Learn How to Delete POF Account Once and For All

How to Delete POF Account

What Exactly is Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a great website where single people go in hopes of finding their perfect mate. There is a huge trend these days of online dating. And like the name suggests, there are plenty of fish in the sea and it is always a good idea to explore your options. People who join dating websites tend to be on multiple dating websites at the same time. So there can be many reasons why someone would need to know How to Delete POF Account; they may not like the website or they might just have already found their soul mate do not need anymore online dating.

Plenty of Fish always aims to make perfect matches and hopes to help all of its members find a match and subsequently find true love.

Your POF Account

When you set up your POF account you need to provide the website with several information. Your name, race, age, country and more are asked for. Once you set up your account you need to set up your profile. In your profile you must add a picture, your likes, dislikes and a short introduction for yourself. This helps the website find a mate especially for you. This way the people who might have similar interests to yours can find you and connect with you. The POF profile is largely customizable and users can do whatever they please with it. A lot of people find the liberty to write a introduction of whatever length they want incredible since a lot of other websites tend to give a very small word limit to your introductions.

Issues with POF

While Plenty of Fish is a great website, like all websites it also has some issues. Below are some reasons which make Plenty of Fish a website that a lot of people might want to leave considering that there are multiple websites out there these days for online dating.

  1. Connection

The issue with Plenty of Fish that a lot of people face a lot of times is that the website is down quite a lot. The servers at times tend to get overloaded which means that you might not get access to the website. This ruins the experience for everyone involved and can be incredibly frustrating. This combined with the fact that there are so many dating websites and even apps available nowadays people feel that they can just delete their POF account and make an account on a new website for online dating.

  1. Profile Pictures

A very big factor in deciding whether or not you want to date someone is their physical appearance. If you cannot see their face then you do not have the best idea of what you are going to get. This can be a big deal breaker for a lot of people. Online dating is already a little scary because pictures can be deceiving but when there is no picture at all, it is even more risky. One of the negative of Plenty Of Fish is that it lets users upload any type of picture for their profile. This can be a picture of a flower, or a cat or basically anything. This is incredibly frustrating for users since on a dating site you would expect that the person would have a picture so you could have some idea. Having no picture is a total deal breaker.

  1. Men to Women Ratio

The ratio on Plenty of Fish for men to women is incredibly unequal. This means that there are a ton of more men on the website then there are women. Which has lead to women on the website being inundated with messages from all sorts of men. This disparity is very frustrating for men as they do not have as many possible mates as women do. Thus a lot of men find themselves wanting to learn How to Delete POF Account because the response rate from women is incredibly low. This means while women get a ton of date requests, men will see that they have little to no successful matches where the women who they have been matched with have replied to them.

  1. Upgrade

One of the most frustrating things on Plenty of Fish is that people who pay for the services get priority. So if you have a basic user account, your profile is not on the top of any search and you will miss out and have very little responses to your profile. Hence Plenty of Fish’s paid premium service is supposed to be better however not everyone can afford to make payments for a dating service website. This is also a downside for the website since there are a lot of website which offer dating services for free and generate revenue through adverts as most websites do.

  1. User Interface

The user interface for Plenty of Fish is incredibly basic and does not leave much space for creativity. The website is incredibly basic so young people especially might find it tiresome especially considering that there are so many other options that people can choose. As dating websites and applications go, there is a huge variety hence if a website does not seem worth it and drab, people will feel the need to leave it.

Options other than Deleting Account


There can be many reasons why you might feel the need to delete your Plenty of Fish account. This may be because you have found a significant other already and hence do not need your social media dating profile. But before you search How to Delete POF Account you should look at the alternatives you have.

This is because once you find out How to Delete POF Account, there is no turning back. You will not be able to retrieve the account and if you want to use Plenty of Fish again for dating services, then you will need to set up a completely new account on a new email address.

So one option you have which a lot of Plenty of Fish users use, is to hide your account from other users. What this does is hides your account from people and it is almost as if your profile does not exist on the website. A lot of people use this option because they might be dating someone but since they are not sure whether the relationship will pan out they do not want to commit to deleting their account permanently since they might need it in the future. Hence a lot of people choose to just hide their account rather than make the permanent decision on deleting their account. Thus before you go searching How to Delete POF Account, make sure you are making a solid decision which you will not go back on since there is no way to retrieve the account.

Once you have decided to go ahead with deleting your account and now want to know How to Delete POF Account then here is the perfect guide which will help you do so. The steps are to be followed exactly.

The first thing you have to do is go to the link where you will find the page which leads you to the page where your profile will be deleted. Your query of How to Delete POF Account will lead you to this place:

The assumption Plenty of Fish makes when a users is wondering How to Delete POF Account is that they have already found a partner thus have no need for a dating profile anymore. In lieu of this, the website wants you to fill out a ‘Relationship Assessment’. This is a scale which aims to measure what worked and what did not. It also provides tips and tricks needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Filling the assessment is optional and not at all mandatory. And is your choice whether or not you want to fill it.

You will need to provide the website with your username, password, reason for deleting account, how many dates you went on with other Plenty of Fish users, and whether you would recommend the website to other people. Once you have given all this information to the website, you will click the red banner which says ‘I quit/Give Up/Delete Account’, once you press this your account will be history.

Plenty of Fish does not make it easy for users to delete their accounts, they will try to convince you to stay at every step of the way. This is because once you delete your account, this action is irreversible and hence will need to make a new account. This is one of the reasons Plenty of Fish is adamant and do not want users to delete their accounts among other reasons as well.

Now you have the complete information on How to Delete POF Account and can do it with ease. If you hiccup at any step just follow the instructions and you will surely be successful at deleting your account.

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