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The Top Instagram Hashtags You Need to Add to Every Post!

Up your Instagram game with these great hashtags.

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Instagram plays a vital role in the world of social media today. The Instagram application is one of the most downloaded social media applications in the world. The Instagram model is very simple; it lets users share pictures or videos on their feeds which other people can see and appreciate by either liking or commenting. Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos uploaded on Instagram. And ever since Instagram introduced the option of adding stories to your profile which last for 24 hours, it has become even more popular. The stories feature lets people share moments which they do not deem worthy of being on their feed forever but are okay with having other people see for 24 hours. And with the latest feature, if people choose to they can archive their stories on Instagram forever so whenever someone visits their profile, they can see an old story they have added in their archives. This has proven to be a very popular feature since some people have a few Instagram stories that they do not want to remove and wish would stay on their profile for a longer time.

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Instagram as an application and a social media platform is always evolving. The people behind Instagram know the value of innovation and how important it is to launch new features now and then so that their users stay enthralled and interested. It is of utmost importance that every social media platform remembers this that they need to innovate at all times unless they want to become obsolete.

Instagram as we have discussed is a very popular social media website. To a lot of people Instagram success is very important. The more the number of followers and the more the number of likes on their post; the more successful they are. It is very important that they know how to make full use of this social media platform. There are a few tips which can help with increasing your reach on Instagram. Keep reading this article to find out how you can make the most of Instagram.

How the Top Instagram Hashtags Can Help Your Insta-fame?

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The things with Instagram is that everyone wants to have more followers but do not know how to go about it. There are a few things which can help you in your quest to get more followers. One of these tips is to use hashtags, and not just any hashtags but the top Instagram hashtags! This is because now Instagram gives people the option to follow specific hashtags hence if you use one of the top Instagram hashtags in your post, a lot of people will be able to see that post because it will appear on their timeline. This is a great way to get exposure since when a lot of people see your content on their Instagram feeds, the more they will be likely to follow you.

Hence it is very important to use the top Instagram hashtags in your posts so that more people can see your posts. And if people do not follow a particular hashtag, there is a high chance that they will click on it or search for it to go through posts if the hashtag is of something of interest to them. Whatever it may be, using a hashtag is very important if you want your posts to have a wider audience.

Top Instagram Hashtags to Use

There are a few Instagram hashtags which are being used since the social media platform came into existence. In fact, these hashtags are now so popular that they are widely recognized on other platforms as well as in real life. Some of the top Instagram hashtags are followed by everyone; celebrities, famous Instagram accounts and more thus if you use these top Instagram hashtags you will open your Instagram profile up to a lot of people and hence become a popular Instagram account yourself!

So what are some top Instagram hashtags you can use on your posts and open your Instagram profile up to a wider audience?

  1. #OOTD

This is a very popular Instagram hashtag! And is no doubt included in the list of top Instagram hashtags! OOTD stands for outfit of the day thus if you post a picture of yourself, preferably a picture where your entire body is showing and people can clearly see your outfit, this hashtag is perfect! It is used by a myriad of fashion bloggers and other shakes and trend setters. Using the Outfit of the Day hashtag will open you up to a group of people who like fashion and appreciate it thus if you think your outfit is good and the picture you are posting shows the outfit in its entirety, it is a good idea to use this hashtag!

  1. #Instadaily

Apart from being one of the oldest hashtags this also happens to be one of the top Instagram hashtags of all time. Instadaily is used by people who use Instagram quite often and thus want a hashtag where they can post their daily exploits. This is one of the most recurring hashtags on Instagram and people tend to use it a lot. One of the best things about this particular hashtags from all the top Instagram hashtags is that it can be used in conjunction with any picture whatsoever. There does not need to be theme that needs to be followed with this picture.

  1. #TBT

This is one of the most popular hashtags on the website which is why TBT is considered as one on the top Instagram hashtags. TBT stands for throwback Thursday and is used for posts people make using old pictures and videos. The picture can be as old as a week or as old as 20 or more years ago; if it is an old picture it qualifies for the #TBT hashtag! This means one needs to include this hashtag on almost any old picture from their phone that they are using. This is not only a popular hashtag but also a fun one since people understand that you are using an old picture which gives them context. And as the name suggests, these posts are made on Thursdays.

  1. #FlashbackFriday

This is again a very popular hashtag for those who wish to make a post of a picture or video they took earlier. A lot of people tend to use this particular hashtag for really old pictures which may date back to a few years. And as the name of the hashtag suggests, the posts are usually made on Fridays. Of all the top Instagram hashtags, this one is the most fun to look at since people post a lot of good pictures of their youth and it is always fun to compare what people looked like in the past as opposed to what they look like now.

  1. #WCW

Again this is one of those top Instagram hashtags which have now transcended beyond Instagram. This means that people not only use this on other social media websites but they might also use this hashtag in real life. WCW stands for woman crush Wednesday and people use it for posting pictures of their female significant others or their female celebrity crushes. This is one of the most looked at top Instagram hashtags. If you use this hashtag, you will surely see that more people saw your Instagram post and you had a higher engagement on the post. and while the hashtag is used on posts which are made on Wednesday, this is not necessary since you will see people using it any day of the week, the sentiment behind it however is the same.

  1. #MCM

MCM stands for man crush Monday and is used for the same reason that #WCW is used for. This is to post a picture of a male significant other to express how much you like them. The post can be of the person you are dating, married to or a celebrity you like. This is one of those top Instagram hashtags which can be used any day of the week as well even though it does specify Monday in itself.

Make Your Own Top Instagram Hashtags

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You never know what hashtag will become a hit and when thus making your own hashtags is fun and you never know it could become one of the top Instagram hashtags on its own! The key to a good hashtag is that it must be relevant to your post. Do not add a completely irrelevant hashtag with your post since people might not appreciate scrolling through a specific hashtag to find an irrelevant post. Make sure you use multiple hashtags on one post so that you can get your post featured in as many searches and hashtags as possible thus widening the base of users who will see your post. Make sure that you do not abuse hashtags and use all the top Instagram hashtags in one post just for more traction on a post, this will make people dislike you for misleading them by using an improper hashtag for an irrelevant picture!

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