can sell these to your viewers. You can also include picture tutorials to help your viewers make these crafts themselves.

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A clothing Instagram blog will mainly consist outfit of the day pictures, Ideas about seasonal wear, how to pair clothes, what’s best for various body types and so on. A personal shopping account will mainly show your taste in various products that you think are best and not so best. This can include health care, technology, decorations, clothing and so on. If your taste is liked, you might just get hired as a personal shopper for someone famous! Lastly, a home shopping blog will contain posts about various home decorations, how to stay in style, manage small space, buy luxury homes at low prices and so on.

You can decide whichever type of blog you wish to build or how many blogs you wish to own. But, you must religiously follow strategies of promotion in order to remain new news on Instagram. And you must post on your blog every now and then to maintain your viewer frequency. Some of promotion techniques are very basic. These include:

Instagram Profiles

  • Make sure your posts are clear and make a statement without any words.
  • Make use of hashtags. Each post should include proper and a good amount of hashtags.
  • Take part in popular Instagram hashtags every now and then. All you have to do is make a post and type the hashtag in trend and you post will be part of that.
  • Make sure you add pictures of yourself to engage the audience. It gives your viewers a hint of you and helps them relate more.
  • Price your products appropriately.
  • Make sure your posts are not plagiarized. Nobody likes to appreciate something that was stolen from the hard work of someone else.
  • If you get messages from your followers, make sure to respond with a friendly tone and clear out their queries.
  • You know how Instagram lets you post stories? Well, make sure you have one almost everyday so that your followers can relate more and know about you and your identity.Instagram Blog

We know that starting your own blog is a hassle. Calculating whether or not it will be successful might just discourage you. But, never be afraid of giving it a try. And if you fail, try again. Because once you set it up, it’s going to help you for as long as you keep up with it! The last tip and very crucial advice that we’d give you is- be different and maintain your own edge. Build your own brand that has a hint of your personality. In a world of red flowers, be a different color!

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