PRTG Vs MRTG – Would you take any of them as your Network Monitor?

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Whenever two competing entities are launched in the market, the debate over their perks and drawbacks is something that will never cease to exist and same goes for “PRTG Vs MRTG” analysis but here today we will definitely encourage you to come to a conclusion as to which software you should invest in. Of course every software package has its own perks and lackings as well but we always tend to choose the one that serves our purpose well even if it is the weaker one in the competition.

When digging deep into the comparison for PRTG Vs MRTG, the ability to generate elaborate graphs and trends is simply the beginning, the most crucial aspect of any network management software is its capability of keeping tabs on network infrastructure and then map out the analysis in a way that is easy to read, comprehend and save. For many IT experts and administrators, it is always convenient to visualize the data in form of well distributed graphs to have a better understanding on what is going on in a network or for forecasting improved future network growth.

Seeing a graphical analysis picture for each of these software packages will help us better contrast the differences. The MRTG Software will generate a general graph for each of the network’s ports that you have assigned to assemble data while PRTG will pop up a screen for you from which you can select an interface from any of the devices that you would want to see the bandwidth usage of or its network traffic.





Other major considerations to keep in mind when analyzing the two network software packages is to see how convenient you are at manually editing or configuring files, deleting and updating the documents on a Linux system especially knowing that MRTG does need a Linux to operate but it also has an installer for Windows.

Whatever operating system you select there will always be room for manual update of files for effective configuration of MRTG so that it is able to interface with other network devices. The perk of manual editing and configurations is that it comes FREE of cost. Even though they don’t have an extensive support community anymore, their mail is still active! PRTG on the other side, runs a more defined and streamlined procedure for installing and editing with network auto discovery.

Many studies have revealed that cutting off from MRTG has generated an 80% Cost-of-Ownership cut and this can be the biggest motivation for turning to a paid solution because it supports commercial purposes, comes equipped with already built templates for all network hardware, routers, servers and has a convenient configuration set up procedure.

As far as the pricing is concerned, PRTG is Free for almost 100 sensors and after that subsequent pricing gets competitive and you can access the Download Link Here for FREE. For a better understanding, you can refer to the table below for a side by side analysis of PRTG Vs MRTG.

Comparative Analysis of PRTG Vs MRTG

SNMP Monitoring
Monitor Any SNMP Device
(Pre-Built templates and Libraries for OID)
Network Packet Analyzing &
Netflow Analysis and Monitoring
Network Latency Detection &

(Add-on/Plug-in Required)
Bandwidth Classification (By IP, Source, Protocol, etc)
Custom Scripts/Systems

(Add-on/Plug-in Required and
IP Check Server Monitor)
Windows Compatibility &
Configuration Wizards
Complex Windows Installation and Add-On  Software required
OS Support Windows Linux, Netware, Windows
GUI Configuration
GUI Interface for
Interface can be Customized Graphs HTML
Reporting Tools
(Extra Software Needed)
Notifications and Alerts
(Extra Software Needed
Support and Maintenance
( 1-on-1 Support,
Support by Email and an Active Forum)
Mail List & Gitter Chat
Cost Free for 100 Sensors Free of Cost
Download Links Download PRTG Free! MRTG

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