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All kinds of Networks or Sys Administrators have to deal with a sea of virtual machines in this era-this cloud is constantly hovering over us and visualization is now a basic for constant redundancies, better payment layouts and of course saving tons of precious time by enabling users to imagine a problematic VM rather than wasting time on complicated troubleshooting.

It is crucial that one is able to conveniently and smoothly monitor virtual machines using an effective VM Manager; whether there are three or thirty virtual machines, a user must be able to toggle with them instantly and make adjustments according to one’s needs and requirements. Hence VM Manager under these circumstances can prove to be an effective tool only if you know how to choose one you’re your VM’s and how to properly use it.

Let it be known that it is fairly convenient to go ahead with the arrays VMs and to be able to perform successful execution of scripts, regularly update and make other modifications and furthermore tools like Hyper-V can also be of help however still an effective VM Manager that can fulfill these tasks on an automated level cannot only save tons of time but is also prudent.

The Top 5 VM Managers

Try the Free Trial Version for any VM Manager that you like below and then make a decision in which one you wish to invest!

1.     SolarWinds VM Manager

SolarWinds’ VM Manager which is free for access gives a platform for complete monitoring on one VM host and then the whole array of VM’s from thereon. It can keep tabs on customized thresholds and configured alerts by using a variety of automatic monitoring algorithms to ensure that the entire VM Manager setup is perfect and that it would generate basic information on all VMs in the array as you want it to.

Then Solarwinds has a Virtualization Manager, which comes with a month free trial period but has multiple tools for managing and monitoring wide range of VMs. It fully integrates and analyzes a complete collection of host machines and tracks performance on regular intervals to identify areas choking up your system and to draw user attention to the problematic area of VM.

Price: VM Monitor FREE for access but the Virtualization Manager has a Month of Free Trial and then subsequent license then begins at $2,995.

Download Link:

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2.     ManageEngine VM Manager Plus

ManageEngine VM Manager Plus is an effective and free of cost VM Monitoring tool that is well equipped for basic VM Management for a virtually set up environment. This tool begins with an automated and full discovery plus categorization of a virtual set up after it has been given sufficient credentials. It will then construct and analyze the configuration for the virtual machines right from the get go to eliminate the trouble of manual configuration.

Price: It is FREE of cost and has more advanced tools especially its VM Sprawl management which can only be accessed after you have purchased a license. The license starts at $1,995 catering to 50 devices however there is an ‘OpManager’ license as well and other effective suites as well for VM Management.

Download Link:

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3.     VM Turbo

VM Turbo is another VM Manager Package that can be complicated to get acquainted with however it does offer a free VM Manager version and gives simple VM Monitoring capability, its analysis and management of a relatively manageable VM environment letting you completely modify and toggle with a wide range of VMs. Its free trial version has a sufficient range of functionality to cater to VM Monitoring purposes.

Price: Virtual Monitor can be accessed for FREE while the Operation Manager has a month FREE Trial version and then the cost depends on number of sockets which begins with a range of $800/range.

Download Link:

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4.     Veeam ONE

Veeam ONE is a VM Manager that has two versions; enterprise and free, and is an effective tool when it comes to managing both VMware and Microsoft VM as one its version comes with powerful packages in order to assist in smooth sifting and making backups of enormous data.

Virtualization is a powerful feature bit can at times become extremely tricky particularly when you have multiple machines connected and cannot backup the data or when you are out of sufficient space for complete backup so under these circumstances having a tool that can manage all tasks for you in addition to the VM data can be a blessing in disguise.

Price: It has a FREE Version with some essential functional features but the Enterprise Licensed Version is priced at $900/ socket and other subscriptions are also available.

Download Link:

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5.     5nine VM Manager

5nine VM Manager is a service which has an increased demand because of its affordable cost even though it performs in a Hyper-V environment. Its free version is perfect for a personalized VM environment or for doing test runs on apps but it does have a GUI to cater to server core and the Hyper-V, which is difficult to locate otherwise and the drawback is that it can cater only to six VM devices per host hence the free version can better serve for smaller, personal environments.

Price: Free Version with also a Full Version at $99.

Download Link:

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