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When social media first began to be used by the public, there were not a lot of things that were asked of the users to allow the social network’s team to confirm identities and to know that the person who has created an account is really genuine. You must have noticed statuses on your social media applications by your friends which suggest that if they get a request to follow or become friends with someone with their name, they should not accept it and instead these accounts should be reported. The fact is, you do not know who has made the account and whether people are who they say they are unless you meet them in real life and verify their account to you by sending you a friend request or follow you using their account right in from of you. There have been numerous cases where some jealous ex-partner or a jealous friend wishes you evil and then used your pictures and name to generate a fake account and play on your reputation. This trend can easily be noticed on Facebook as well where there was a whole controversy regarding how easy it is for people to create accounts where the information does not even belong to them. You need to keep your friends safe from such scams as well. These fake accounts mainly pretend to be you and then they ask your friends to share personal information to find a way to hack them as well. And so this chain goes on and on where you and your friends suffer from anxiety and the hackers and the scammers take pleasure in being success with their unauthorized access of your account and unauthorized use of your information. So, what can be the possible solution to this problem? Getting verified by the social network’s team that you are using. If you are a Twitter user then, we can help you with our article because here we will reveal to you how to get verified on Twitter to keep you and your friends safe from all the cyber trouble and crime that comes with the ease of access of the internet. Without any delay then, let’s get into learning ways to get verified on Twitter.

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Now Twitter deserves its own introduction before we move ahead because this social media application has been with us for such as long time. It has been about 11 years since Twitter began its operations. This application which was first a website began in 2006 and was founded by Jack Dorsey and others. Twitter initially began as a platform for people where they could share the news headline with other people without getting into the lengthy details. However, Twitter was also announced as a social media platform and so other types of messages which are called “tweets” became famous on Twitter too. You might use Twitter to check important news headlines from your favorite news channels that have an account on Twitter but you also use this platform to check on your favorite politicians and celebrities and public figures as well. Other than that, you as a user can also use Twitter to post tweets that are funny and amusing and you can easily become famous on Twitter. All these famous accounts can also earn on Twitter by taking part in Twitter campaigns that market new products and new movements. Other than that, you can simply have a separate account for yourself that just markets your brand, your fame and so on such as YouTube famous people who are on Twitter! These tweets are what sets Twitter apart from Facebook which also has the option of sharing statuses. Now on Twitter you get 140 characters to use and share what is going on in your mind. These characters also include spaces, commas, apostrophes, full stops and so on. However, this 140 character rule was restricting the fun for many Twitter users and so it was increased to 280 characters to all Twitter users who tweet in different languages except those who tweet in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Twitter now also allows you to chat with other Twitter accounts however, the tweets remain the main essence of Twitter and today Twitter has gained millions and millions of users from around the world. Now Twitter has the option that allows you to get verified on Twitter because there has been an increase in fake accounts on the internet overall. You do not know who is who unless they have the verification mark next to their Twitter name. So, how do you get verified on Twitter?

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Now Twitter is the best place if you are trying to find an area where you can stay connected with other people in your life, your favorite channels, shows, organizations, brands and so on. But you just might want to get verified on Twitter so that other users who follow you and whom you follow understand that you really are the actual deal; the original person and account! If you notice a blue colored badge with a white check sign in the middle next to a public Twitter account that simply means that the person got his or her account verified by Twitter and so this account is authentic. You need to follow this guide if you wish to get verified by Twitter yourself. If you are a popular brand or a person and so on, you can easily get verified on Twitter. Otherwise, you need to notice the following prerequisites before we move on. Because you are going to get a few things in check before you enable the verification process by Twitter. Once you have confirmed the following checklist, you will have the Twitter verification badge with your Twitter name and profile:

  • The first thing you need in order to get verified on Twitter is a phone number that is working and is registered under your ID card which means it is legit.
  • After that you should also make sure that you have confirmed your email address that you used to create your Twitter account. This is that email address that is linked to your Twitter account, organization or brand.
  • Then you need your biography section on Twitter to be filled completely so that the account appears legit and it gets verified.
  • The profile picture that you use for your Twitter account should also be present and it cannot be the Twitter egg. It has to be uploaded by you.
  • You need to place a header photo that will be representing you or your brand to Twitter. This will go in the Twitter header area and you should not leave it empty.
  • After that, you should have a date of birth provided on your Twitter account and it needs to be associated with it. This is an exception if you are a bran, organization or a company.
  • You need to have your own website running and up there on Twitter.
  • The tweets that you post should also be available to be viewed by the public and you can change this by going into your Twitter tweet settings.
  • Lastly, you need to make submission of a valid ID card that was issued to you by your government such as a passport, a license and so on. This will confirm your request and Twitter will delete this after everything is done.

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There is also a small list of conditions that you must meet in order to be able to get verified by Twitter:

  • Now if you are using a personal account on Twitter that is representing you then the name you will use should either be your real name or a stage name.
  • If you are representing a company on Twitter or a brand and so on, your Twitter account should reflect your registered name.
  • You need a profile picture and a header photo that is actually relevant to you and represents you instead of anyone else.
  • Your biography on Twitter will express your intent, your expertise, why are you here and what is your mission and so on.

After all these additional tips, you will get all the help you need to be more likely to get verified on Twitter and get your badge. Twitter can ask for any additional information so be ready for that. It is best if you give them what they ask otherwise your chances to get verified will decrease. Now if you have decided to get verified on Twitter, you should be logged in to your account and request the verification. You will fill out a form that is specifically for verification request and then you will get an email from Twitter regarding the submission. You can request this verification again after a period of thirty days when your request is denied. They can also ask you to edit some parts of your profile or add more information. So, you need to follow these instructions if you really want the verification by Twitter.

That is all there is to getting verified on Twitter. We hope this happens to you soon!

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