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Best Instagram Filters


Instagram filters are best for your photos as they provide best editing features and a lot of different features for different kind of photos. They can make a huge difference to yours photos which would cause your followers to like your photo and leave a comment on it. Instagram filters can varies according to the location and providing you best possible experience and if you are not good at photography still these filters comes handy.

The most popular Instagram filters of 2018 are here , we’ve come up with a list of the absolute best Instagram filters to be applying to your photos. Out of the 24 filters currently available for Instagram photos, these are the top 10 you’ll want to start using more often.

Valencia: Add Warmth and Light by Bringing Out the Yellows

For a slightly toned down photos, but warm and bright look, you can go with Valencia. This filter corrects the yellow hues of your photo, making it a great choice for when you want to bring out lighter, paler colors.

Use This Filter When:

  1. You want a very warm, welcoming overall look
  2. You want to brighten and highlight lighter colors


Aden: Calm the Highlights and Bring Bold Colors Down a Notch

Aden is one of the best instagram filters that can correct all the  bold colors, making them gentler on the eyes. Highlighted areas are also softened for an effect that’s much less harsh, but still a pleasure to look at.

Use This Filter When:

  1. You want an overall calm, relaxed look that appears almost vintage
  2. You love the colors, but want to add a slight pastel tint to them


X-Pro II: Ramp Up the Contrast for a Real Eye-Catching Photo

X-pro 11 is not a tool to mess you with as it provides a crystal clear picture. If you want your photo to be noticed! This filter has the highest contrast and can provide the best lightening effect. Shadows become a lot darker and colors become more vibrant, making every aspect of the photo look totally exaggerated but in a good way!

Use This Filter When:

  1. Purposefully going for a very unnatural look
  2. Intensifying darker areas and colors

Normal Filter

The best Instagram filters is often no filter at all and natural lightning and result of the camera and provide you best quality photo. Nowadays the Normal “filter” is the most popular choice among Instagrammers because the filter trend simply isn’t what it used to be and can provide you a best quality picture. These days, many people tend to prefer looking at natural, realistic photos rather than something that looks oversaturated and distorted in color and natural photo is the best photo

Mobile device cameras have also come a long way, meaning that photos and videos look as good as ever. In addition to that, Instagram now has built-in editing features so users can manually adjust things like the brightness, contrast, structure and more without overdoing it with the application of a filter.

Use This Filter When:

  1. You want to maintain a natural look
  2. You want to manually make adjustments via the editing options
  3. You’re in a rush to post


Juno: Make Those Colors Really Pop

Another instagram filter is  Juno which is  for an intensely eye-catching look. This filter corrects the contrast and vibrancy of photos by adding cooler tints to blues and greens while heating up those reds and yellows. If you want to really bring out the colors in your photo, Juno is a great choice.

Use This Filter When:

  1. You want warm colors to stand out
  2. You want cool colors to be vivid
  3. You want brighter areas to glow nicely


Ludwig: Intensify Red Hues While Diminishing Other Colors

Ludwig is the best instagram filter for bringing out all the red hues in your photo. All other colors including yellows, blues, greens and even pinks are diminished while the saturation on reds are increased. For a filter that puts a pleasant emphasis on red, this filter brings a warmer, lighter look to your photo.

Use This Filter When:

You want to downplay the vibrancy of most colors with the exception of red


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