How to fix the PS4 Error Code?

Bungie’s Destiny makes the fun night for thousands of people around the world every day. Ever since FPS MMO launched it two years back, it has been a major hit and success in the market. The concept of Run-and-gun gameplay combined with the advanced RPG mechanics as definitely allowed a unique gaming breed to evolve for all fans out there. But whether you are playing on Xbox or PS4, you need a strong internet connection to enjoy the exhilarating expedition in full.

However, at times we may face the annoying PS4 Error Code Marionberry which basically handicaps the player, not allowing him to play and will present with multiple obstacles when it comes to identifying the cause. The good news is that there are a few troubleshooting fixes that you can opt for which either involves changing the settings of your game console or checking your network connection.

All in all the worst case can be when there is an issue with your internet router because as the router ages, the hardware can get outdated and will require a reboot or sometimes might even need replacing. If you will not deal with this issue, then the error may begin appearing every now and then. This article intends to guide you some of the most easy fixes that you can apply to get rid of the PS4 Error Code.

1.     Reset Your Router

Internet network is usually the most common cause for the Marionberry PS4 Error Code so we will begin with talking about the internet router. If you simply reboot the router, this may get rid of the issue for you so here is what you have to do:

  1. Log out and then switch off the PS4 gaming console. and
  2. Then switch off your router and give it at least half a minute.
  3. Now switch back your router again and allow all the lights to come back on.
  4. Once everything has settled, reopen the Destiny game on your PS4 gaming console.
  5. See whether the PS4 Error Code has vanished or not.

You may also need to switch off your entire internet services such as disable the internet, switch off the router, and reboot your gaming console etc. If this doesn’t help you remove the PS4 Error Code then the issue may be with some other settings of your network.

2.     Troubleshoot Your Network

The next step is to find out if the Marionberry PS4 Error Code is occurring because of the internet network itself or not. Following are the steps you can follow to be sure of your network stability because Destiny needs a stable internet connection for a quality playtime.

  • See that there aren’t any extra downloads being done in the background which may be interfering with your playtime speed.
  • If you are on wireless network then follow the steps described above to reset your router. Your router must also be present in some open location and make sure the signal isn’t being interrupted by any other electronics, thick walls etc.
  • See to it that your internet is reaching the minimum required 1mpbs upload/download ratio. If this ratio isn’t correct, you may encounter the Marionberry PS4 Error Code.
  • You can also try connecting to the internet modem directly rather than taking the route via the router. This may be able to solve your speed related issues.

3.     Change the Firewall Settings

The firewall intends to secure your internet network from potential malware threats and can hinder your network connection. You must disable your firewall to check if the PS4 Error Code disappears or not and then you will know if the firewall was the culprit or not. This although will be temporary but it will definitely leave you vulnerable to many threats.

  1. Access the Settings and Control Panel on your Windows device.
  2. Then press the option for Network and Internet.
  3. The find the option for Windows Firewall and tap on it.
  4. Towards the left, find and press the option for “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.”
  5. Click on it and then turn of your Windows Firewall.
  6. Now reboot your PS4 and try connecting to Destiny again. If you see that the PS4 Error Code is gone, then the issue was definitely related to your firewall settings.

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