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When you upload something on social media, your posts have to be appealing. Because social media applications are not just there for your convenience. Of course , f you are someone who is not on social media to take part in the unofficial post competitions with your friends, family and even random people around you, you do not need to worry about them. However, with increasing day by day exposure to social media, you wish to be part of it. You wish to post something that is liked by people around you. You wish your posts were talked about, shared and appreciated as well. However, you might begin to think that in order to do that, every social media user except you is an expert in Photoshop and other editing programs. While they might just be that, most people are not born with those skills. Most people know the right tricks and turns instead. If you wish to be one of those, then read ahead and surf and search through our Instagram filters list to take your game up a notch!

Before that, you should know what Instagram is! Instagram is an application that was launched back in 2010. This application which is now owned by Facebook, Inc. as of 2012 has a unique turn on what social media was about. While other applications include a higher focus on chatting and instant messaging, this application allows users to simply upload pictures, videos, stories and so on of themselves, their daily activities and so on. The best part is, they barely have to use words. Their posts do the rest for them! Instagram also does not include a friend list as yet. Instead this application includes following and followers. Instagram holds some of the very popular Instagram accounts that are the shine of other social media applications as well. How did they get where they are? Apart from their skills and hard work, there is another trick that you can try as well. To find out, move forward!

When you are in the process of uploading something on Instagram, you will notice the option of editing. Clicking on it will take you to the world of best Instagram filters. If your posts or pictures are not professionally taken, you do not have to worry. Because these filters with a wide variety were made for that very purpose. Believe it or not, these filters can get you more and more likes, followers and popularity on Instagram eventually. So, if you are inconclusive about using these filters, you should not be and move on with this article to know about some of the very best Instagram filters from our descriptive Instagram filters list. And, in case you are doubting if you could make it big on Instagram, you should not. All you have to do is make your pictures Instagram worthy. For that you do not have to pay extra sum of money just to access the best editing software programs. Because Instagram already has the best of the best editing skills you can use at the touch of your screen! Swipe left or swipe right, whatever you choose will help your posts last!

Your Instagram Filters list begins from here!

Instagram filters list is endless. With more and more updates you get access to more and more filters. However, we have come up with our own list of existing Instagram filters. This Instagram filters list might not consist every single one of them out there, but we have managed to catch, detect and add as many as we could for your convenience!

  1. Clarendon
  2. Juno
  3. Sierra
  4. Valencia
  5. Normal
  6. DogPatch
  7. Ludwig
  8. Hudson
  9. X-Pro II
  10. Lark
  11. Kelvin
  12. Ashby
  13. Aden
  14. Nashville
  15. #nofilter
  16. Normal
  17. Skyline
  18. 1977
  19. Inkwell
  20. Willow
  21. Sutro
  22. Brooklyn
  23. Aden
  24. Slumber
  25. Moon
  26. Gingham

If you are someone who loves a bright and lit up picture of yourself or anything that you have captured with your phone you will love Clarendon. This most used Instagram filter tops the Instagram filters list. With the right amount of contrast this filter gives your Instagram picture a professional look without any hours spent on manual editing. Second topper of our Instagram filters list is Juno. This filter can add an essence of vintage to your pictures. Are you posing for a 1967 inspired wardrobe? You will love Juno!

Sierra is another unique Instagram filter. This filter takes you back the memory lane. Remember when your parents snapped pictures of you at the lake back in the 1990’s when phone cameras were non-existent? If you wish to turn a 2010’s picture around, you will love this Instagram filter. Like it’s name, Valencia is another popular Instagram filter. Valencia is most suitable when you have taken pictures of nature around you. It brightens up just the right colors from your pictures and if you have not been able to capture the true colors of nature, this will do it for you!

Are you obsessed with taking selfies all day every day? Well if you are obsessed with the natural look, you should opt for using the Normal filter. You must have come across the #Nofilter hashtag on Instagram even if you are a new user. Your pictures will look their best without any high or professional level of editing! True selfie lovers do not have just one option. Selfie loves are advised to apply DogPatch, Ludwig, and Hudson to their pictures as well! Ludwig has dual qualities. While you are advised to use this filter with your selfies, you can also use Ludwig for taking pictures of the architecture around you. That’s because this filter is capable of adding lightness and darkness to just the right places.

On the other hand, if for example, you are taking a picture of the clouded moon above you. It’s bright and it’s dull at the same time. However, your picture does not look the exact same. In that case, you might want to opt for X-Pro II. This filter is at its best when you wish to have a bright and dull contrast picture, especially if the brightness is in the center of the picture. This just helps highlighting the spirit of the picture!

From our Instagram filters list, you must also play around with Lark. This filter works by creating layers in your pictures. It not just enhances one part of the picture but each and every aspect; the white sky, the hint of the city covered by the large part of the natural forest!

If you love standing out in your pictures especially on days when you are best dressed and fashion forward, you might want to go for Kelvin. Yes, Kelvin is a warm and yellow toned filter that makes your snap of you or other products look the most attractive! If you are not into the results of Kelvin, you can also take your fashion snaps up to the next level with Ashby, Aden, Nashville, and/or #nofilter. It’s best if you play with these filters a little till you get a result that appeals you the most.

However, if you are a food blogger or simply love adding pictures of your food to your blog, you should locate Skyline from the Instagram filters list now. While you can use this retro looking filter with any picture you take, if you apply this to pictures of your food it would look even more appetizing than it already is! If you wish to make your pictures capture the retro style, you can also use the 1977 filter! Other than Skyline and 1977, filters that go well with food pictures on Instagram also include Inkwell, Willow, Sutro, Brooklyn, Aden and Slumber.

Ah yes, some days colors are just not in trend. Who does not love going black and white at times? After all these tones can make the pictures even more professional looking and scenic without any strokes of multiple colors! If black and white appeals you, you should use the Moon filter from our Instagram filters list!

From our Instagram filters list we have pulled out another filter for all those out there who love the feel of vintage in their pictures. All Gingham does to your pictures is taking out a few highly bright colors and adding some dullness in just the right places. Your pictures then turn out to look classy!

Of course when we talk about our Instagram filters list, we mention various pros of many types of filters. Once you get used to them, though, you do not have to follow them as they are. You can take the risks with your pictures and apply a filter that is not known to be applied for that particular category of snaps. And in the end who knows? Maybe you will have your own version of best Instagram filters list. All it takes is exposure, practice, courage and willfulness!

Instagram now has different types of filters. These filters include various comical effects that you can add to your pictures in addition to the previously mentioned Instagram filters. While these Superzoom filters are best for selfies, the classic Instagram filters can be applied to anything you capture. We hope you enjoy!

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