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Remember the moments back in middle school/high school when you first started using social media. Most of your posts had captions with both upper and lower case letters and endless periods. Your pictures and profile pictures were mainly bad idea of a selfie with a lot of “xCoolx” captions. Back in the day, you cared about gathering as many friends as you could, regardless of whether they included fake profiles and accounts. Did you know that social media also allows you to view your oldest to date activities. Yes, you can go back to any snobby comments that you made on someone’s picture and read through your dreaded statuses as well. That is truly the beauty of social media applications. They hold your memories for you without detecting that at this point in your life, you do not really need reminders of your puberty period. This new era includes taking high definition pictures, with accurate and suitable filters, appropriate “Cool” captions and keeping in touch with your privacy. If you wish to be as silly as you were back then, you need to do that with taste because it is going to last on your social media forever. Of course, you can delete it from the face of your social media accounts. But, that will require a lot of scrolling-through-your-posts exercise. Nevertheless, now you have Snapchat which allows you to share silly moments from just a few moments. For that very purpose, Snapchat lets you go the extra mile with its crazy filters. One of these filters is known as the Face Swap filter. Do you wish to learn how to use  Snapchat Face Swap filter then? Read ahead!

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Snapchat is new of its kind social media application. This application was launched back 2011 by a group of Stanford students; Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy. Known as a product of Snap Inc., Snapchat allows you to share media files for messaging with your friends. What is unique here is that your media files (mainly pictures and videos) and instant messaging (Yes, the latest addition!) will only last till they are viewed by the other Snapchat user(s). After that, the memory and the trace of them will be done forever. Unless of course, you save them in your gallery before sending them out. Who does not like to keep souvenirs and masterpieces of their own creation? Snapchat, at your disposal, will prove to be the most fun application that you have used. It includes a plethora of features that you can avail. You can share stories that are open for viewership by your friends and others who have added you on Snapchat. You can also personalize the Snapcode and see who from your contacts in on Snapchat. You can win trophies and points for using Snapchat more often. You can send out snaps using both the front and the back camera. You can use tools at your disposal to artistically edit your Snapchats. Snapchat also allows you to add captions to your snaps and videos. But most of all, Snapchat lets you use its endless supply of filters. Most of these filters are universal (They can be used by all Snapchat users!). However, when you turn on your location, you can access filters that are limited to your area only!

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One of these universal filters is the Snapchat Face Swap filter that has become popular worldwide. So much so that there is now a whole Snapchat Face Swap filter challenge! Yes, this challenge, when accepted, requires for you to apply the Snapchat Face Swap with your favorite celebrity pictures and other friends or family in your life. You just need to make sure your Snapchat Face Swap is up for a high amount of giggles. Do you want to be part of this Snapchat Face Swap challenge then? Well, of course you might just want to use Snapchat Face Swap filter for private snaps as well. Whatever your intention is, you will have to follow our thorough guide on how to use the Snapchat Face Swap filter appropriately and make the Snapchat gods proud!

If you are unfamiliar with what Face Swap filter stands for- It basically means that you are switching your face with someone else near you. For this filter then, you need two people to do the job! And yes, things can get creepy or strange too. But at most, this filter is extremely funny. You can access the Snapchat Face Swap filter from both; front facing camera and rear facing camera of your smartphone.

To begin using the Face Swap filter, you are required to open your Snapchat application. Hold the smartphone accordingly so it covers both the face properly. If your display is not where your face shows up properly, the filter will not be applied successfully. Now that the angles are correct, you will hold on to your display/screen and you will notice swirling lines appear. This is the application getting the other face into focus to begin the swapping. The same reaction will happen from both; front and back camera depending on which one you are using.

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Its best if you and the other person are already in position before Snapchat begins to prepare for face swapping. However, once done you will be required to scroll over and then tap on the icon for face swapping. You will locate this icon when you shift from filters to filters. This icon will be indicated with a yellow round icon including two white smiley faces with arrows. Get in position with your friend now because the fun is about to begin! When you select this Snapchat Face swap icon, two faces will appear on your smartphone’s screen.

When this filter is applied accurately, your face will be on the other person’s face and their face should be on yours. Once that happens, you are ready to click on the circular button at the bottom and snap a picture! If you want to record a small funny message, you can hold on to the circular button and record a video with this filter!

Sometimes, you and your best friend are just not in the same place anymore (We do mean physically and geographically!). This means that you might be unable to face swap with them and weird out your other friends together. You and your best friend might often mention such old memories with a hint of desire to do it all over again. Now, you can of course hold on to the prayer that you will soon meet again but where time takes you is unpredictable. In times like that, you do not have to give up and sadden yourself. Because there is another way to use Face Swap with your friend!

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Did you know that the Snapchat Face Swap filter is not limited to taking fresh snaps only? Yes, you do have the ability to use existing photos from your device and indulge in some face swapping fun! But, what do you need to do in order to avail this option? In order to use the Snapchat Face Swap filter feature on your face, you just need to make sure you have a gallery filled with pictures. Then in order to use this filter with a picture from your photo gallery of smartphone you need to:

  • Begin by shifting to the front-face camera, first of all. Once you do that, you will be holding down the screen on your face through your mobile screen. This will make lines appear on your face (on Snapchat!) area. This is just a way for Snapchat to capture your face properly before it enables you to apply any filter of your choice.
  • Now, you will select the appropriate Face filter (Snapchat Face Swap in this case) from the Snapchat app. The last icon from this list will include a purple circular face that will include a camera and a smiley face as well as an arrow that will be pointing from the camera onto the smiley face. This means that you can get your face swapped from a photo in your picture gallery.
  • When you select this icon, it will walk you through your photo gallery and you can select any image stored in your mobile device. When you choose a picture from your album, you will Face swap successfully!

face swap successfully

With this you will soon become a champion at Face Swapping and leave the professionals behind. Snapchat really brings to you the innovate side of technology. You can never get bored with its filters. And some of these filters will remain your forever favorite. So, now that you have figured out how to use the Snapchat Face swap filter in two ways, it is time to go around and start using this filter with every face you see around you! Is your pet meowing in the back? Well, its time to have some fun with your cat. Just hold your furry friend close to you, gently and apply the Face swap filter. We never said that the faces are limited to humans only!


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