The Top 3 System Monitoring Tools!

System Monitoring without a doubt is the most crucial of tasks that any IT professional and network engineer has to accomplish as it assists them in guaranteeing if all the registered servers are on track.  is The Windows System has its own monitoring feature with the name of “Task Manager” and is a great shortcut at disposal for casual monitoring but it does lack certain additional features that other tools may have such  as generating notifications when threshold are reached and customized report generation etc.  Hence figuring out the right System Monitoring Tool for your network is one of the most important tasks one should have at the top of their To-Do list.

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The System Monitoring Tools which keep tabs on network infrastructure must be manufactured in a way to contribute to the least performance impact for the system that is being combed through. These tools have to be as less invasive as they can be so that they don’t put additional burden on production and system resources.

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When you are searching for System Monitoring Tools there are multiple things that you need to consider in addition to simple monitoring capabilities such as keeping tabs on traffic and system performance in fact a good System Monitor must have the following:

  1. Personalized Alerts and Notification System
  2. System Auto Discovery
  3. Graphical Representation of the user interface
  4. Auto Updates
  5. Simple Configuration and Installation

The Top Three System Monitoring Tools and Software

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1. Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor

Solarwinds has been the leading software suite among the Software Monitoring Tools in the overall market of IT enterprise infrastructure. The company has manufactured its full featured Server & Application Monitor with the brand name of “SAM” which is that software suite that is simple to install and configure and consists of a dashboard that is intuitive in nature that any IT expert can get acquainted to in moments.

SAM is all one should have when it comes to a perfect System Monitoring Tool that can keep tabs on minute of the performance counters. It can keep tabs on a wide variety of applications using one central dashboard which comes in the packed pre-configured so that you can use the software right out of packet when you purchase it.


PRTG is the short form for “Paessler Router Traffic Grapher” which is one of those System Monitoring Tools that solely dedicates its sources to keeping tabs on network infrastructure. PRTG can keep tabs on applications, appliances, devices and network systems. All the tools and features contained in PRTG are straightforward in terms of installation using one central installer and without the need for additional add-ons.

PRTG operates on Windows systems and can monitor the availability of particular networks and their usage through SNMP in addition to other protocols it can operate on. It also has the capability to track and discover systems on an automatic basis after the analysis of various IP segments present on the network.

Furthermore PRTG can generate network maps that can then be posted online for a quick analysis and you can buy the central basic server for a price of $1,300 which in its package gives you the liberty of using 500 sensors for monitoring a device.

3. OpManager

OpManager System Monitoring Tool is a production of ManageEngine. OpManager assists the admins in keeping close tabs on the overall network infrastructure, Application performance and the network traffic itself. It is compatible with both Linux and Windows Systems.

OpManager is a well integrated network monitor suite which lets you stay focused on a single tool rather than having to use separate features for monitoring. The installation of the OpManager is a simple one and when the installation is done, it has the ability to auto discover almost 15,000 interfaces of various networks! You can visit the official website to access further details on the network monitor suite.

The overall User Graphical Interface makes it even more convenient to utilize and can instantly be customized. OpManager is fully featured for Network Management, traffic combing, server configuration and performance monitor. The main edition can keep tabs on 25 devices and can be bought for $595.

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