How to Improve Your Macbook’s Performance

Do not fret too much if your Macbook has been performing slowly. You do not need to think about buying a replacement as there are multiple ways to improve the computer’s performance.

Some people neglect to take proper care of their Macs and have to face the consequences later. If you are in a similar position and would like to get more out of your current Mac model, the methods below should help you.

Keep Enough Free Space on the Drive

Running out of disk space is quite easy, particularly on a Macbook that has an SSD instead of an HDD. The latter is great for the overall performance improvements, but it offers less storage.

There are a few things to do if you want to maintain enough free space on the computer’s drive. First of all, keep tabs on temporary junk data. Perform scratch disk cleanup by getting a utility tool that removes caches, plugins, app extensions, and other temporary files automatically.

Besides temporary storage, you should also delete old applications and downloads you no longer need. It is also worth mentioning cloud storage and external hard drives or memory sticks, especially if you work as a social media manager and create a lot of visual content. After all, a computer data management strategy does not have to revolve around removing files from the Macbook permanently. 

Declutter the Desktop

If you are looking for something else to remove from the picture, then how about the Macbook’s desktop? Each icon on it has to be rendered by the system when you switch between the tabs. 

Some will say that keeping app shortcuts and important documents on the desktop is more convenient. However, this convenience puts a strain on the Macbook’s performance. Therefore, you should relocate the desktop files and have a clutter-free Macbook desktop. 


Quit Redundant Background Applications

Launch the Activity Monitor if you are uncertain about currently active Macbook applications. It is important to note that a computer has a finite amount of resources, and if these resources are mismanaged, do not expect optimal performance.

Limiting background applications will also improve the battery lifespan. If you find yourself having to plug the Macbook’s charger all the time, make some changes.

You may find an application that consumes a lot of resources. In case there is an opportunity to replace it with an alternative, do not hesitate and do it. For example, if your current internet browser needs a lot of computer memory, try different browsers and find one that is more resource-friendly. 


Clean the Dust Inside

Cleaning that dust inside the Macbook is a bit tricky. Those who have no prior experience should probably leave the work to professionals. Take the laptop to a computer service store and pay money to have them clean the dust. It will cost, but you will know that the Macbook is in good hands.

The dust that accumulates inside leads to internal hardware problems. You should get in the habit of cleaning it regularly instead of waiting until it becomes too late. Once you notice that your Mac is overheating or the sound from the internal fans is too loud, get to cleaning.

Consider Investing in New Hardware

Investing in new Macbook hardware is tricky since not all models are compatible with hardware additions or replacements. Besides, new hardware is not cheap, and spending money on it may not be worth it in the end.

At the same time, if you have no problem with buying new hardware, and your Macbook model allows for a change, then go for it. You can even wait for the next holiday season when computer components become cheaper, thanks to ongoing sales.

Some of the most popular Macbook hardware changes include extra RAM, an external graphics processing unit, and replacing a hard drive with a solid-state drive. 

Check the Macbook for Potential Viruses

Do not underestimate minor malware, especially when it comes to protecting your Mac. Even these can cause significant harm to the computer. If you are not careful, the issue can snowball out of control and leave you with a poorly performing Macbook.

You may read that Macs are not that prone to viruses, particularly when compared to other computers. There may be some truth in that, but you should not rely just on the default antivirus software and Firewall.

No, be smarter about your internet browsing habits. Avoid shady URLs, install an ad blocker extension for your browser, and stick to virtual private networks, especially when you connect to free public Wi-Fi that lacks the necessary security protocols.

Do Not Miss macOS Updates

Think of macOS updates as more than just receiving the latest features. An upgrade could be the difference-maker between a good Mac performance and a lackluster performance. OS updates introduce performance and stability improvements in addition to the most recent features and security patches.

Written by Faraz Butt


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