What Should You Expect From Your Database Consultant

Database issues can crop up at any time in the business. When it comes to the in-house IT team, they might not be aware of the problem. With their limited knowledge, they often fail to troubleshoot problems correctly, and the issue returns back. Business owners generally like to take no for an answer. So when it comes to database performance and functionality, serious problems can crop up later if issues are not arrested from their roots.

The need for database consultants armed with the latest knowledge of technologies 

Issues with database management can indeed have far-fetching effects. The first being it can damage the customer experience and sink to the core of the business. Your employee satisfaction dips, and the trustworthiness of your business suffers a big blow. If you are not careful ineffective, database management can also cost you an expensive and embarrassing database scandal. The professional consultants have the knowledge to help you out in the best way. 

Some businesses have a full-time qualified database administrator on the roll. Again, others add the tasks of database management to their IT professional’s overstuffed plate. No matter how proficient you believe that your in-house IT team is fine with database management and its issue, it is smart to invest in a qualified database administration and support company to get a competitive edge in the business. With a good database consulting company, you can offer both continuous and project-based services to them. In this way, both minor and major database issues can be resolved with success.

What will a good database consultant do for your business?

The following are the key things that a good database consultant will do for your business- 

  1. Database architecture planning and design- Your present database is one that will stay with you for the lifetime of your business. It has been with you from your very first order to your first recruitment. The system has survived outages, malware attacks, and maybe the intervention of some incompetent employees. You have applied patches over patches. It can be hard for you to part ways with the database that has done a lot for your business. This is where your database needs have to be taken care of by the right professionals with skills, experience, and competency to look after it round-the-clock to keep issues at bay.


Qualified experts from a credible company in database administration and support, says with the help of a skilled database consultant, you can drive your business to more success. The database consultant will review your business’s goals and offer you solutions that will resolve problems instantly. This means with the help of a good database consultant. You are able to resolve immediate problems and save time and money in the long-run.


  1. Assessment of scalability – This is one of the biggest challenges that most businesses face. When the customer base of the business grows, it outgrows the system. This is where a database consultant helps you assess the system properly to scale the database up to be at peace with your increasing business needs.


  1. Upgrades and migration- It are normal for business owners to be anxious or nervous when it comes to the performance of critical upgrades or the incorporation of new software. With the assistance of a qualified database consultant, business owners can monitor and support the upgrades and migration process to ensure the database systems are functioning smoothly without problems. Choosing a right database consultant can help you in complex tasks such as migration and deployment of Microsoft Access Cloud Database on a Hosted Virtual Desktop etc.


  1. Consulting for performance tuning- When the database system shows signs of a slowdown, a good database management consultant analyses the systems. After this detailed analysis, he can recommend solutions for boosting the database performance. These solutions are generally given to the business in the form of a report with suggestions and recommendations listed. 


  1. Pre and system audits- A good database consultant will carry out audits of the system so that you can find out in advance the solutions you need to avoid unexpected issues. With the help of a good database management consultant, you can check the system security, look at the points for test entries, and compare the system to get the industry’s best security and performance practices.

Hire professionals for capacity planning 

One of the biggest challenges that network administrators face is capacity planning for the database. It is a process that entails placing the links, resources, and equipment in the correct size. The process includes software, permission, and the professionals required to operate and generate the network for supporting the core functions of the business. If the database has been sized poorly, the business will suffer from operational efficiency inviting mammoth loss of revenue for the company.

The need for extensive and proper planning in advance 

With the help of database management consultants, proper planning helps them predict and plan the type and amount of IT resources required to operate critical business needs via the proposal of potential scenarios. This results in the accomplishment of better performance, cost savings, and utility of all the above factors.

The database management consultant generally will deploy simulation models for the production environment. This leads to performance optimization reducing the costs of IT, boosting an increase in the present infrastructure. 

Arrest database performance issues 

Problems in the performance of a database are primarily due to capacity. Business apps tend to become slower as the data needs to be queued before transmitted via the network.

Capacity planning aids DBAs create production database servers with adequate resources to support daily business operations; DBAs will work to cater to the business’s unexpected needs and account for storage of data in the future along with the needs of disk throughput. Capacity planning is crucial to ensure the database gets sufficient room to work till the next hardware needs a refresh cycle. 

Both analyses of historical trends and forecasting are important for database capacity planning. Database management consultants will take these two major approaches when it comes to database capacity planning for any business in all industry niches.

Written by Faraz Butt


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