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Snapchat brings to you an amazing way to express yourself to others. You can be silly, you can be amusing, you can be flirtatious, you can be wise, you can be comical or you can be philosophical with the snaps that you send around. Because it is really all about communicating your talent and creativity to your friends and so this application allows you to make this communication through images, videos and now it allows you to do so through instant messages and video calls. With Snapchat, you can also send selfies to your friends and you can post silly photos as your stories by making use of its filters, you can create videos with these silly features as well. After all, they will be long gone and nobody will be able to view them ever again. But you are not here to find out how these pictures and videos are removed. Instead you are here to find out how to replay a Snapchat. Now you might just be beginning to use this application and you might be looking for all the appropriate information that you might need to expand your knowledge regarding Snapchat. We will tell you all about what you can do with Snapchat but first, you should find out how to replay a Snapchat story or image message with us. Let’s begin:

How to replay a Snapchat story?

You do not always have a way to send images to your friends or videos. You might not always receive them from your friends either because they might get busy with their work or plans by the time you are free to Snapchat with them. So, you can watch chunks of their life moments through their stories. It’s not just about your friends now, not since celebrities joined Snapchat and allowed you to access their stories which has also contributed to the fame of Snapchat and the popularity of this application that hit the roof so fast. You will see stories from people who you have subscribed to which will include silly moments, clips of their life such as whether they are on a wedding, on the road, in their university, traveling to another country, out to eat food and so on. So, if you saw something on Snapchat stories and you wish to see it again, you have the ability to replay it as many times because these stories last for twenty-four hours unless they are removed by the other person themselves. So, if you wish to replay a Snapchat story, you will follow these steps each time you wish to do so:

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  • First thing is, you will launch your snapchat application on your mobile phone and log in to your account if you have logged out since the last time you used Snapchat. Now when you will log in it will take you to its main screen which is the camera screen. That is not where you want to be if you wish to replay a Snapchat story. So, you will swipe left and take yourself straight to the stories page.
  • From this page, you are going to refresh and see if anyone has added a new story. You can then play it for the first time if you have not seen it before. This list will also contain stories that you have seen before. So you will be selecting a story in your list from an account that you follow on Snapchat. You will play it by tapping on it and once it is finished, you can tap on it again and it will play out for you.
  • If you have left his page then and wish to go back to watching a story again later in the day, you will scroll down on the stories page and under the featured stories on your page, you will notice a section that says All Stories. From this list, you are going to find a story that you wish to replay and tap on it. Then it will start replaying on your Snapchat.
  • This is how easy it is to replay a Snapchat story whenever you feel like it. But remember you can only replay a Snapchat story till it lasts; 24 hours!

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How to replay a Snapchat message in the chat?

Now while it is easy to replay a Snapchat story, it might get hard for you to discover that you can also replay a Snapchat chat that you have with another person. It does not get deleted immediately but after some time. Say you received a message from your friend and you were not paying attention and you clicked on it. Before you could notice, it starts to play and you end up missing out some important part. You might just end up feeling like a bummer since you missed your chance to see something funny and now you cannot view it again. And with that, you do not even know what it was so you cannot reply to them with a snap in return. But hold your horses and do not get disappointed in yourself just yet. You tap on a person and then you view the chat snap that you have received from them. But, how to you replay a Snapchat? Here is how:

  • You have the option of replaying a Snap by tapping on the name of the person and then you will notice a see press and hold to replay. Just follow the instructions and click on it again. It will load and you will be able to replay the snap right then. But you can also replay it once more. After that it is definitely gone.
  • Now if you have more than on snaps that you have not already replayed in your chat setting, you are going to see Tap to view under the name of the person and then you can replay all the previous snaps from them too. But this will happen once in a day too.

Well people, this is how you replay a Snapchat. you should remember two rules before you leave:

  • Snapchat stories can be replayed as many times as you want in their cycle of twenty-four hours.
  • If you wish to replay a snap in your chat, you can only do that one or two times in the day. And that will be the end of it.

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There is a lot of other features on Snapchat that you can indulge in. And now that we are done telling you how to replay a Snapchat, let’s look into that. Firstly, Snapchat was discovered in 2011 by Stanford students Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Billy Murphy who wished to bring something new for social media addicts. The developed an application that allowed people to be silly without leaving any traces or chances for other people to embarrass them in the future. So, whenever you send a snap to someone, they will view it. But after that, they will be unable to do so because the snap will get deleted soon after. This also secures your privacy and if someone does take a shot to store a Snap by you, the algorithm by Snapchat detects it and allows you to get a notification. And then you can confront the other person. With that, Snapchat allows you to edit the pictures and videos that you send out to your friends. When you take a picture or a video with Snapchat, you can use the front camera or the rear-camera depending on your preference. Once you take a snap, you can add a caption on it. Before there was a limit on words you could use to type your caption but with latest updates, you can type as much as you like. You can also doodle on your snap using different color and making it more creative. With that you can add stickers to your snaps or videos and then use emoji icons as well. Snapchat also has filters that are plain, then you have animated filters and lenses and then you have location based filters as well. All these filters simply amp up your product before you send it out. You can also chat with your friends now by instant messaging and you can make voice or video calls as well. The rule remains the same. These messages will get deleted once they are read. So, you should pay attention. Snapchat allows you to store your images before you send them out so you can keep a token for yourself. You also have the option of saving them in the memories section so you can share them on Snapchat once again. You can find your friends easily using their usernames or numbers. You can block someone from viewing your stories for some time if you do not wish to block them permanently. These features are just the top of the list, there is so much more that is possible with Snapchat.

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Snapchat keeps on updating their application and brings to you new features that you can use. Have fun with this application then!

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