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Use these Funny Snapchat Ideas to Up Your Snap Game!

Make your snaps fun for everyone to watch.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. It was initially embraced by the college going age demographic but has now spread far and wide to various age groups. If you were to ask any random person on the street if they knew what Snapchat was, they would probably have a pretty good idea of what it is or even have the application themselves. In fact with the last official statistics from Snapchat reporting about 166 million users daily it would not be surprising if it was the latter that was true.

Snapchat has truly made its name and mark on the world. And this is solely because of the hard work the team does and the dedication they put in to making Snapchat truly great. Over the years there have been so many additions of features and increased functionalities on the application that someone who only saw the application when it first came out would probably not recognize the application as it is today.

You and probably all your friends use Snapchat. So we wanted to give you some funny Snapchat ideas to make your snaps stand out from the rest of the groups and make everyone laugh.

  1. Up your Selfie Game

selfie game

Everyone who uses a Snapchat knows about how amazing your selfie game on Snapchat can truly be. This is not just because Snapchat’s camera is pretty good when it comes to take pictures through the application but also because of the various filters one can use and enjoy. Everyone knows that Snapchat is the one who made facial filters in to the next big thing. After Snapchat introduced these filters almost every other application tried to follow suit and Snapchat proved the facial recognition technology could be introduced on phones as well which was previously thought to be a big ask. But Snapchat did it and lead the way as far as recognizing and mapping faces on a phone went. The reason this was so monumental was because of the fact that front facing cameras are usually very low quality and hence it was said that mapping faces through them would not work and Snapchat proved everyone wrong.

This birthed their Snapchat filters which we all know and love today. There are a few staple filters on the Snapchat application which never change such as the dog ears one, the flower crown, the big eyes and a few more. But the best thing about Snapchat is that they constantly update and add new filters to their collection for users to use almost daily. Snapchat filters have come a long way. You can now have the filter appear on someone else who is on screen with you. You can make videos with the filters appearing on your face. And there are certain hilarious filters which come with voice changes. So think of all the funny Snapchat ideas you can enact with these amazing filters.

Here are so funny Snapchat ideas to make your Snapchat content great. You can take new filters which distort your voice and change it and come up with a new character. Someone who you think would have a voice like the one in the filter. Talk as a character about ridiculous topics or situations and people will definitely be amused and engage with your content.

  1. Real World Filters

Other than facial filters Snapchat also has real world filters which lets users make a video of the world from their back camera and have a filter applied to it. There are bitmoji filters where you bitmoji will dance on the floor if you point it in that direction, there are filters for the sky, filters for add sparks or stars to your surroundings and much more. All of these filters make for great material and you could come up with a lot of great ideas of what to do with these real world filters.

For example Snapchat came out with a dancing chipmunk that twerked where ever you pointed your viewfinder at. To make use of this for funny Snapchat ideas, you could make the chipmunk twerk on a friend who is sitting nearby. This would be incredibly funny and make people laugh. When you post content like this people will tell you how funny it is and thus in a way you would be increasing your user engagement.

Make sure you look at all the Snapchat real world filter available and then decide on what you will do with it. There are tons of things you could do which would be hilarious. Think outside the box and these filters could definitely translate into funny Snapchat ideas.

  1. Use Emojis

snapchat funny ideas

A lot of people take Snapchat stickers and emoji for granted not realizing just how amazing these could be in terms of helping you realize your funny Snapchat ideas and making them into a reality. The thing with Snapchat emojis and stickers is that you can increase and decrease them in size. So you could essentially take an emoji of a bug and enlarge it so that it looks like he is about to eat you. There are tons of crazy things you could do with your Snapchat emojis and stickers. You just need to think creatively. Ask yourself what funny Snapchat ideas would I like to see other people do and do them yourself! There is a big chance that people around you have the same sense of humor as you. So when you think about these funny Snapchat ideas from the viewer perspective you can truly come up with some really great ideas and themes.

Try it right now, maybe even just get an empty plate and add emojis of various food and tell people that this will be your meal tonight and for them to not get jealous. This is the kind of funny Snapchat content which will not just make people chuckle but also reach out to you to tell you it is pretty funny.

  1. Make Your Own Sticker

Ever take a picture on Snapchat of yourself or a friend where their facial expression was priceless and you wished somehow you could just save their face and use it as an emoji anywhere. Well with Snapchat you can do just that! When you take a great picture on Snapchat, use the scissor tool on the side to cut the portion of the picture you want to keep forever and save as a sticker. This will save whatever you cut out as a sticker for you to use whenever and on whatever snap you please.

Thus your silly face or your friends expression mid sneeze can be used on virtually any snap and in setting or background. This is a great feature which can be used for some really funny Snapchat ideas.

  1. Draw on your Photos

The amazing things about Snapchat is that it gives you the ability to draw on your pictures. In fact there are people out there who are so masterful at this craft that they actually make masterpieces on Snapchat. You can however use the pen tool and draw funny things on Snapchat to make your friends laugh. Remember in middle school how we drew a moustache on every picture we saw in a magazine. Well this is just like that but even better since now you have an array of colors to choose from and if you don’t like something you can undo it and start all over again.

We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword so why not use the pen tool to keep yourself entertained as well as entertaining your friends and what not. So think of your funny Snapchat ideas and what you could draw on your pictures and videos with your Snapchat pen tool. This will provide you with a great opportunity on what you can do with your snaps and will definitely make for great Snapchat content.

  1. Snapchat Stickers

You know when you take a Snapchat and use the drawing tool to make something funny on your snap, look at the bottom of the color tray and you will see a sticker, this a great new feature added by Snapchat since you can use these to virtually draw on your picture. Take the sticker and then drag you finger around so that you can drag a trail of the sticker where ever your finger goes. This is a great feature. You can totally design your snaps with crazy stickers and just go crazy. Maybe make it look like you are sneezing out stickers; that would make for a hilarious snap. There are tons of funny Snapchat ideas you could use and make your content great.

Whatever you do make sure the funny Snapchat ideas you use are true to yourself and your brand of humor. Do no force anything that does not come naturally or does not seem funny to you but you think will be liked by other. And do not make any offensive jokes; remember humor at the expense of others is not funny at all.

Good luck and happy snapping!

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