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How To Delete Your Twitter Account?

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We create social media accounts so we can stay in touch with our friends. We also create a social media account if we wish to follow our favorite celebrities in the cyber world because that is part of their daily life. We also create our social media accounts when we wish to start our own e-commerce without spending extra amount of money on exclusive websites. Similarly, we create our social media accounts because we wish to entertain ourselves. There are endless accounts, pages and entertainment groups out there with all for laughs content. And, so we also make social media accounts if we wish to be popular. If we wish to share our talents, our creativity, our beliefs, our theories or to discover about us completely! Because social media is a platform where you meet various people from around the world. You get to interact with your existing friends but you also get a chance to meet new people. But sometimes, that purpose and the hidden reasons why we created a certain social media account is not met. This can really disappoint you. For example, you could be someone who joined Twitter to begin typing funny tweets and gain Twitter fans. After all, Twitter is for the most clever of us all and becoming famous on Twitter even gets you shout outs from your favorite celebrities! But the world does not always work out in your favor. You have now spent endless days on working with your Twitter account but you fail each time. This has led you to decide against your agenda. And now, you simple wish to delete your Twitter account. If you are sure about your decision or even if you think you might decide against your Twitter account in the future, read on ahead and find out how to delete your Twitter account with us!

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Twitter is a social media application which was launched approximately 11 years ago from now. This American based social networking site was usually made for sharing news content and important headlines. However, soon Twitter gained more and more users and the purpose of Twitter was modified. While it still holds many news channels which tweet important updates, it has become a platform for celebrities and important political figures to share news, updates, send out shout outs and share their beliefs or support for a phenomenon. Whereas all of this might sound very serious, Twitter absolutely has a fun side to it as well. On Twitter, many clever individuals are able to make you laugh within three lines of sentences! With rising success, Twitter launched itself in many countries while it already had users from various nationalities. But, Twitter then made itself available in multiple languages for the convenience of its users. Now, if you do not understand English language, you can still access Twitter. All you have do is pick your first language. Twitter is free of cost and open to public. It is now headed by its CEO, Jack Dorsey who has been able to keep the legend of Twitter strong till this day. Statistics show that by 2016, Twitter experienced 319 million active users per month (Not even a year!). What’s more? When US presidential elections were held in 2016, Twitter became the largest source for breaking news. By 10 p.m. (Eastern Time), approximately 40 million tweets related to elections were sent out!

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So, why is Twitter actually popular among its users? Well, on Twitter you do not post statuses. Instead the messages you share are the main focus of your Twitter activity and they are known as “tweets”. Originally, Twitter restricted your tweets to only 140 characters. When we say characters, it includes the pauses, commas and space bars too! By November of 2017 however, Twitter increased its character to 280 for every language with the exception of Korean, Chinese and Japanese. On Twitter, you have to be registered in order to be able to post a tweet. If you are unregistered, you have the option of reading and viewing other tweets. But, you cannot indulge in any activity. When you do have a Twitter account, it allows you to type your own innovative messages, like other tweets, re-post old tweets, share tweets that you like, post pictures and videos as tweets and so on. Twitter is accessible by its webpage, its official applications for Android, iOS and windows and then by SMS (Short Message Service) as well!

On Twitter, you do not have friends. Instead you have followers and following. These are your ways of getting subscribers and subscribing to others. When you do this, it allows you to access Tweets by people you want immediately in your news feed. Now, what type of content can you find on Twitter? You can find everything. You will find people using Twitter to share their travel experiences, random everyday experiences, product reviews, marketing their products, celebrities and social media stars asking their followers to view their latest video, movie or interview, running a business, spam and pointless blabbering! Sadly, the news content on Twitter has decreased over the years. With that, the use of Twitter hashtags has increased and you can now take part in many Twitter trends- You must have heard of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” show edition. This basically includes celebrities reading aloud hate tweets for the first time!

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While Twitter can never bore you, you can definitely have plenty of reasons for deciding to delete your Twitter account. Twitter includes a lot of spammers who can fill your Twitter news feed with content you would not like to see. With that, these spammers might also begin to tag your Twitter profile in their tweets to sell their spam. If you were using Twitter to stay in touch with your friends and family, it must have not worked with you. Because Twitter is mainly for the purpose of creating internet fame for yourself. And so, if you were not there for that, you will find Twitter an extra account that you do not require. Other than that, a bad experience on Twitter might also lead to to deciding to delete your Twitter account. Say, you tweeted something funny but before you could get credit for it, someone from your subscribers copied your tweet and used it without your permission. Well, you just experienced a scam. This could really hurt you, because its wrong to label something with your name when you were not even the original creator. After that experience, you wish to stay clear of Twitter and you rarely post anything on it. This can also lead you to deciding against keeping your Twitter account.

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Even if your reason to delete your Twitter account is not mentioned above, you can still move on and follow our guide on how to delete your Twitter account. We would warn you however, that if you are unsure, give Twitter a chance!

Now in order to proceed with your decision to delete your Twitter account, you will be required to open your web browser and pay a visit to through your browser’s URL bar. Once the page opens, you will log in to your account by entering your Twitter username and password. On the right side (top) of your main Twitter page (news feed), you will note a miniature sized profile picture of yours. When you click on it, a list of options will pop up. From this list, scroll down and find “Settings”. When you locate it, click to open it. A new window will open then. At the bottom of your Settings page, you will find a button that says “Deactivate my account”, clicking on this button will immediately deactivate your Twitter profile. Twitter will, however, ask you one last time about whether or not you are sure about your decision. So, if you are you can proceed.

You should note that if you have recently tweeted out anything, you can get a copy of it in your archive. Other than that, when you deactivate your account it does not get deleted for a period of thirty days. So, if you have changed your mind on time, simply log in to your account and save your Twitter account!

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You could get many reasons during the thirty day period that will make you wish you could go back to your Twitter account. Who knows, maybe you got the opportunity to become a freelancer. Your job title now requires you to go on Twitter and promote your own account and your work. Perhaps its a latest travel agency. This way, Twitter might begin to pay off soon!

However, if it is past 30 days and you regret deleting your Twitter account, you have the option of signing up for Twitter again. This will require the same procedure that you went through when you first signed up for Twitter. You will not be able to access your old activity, but you will be able to make new memories! Because Twitter welcomes everyone, even those who leave it behind! Think twice then!


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